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We’ve combined our extensive menstrual cup knowledge with our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to created the original and most accurate menstrual cup quiz (we know, we’ve polled!) to help point you to the best menstrual cup for your body, age, history, activity level, and more. Our goal is to help you find a cup that will work for your needs the first time!

We invite you to take this easy to use quiz, even if you’re a cup user but especially if you aren’t!  We have included questions to address the most common complaints about period cups, in the hopes that the answers will lead you to a better cup for you.

Before you take the quiz please keep a few things in mind:

1.  We are NOT doctors.  We are advocates with decades of combined experience as cup users and countless hours talking with other users and learning from their experiences.

2.  For the best results, answer questions based on your average – not doing so will cause your answers to be less accurate, resulting in a less than perfect cup. Keep in mind that It’s not abnormal to empty your period cup more often on heavier days.

3.  We can help! If you take the quiz and only receive a suggestion for a cup you use/have used and didn’t love send join our Facebook community! Our quiz works for most people, but bodies are complex! We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves — some we even use ourselves to make our own cups leakproof, and would love to help you make your cup work.

The Menstrual Cup Quiz

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What is the best menstrual cup / period cup for you?

We are often asked what the “best menstrual cup” is and the inconvenient truth is that it is really all about what works for your body and your lifestyle. We wish it were as simple as us telling you our favorite or asking a friend what works for them, but that’s just not the case. Our quiz was thoughtfully designed to help make choosing a cup as simple as possible while also helping to increase the odds that your first cup will work for you.

Our advice is to take the quiz and if you have questions or still need support, join our menstrual cup community on Facebook to get experiences and feedback from nearly 100k menstruators.

We are open to suggestions on future edits based on your experience.  Please email us admin@putacupinit.com.

This is a passion project that we hope will help thousands find their ideal menstrual cup to make the switch successfully from Day 1 or improve their current cup experience. We do have paid, working relationships with most of the brands featured but they in no way impact what cups and brands are included in the results. We have also used affiliate links in our quiz, so if you purchase one using them we will receive a small percentage, so thank you!

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321 Responses

  1. Okay, so I got Lunette size 2 or Lena Large. LOVE my Lunette! I’m curious about the Lena. It looks very similar to my Sckoon. Can you compare them for me?

    1. Jenny, those were the 2 cups that were recommended to me. I have now tried both and I personally like the Lunette better. It’s more flexible, so it’s easier to fold and keep the fold while inserting. With the LENA, I was always “aware” that it was in, whereas w the Lunette hat was definitely not the case. Neither of them leaked. I also didn’t notice a difference in how well they captured my menstrual flow. (I’m a heavy flow throughput my entire cycle.) Hope I helped some.

      1. HELP. I’ve tried the Diva, Luna and Nixit. Every single one of them falls down. The diva and Luna are popped open when inserted and the Nixit definitely is past my pubic bone. I want something to work so bad, but nothing will! I took your quiz and it suggested Saalt, but the thought of buying one more cup that might not work makes me hesitate. Thoughts on why nothing is staying up? I’ve been trying for 6 months!

        1. Try the organi cup. I actually have a hard time pulling it out because it stays up so well. I am looking for a new cup that has a ring at the end for easier pull out.

          1. The Selena and the Meluna actually have ring stems, and having used the Selena I can confirm the ring’s helpfulness 🙂

        2. If a cup falls down on you, that might be due to the diameter. Were the cups you used the smaller sized ones or those with a smaller diameter? What might also help is a cup with a protruding rim (as long as you never had bladder issues) or a rim that flares out. In this case Lena or, yes, a Saalt cup might work well, amongst others (these are just the ones that just came into my mind)

  2. When you ask about incontinence, does it apply to bladder prolapse? I have no incontinence, but have all types of prolapse.

    1. We ask this to help determine if a softer cup is needed to prevent further pressing on the bladder to cause discomfort, the feeling of needing to pee, etc. Any type of prolapse can change the way a cup will fit. You may want to go with a cup that is a bit on the shorter side depending on your other answers.

  3. I currently use the diva cup size 2 (have had two babies) but when inserted and I feel the urge to pee, I cannot go, I have to remove the cup. Do I need to try a different kind? I have tried repositioning it but it doesn’t stay when I try to move it down. I love using a cup because I have super heavy periods that last seven days and it’s been a life changer! Help?!

      1. I did see your video which is why I messaged you. Haven’t had a cycle yet (newest baby is five months old) but I’ll def try before I buy a new one!

  4. I’ve tried a menstrual cup before and I’m under the age of 18, but in one of the questions it was bout the experience on the cup and I don’t know if it counts a lot on that question, but I couldn’t even get my cup in it was an Eva Cup, I swear that cup made me cry from being so stressed out because I had the smaller size and I couldn’t use it. But , Is the Lunette like it at all? I think the Eva cup was a firm cup so is the Lunette firm or soft? I mean like the Model 1. Also Can someone give me tips on how to insert it Like folds for teens?

    1. This is the fold I use, just try to relax while you’re inserting it. If you are tense and nervous it will be harder and uncomfortable to insert. I’d also suggest getting it wet so it slides in more easily. Also once it is inside, make sure you relax all of your muscles fully and push it up a bit higher, that’ll make sure it’s in a good position. Best of luck! Watch some videos on YouTube of women folding it and different tips.

      7-Fold image

    2. The 7-fold is the best! It makes it so easy to insert a cup. When I got my first (and perfect-for-me) cup, a Lunette model 1, I had trouble with the suggested C-/U-fold. But I did some research on different folds and found that the 7 fold worked for me. Lunette even has a video of some different types of folds to try on YouTube. The Lunette is medium firmness I think and the lip isn’t that much stiffer than the rest of the cup. A stiffer lip helps your cup to open inside.

      I also recommend doing some kegel exercises. They are really helpful in being able to push down your cup if you don’t want to reach inside as well as being able to relax your muscles down there so insertion is easier.

      Best of luck to you! My menstrual cup was a life changer.

    3. I’m a 1st time user. I’m also planning to introduce my teenage daughters to the menstrual cup after I tried it for a full cycle. One of the cups I tried was the Lunette. (Mine is a size 2, but I don’t think that changes the firmness of the cup.) I personally think the Lunette is more on the softer/more flexible side, (I’m comparing it to a LENA.) I see that there have been others suggesting different folds. I’m finding the 7 fold works amazing with the Lunette cup. Hope I helped a little.

  5. The “Inside Stuff” question doesn’t have enough answers. I HAVE checked, but my cervix is all over the place, not particularly dependent on where I am in my cycle.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Cory, I couldn’t agree more, Wash­ing­ton has an incred­i­ble vari­ety of cli­mates that allow us to pro­duce a worlds worth of wines in all styles. I look for­ward to try­ing many of those wines with reviews to follow!

  6. I love my sckooncup! Even though I have a heavy flow, I would not prefer a large or size 2 like they suggested because I don’t like the pressure on my bladder/bowels, this was a fun quiz though 🙂

    1. Heather, I’m not sure if tour question got answered or not, but I thought I’d go ahead and answer. Once you’ve selected the answers that fit you to the question, for example #4, there will be a button saying “submit” by one of the choices you made. Select that and you should move on to the next question. Hope this helped.

      1. I had the same issue. Try using a different browser. I just noticed that the quiz doesn’t work in Google Chrome, but it works in Mozilla Firefox!

  7. Hey! I’m 19 years old, with regular flow, bit heavy the first 3 days. I’ve never used tampons, only pads. I exercise frequently, swim, and do martial arts. The quiz recommended me Size 2 Lena Cup. I’m a bit sceptical because I’ve heard size 2 is recommended for women that’ve given birth. I’ve never given birth. Is it the right size.

    1. My apologies in advance if you are not interested in the test anymore, (I just got to this page from a video and really wanted to take the test badly & was so bummed when it wouldn’t even load) If you’re on your phone, request the computer version and you’ll be able to take it. I just did so hopefully it works for you. I saw your comment and was so excited to come back and tell you how to get the test. (*Sigh-I need a life, Lol!)

      1. We know there is an issue with certain Android devices, on iPhones the quiz will display. Hopefully the text for your device stated that the quiz might not be available and told you to try a computer. The tip for switching to desktop mode is good, thanks!

        1. I cannot access the quiz on a computer. I don’t see the link or questions anywhere on this page. Any tips???

          1. Try a different browser. Chrome, which I normally use, didn’t work, however Firefox is a go.

  8. I am a first time user and sooo glad I found you site. It’s very informative (& entertaining)! I took the quiz and was told the Lena Large and the Lunette size 2. I have tried both and found that the Lunette was so much easier to insert. With the LENA, I had to try multiple times, over and over, to insert b/c there were times that it stayed folded up. I also noticed that it sat a lot lower than I expected. I didn’t have any leaks, so I must’ve been placing it correctlt. Right? After 3 days of using the cup, it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable but I did know it was there. I’m now in the process of trying the Lunette and already noticed one huge difference. The Lunette is more flexible/pliable, which made folding and inserting a heck of a lot easier. Which brings me to one of my questions. How did the quiz come up with these two cups for me when they are so clearly different? After reviewing your chart and watching some of your videos, I’d like to suggest that you add another column regarding flexibility of the cup. This category could/would definitely be a factor in helping those (like myself) who are 1st time cup users. This will help them inserting/retrieving the cup for the first time. The LENA, which was definitely the thicker of the two, was ,uch harder to fold and to keep said fold, while trying to insert and place it correctly. This category will also help others like myself, who have arthritic hands (or RA). Having to continually try to keep the fold while inserting it was very tough on my hands. (I had to stop several times & wait until my hands were able to try the process again b/c of the pain of trying to hold that fold over & over again.)
    One more suggestion would be to add a category for us women who are going “through the change”. During perimenopause, the cervix starts changing. (http://www.livestrong.com/article/254483-cervical-changes-during-menopause/) It might also be helpful to include a list of safe (if any) lubricants to use, b/c the vaginal canal becomes dryer and dryer the closer we get to menopause. This would also help someone who experiences pain or discomfort when trying to insert the cup. It could make it easier for a teen to insert also.
    I wanna thank you ladies again for sharing your knowledge on menstrual cups. You tackle the issues in an educational, yet fun & hilarious, ways. XOXOXOXO

  9. So I’m stuck with my diva cup size 2 right now. It was awesome first 2-3 cycles but I’m about 6ish cycles in and I’m having such a hard time getting a seal. It’s ok the first two lighter days of my cycle and the last two, but the 3 heavy days are hard to get the seal and or to get it to open completely. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to make this work? Took the quiz just now and it said Lunette 2 or Lena large. Can’t buy Lunette here in Canada ( just did a quick search, and I mean in stores. Not a fan of online shopping just getting)

  10. I have had three kids. Have a small build, exercise a few times a week and have been trying a cup for four cycles now. I went from a myluna large to a shorty xl. I’m still having leaking problems. Myluna said that it seems like I need a larger cup. Ur quiz suggested diva 2 or Lena 2. Do u think these are a good suggestion? I’m starting to get very frustrated with the results. The cups open. No problems with insertion. Just leaking. Thanks for ur help.

  11. Hi, I’m 16 and I really want to try a mensrual cup. I’m not sure which cup to get because sometimes my cervix is low and sometimes my cervix is average. I don’t want to get a cup for a low cervix and then it goes up too far because my cervix has gone up. What mensrual cup should I get ?

    1. Leah, rest assured that whatever cup you decide to use, even when it goes too high, you should still be able to get to it. If you cannot, thats when you make your appointment with your doctor. Before I started using a cup, this was something I feared also. I researched on YouTube and came across a young woman who talked about how her menstrual cup turned upside down inside her. (https://youtu.be/rAdzPiw7cEs) She has a multitude of videos that gives awesome advice about using a cup, how to handle certain situations, etc. I highly recommend you watching some of her videos. Hope this helps some.

  12. Hi, I bought the Diva 2 cup and I find the rim is really thick. I have not been able to successfully insert the cup. The quiz recommended Luna or Lunette. they look pretty similar to the Diva. Any that have a thinner rim or are more flexible/easier to insert?

  13. I have used the lena cup #2 have found that I love it and it works wonders the first two days of my cycle and then all of a sudden it won’t stay in place and keeps slipping down practically falling out of me
    Any suggestions?

    1. Did you get a solution?
      I have the same problem during the day, overnight is fine. It slips down and out as day progresses. I’m only on cycle 2 with it.

  14. For many years I always used natural sea sponges & loved them. I tried cups, but they tended to pop open whenever I moved a certain way! I had no trouble using sponges, even right after birth! I cut them into different sizes, to match my flow, & sewed dental floss on for retrieval. Much cheaper than cups too!

  15. Hi, thanks for putting this lovely quiz together. I only have one tiny concern though… I took this quiz a few days ago and it recommended the Lunette model 1 or Diva model 1 as an alternative. I looked at the comparison chart and thought that I might be able to work with Sckoon instead (I wanted it at first cuz the Youtuber who got me into thinking about cups recommended it), but I decided to sleep on it. A few days later, I retook the quiz and it still recommended the Lunette as my top choice and I found very good reviews on it, so I ordered the Lunette model 1. But I took this quiz again today just for fun and suddenly it’s recommending me Meluna or other size 1s in other brands *with the exception of Diva model 1* so that kinda makes me concerned about my decision to go with Lunette. I retook the quiz just in case I clicked something wrong but the results are still Meluna and I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. Could you please help me out? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Sofia, we have actually be making small tweaks to the quiz and the results it gives based on a number of things (including feedback from dozens of people who have taken the quiz that are experience cup users) so it looks like you took before and after those changes. We still stand behind the previous results and Lunette is a wonderful cup, it’s actually the one I have used the most with best results. If you’d like you can email admin@putacupinit.com with a few more details so that we can help. We like the Lunette because it’s shorter than the Diva Cup. You may have answered questions that lead us to think you have a very low cervix which is why you got Meluna this time around.

      1. Oh okay 🙂 thank you for your response. I think I have a slightly low cervix so I’m glad I ordered Lunette–thank you for putting this quiz together and updating it. It’s helped me so much.

  16. On a Mac using Chrome and the page does not load correctly. After number three pointer/rule/suggestion/whatever there is a big white space where I am sure for others there is something to click which loads the quiz. It would be helpful to let people know which browsers will/will not work, maybe add a number four with a warning. Suggestions that I download another browser are not helpful since even a child could figure that out, I use the browser I feel safe using and use I made sure everything is up to date. I guess your quiz is not for me. Glad others find it helpful.

  17. I was so excited to do this quiz, and I bought (and tried) a Super Jennie as my recommended cup. I’d used a Diva Cup for years, but having experienced changes since I started (heavier periods since going off the pill, more sensitive after surgery following ectopic pregnancy), I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a new cup.
    Unfortunately, my experience with the Super Jennie is even worse – difficult to get it to pop open and seal properly upon insertion, and *really* difficult to reach and to remove! I actually think the softness of the cup might be the challenge – comfy while wearing it, but tricky getting it in and out. When I retook the quiz, though, it recommended it to me again… help! Any other advice?

  18. I’ve tried my Pinkcup (South African brand) for about 4 cycles now and it’s leaking every single time! Its not a lot, but its still leaking. Its so frustrating because I just want it to work. Im 24 years old and a very active scuba diver. I’ve 0 children. I’ve discovered that I have a normal cervix (maybe a little high cervix as I’m able to touch it with a little bit of effort). It open properly (I make sure of this) and I’ve inserted it on every angle possible. My flow is normal. Please please please help…
    Thank you!

  19. After I had a baby, I wasn’t loving my size 2 divacup like I loved my size 1. This year suggested a Lena Cup and I was stoked. They have the pretty turquoise cup I’ve been wanting! Just finished my first day with Lena and I am in love! Fits like a glove and none of the issues I was having with the Diva. Thank you for the awesome quiz!

  20. Is there a good recommendation for someone who has uterine fibroids that are outside of the uterus? I’ve been looking around, and there’s very little info out there for anyone with this condition. The most I have seen is an acknowledgement that fibroids within the uterus may cause heavier flow (true); but nothing mentioned out the kind that grow outside the uterus. These can press on the wall of the vagina or on other organs, which I would think might impact cup comfort?

    1. Danielle, I found this article that may or may not help. http://ask4ufe.com/will-menstrual-cup-work-fibroids/

      Personally, I’ve been using a cup for about 8 months. It took me about 4 cycles before I got it right (no leaks) and to learn (by feel) where exactly the cup should be (comfortably). I don’t know if you do or don’t have any fibroids on your cervix (I don’t), but I think would also make finding the exact placement of the cup more difficult. My suggestion would be to take the quiz and purchase the top 2 cups they recommend. I did so, trying each one for a cycle or 2. I went with the one that felt more comfortable and had little to no leakage.

      **This is for anyone reading who’s thinking about trying the cup or those who continue to leak. As I said before, it took me approximately 4 cycles (& talking with my doctor) to figure out exactly where it needs to be. It was waaay higher in me than I thought. If you go by the feel of when using a tampon (where it stops b/c of resistance), which is what I was doing originally, you’re actually not getting the seal needed on your cervix. (I asked my doctor and was told I have a high cervix that faces towards my back, not downward.) That’s when I realized I was not going high enough. I was stopping where a tampon meets resistance. As I went higher, that’s when I knew I had a seal on my cervix. One way I know I have it correct is that one I’ve inserted the cup, I can jiggle the “tag/tail” on the bottom of the cup. If the cup isn’t shifting out of placement & you feel the jiggling is moving something deep inside of you (nothing major or painful), then you’ve got. Another way you can verify correct placement (& that the cup & your cervix are sealed) would be to tug on the “tag/tail”. If it isn’t pulling out, they are sealed.

      Hope this helped!

      1. Hi,

        I have the same issue, high cervix, retro-uterus and prolapse bladder. I am having such a difficult time getting a seal and my cup falls out. This is my second cycle trying a cup and I want to love it but I have tried so many times to insert the cup deep enough that I’m pretty sure I scratch the inside of my vagina.
        I will try a couple more cycles before giving up.
        I welcome any tips from anyone with a retro and prolapse. Thanks!

  21. Hi! I took your quiz and it suggested I use either the Lena sensitive or the si-bel large. I am currently a cup user and will have to still wear a panty liner even though my cup is not full I still get leaking. Your quiz did not ask any questions about this, so I wanted to make sure one of these cups would fix the problem. Thank you for your time. Laura

    1. Laura, do you have a guess as to why you’re leaking? It took me asking my doctor questions regarding where my cervix is, etc. I had been using the cup for months prior to seeing my doctor. I thought I had the right placement & a good seal. Like you, I also had leakage even when the cup wasn’t full. (Sometimes it wasn’t even close to being full.) I found out that not only was my cervix very high, but it also tilted at a certain angle. (After 25+ years of paps, etc. & having children, not a single doctor has ever told me this.) Once I heard this, I realized that the cup wasn’t sealed at all with the cervix, it was just sort of sitting in my canal. It was working fine for the most part with the exception of the leaks. Once I figured out where my cervix is and the angle it tilted, I have had zero leaks. So my suggestion would be to to ask your doctor the next time you have a pap where your cervix is and if it’s tilted, etc.

    2. I have a similar problem & I think its because my cervix sits farther inside the cup and there is less room than their should be. Not sure how to solve it but that may be another reason for the leaking.

  22. I took the quiz… just to see. Turns out it’s pretty accurate. I’ve tried a few cups and I have a favourite. Turns out the si-bell cup is my ideal cup and it’s my go to cup, I love it! Completely changed my life 🙂

  23. On my mac (chrome and safari) the quizz is stuck at question 4. There is no “next” button to go on to the next question :/

    1. There isn’t a next button …you tuck all that apples to you and then on the last one you ticked ..that box will light up and sill then have a “submit” button

  24. Before I had gotten a cup I tried this test …it said a ruby cup would be best…after I had gotten a juju cup I tried this test again but now my answers were different…I still got told ruby …even the other cups that are recommended in the paragraph below your answer…has never said juju for me …so I tried a number of combinations of different answers and every time it’s always the same 5-6 cups that comes up …..how come?

  25. I’ve been trying to use menstrual cups off and on for a year now and can’t seem to find one that doesn’t leak. The quiz suggested a Diva Cup, Lena, and Super Jenny (all large/size 2) and I while I’m certain that the cup is opening, they all leak, A LOT. I’ve never actually seen anything accumulate in the cup, just along the sides. (i’m over 35, baby via c-section, high cervix, regular/medium flow, no allergies). I’ve read all the my cup is leaking tips I can find and can’t find a solution. Help!

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  28. I took the test 3 times with the same answers & got 3 different suggestions. Does that mean that there are several that might work? I’m concerned that it didn’t record all my selections on the page about cervixes and cramps. Thanks!

  29. I’m a first-time user along with being a first time mom. And let me tell you! This cup is amazing!!!!! I took the quiz & bought the cup they suggested was best for me, and it was seriously the best decision I’ve made! I absolutely love it and will never go back to tampons! Don’t be intimidated by the thought of trying something that’s different (and weird for some). I am completely comfortable with my body so it was no big deal to me to have to insert & take it out to empty. I truly recommend taking the quiz, and taking the plunge of buying one! Love my cup. Thank you putacupinit!

  30. Hey, this is a great way to find a cup
    I just think that the option of the cup leaking was missing on the cup user experience page. Also the Lena Cup was suggested to me, but it didn’t say which size

  31. So I tried the blossom cup and it got stuck! I had to go the urgent care to have them take it out. But I really liked it when it was in. I just have a very high cervix but now I am scared to try a different one. I really jusy want to know what the longest cup is out there so hopefully I can try again next month.

  32. hi. based on the quiz, I was recommended the super jenni, small. but I am over 30 and have had a baby. shouldn’t I purchase the large?

  33. Dear,
    test suggested me Meluna shorty mostly based on my low cervix. I bought it in M size, classic softness, but it leaks very often, although half empty. Should I consider firmer cup, or larger cup diameter?
    I gave birth twice, exercise 2x a week pilates, my cervix is around 4cm. I am considering Lena S, Lali S and Merula.

  34. My results were: A Super Jennie Size Small or Large, Lady Cup 2, or Yuuki Size 2

    Unfortunately none of these results is appropriate for me because I have a low cervix and they are all too long. I currently have a MeLuna M which is too long even with the stem cut off, and it is the same length as the Super Jennie size Small and shorter than all of the other cups.

    Basically, I was recommended 3 cups that would be useless for me 🙁

  35. Where is said quiz? I have looked all over using both my phone and computer. Not finding a quiz… I have not used or tried a cup yet but am interested. I am more interested in finding something for my daughter who is soon to start but hasn’t yet. I’ll keep researching I guess.

  36. Hi Amanda! I think I really need your advice: I am 32 y.o., active person (I do rock climbing), no child, heavy flow. I bought MoonCup B but it was still leaking so I replaced it with Lunette 2 because I thought maybe the size was the problem. I had a leakage with Lunette 2 when it was 1/2 full + I can feel it, I guess the rim is too firm, and I also feel a little bit of pressure on my bladder. I have measured my cervix position during my cycle and it is 3 cm (1.18 inch) and also a little bit tilted. I think that my cervix sits in my cup and that’s the reason why the small Mooncup was still leaking and why my big Lunette leaked while being only 1/2 full. I was considering cups for lower cervix but I am not sure because with both my cups I had really a though time to get them out – they both goes too up:/ … which I guess is strange when my cervix is not high during my cycle.
    PS: Based on quiz I was recommended Lunette B.
    PS2: English is my second language but I hope it’s possible to understand me:)

  37. I’m not sure if there are enough women with this issue to address it on your site, but I had a pelvic floor reconstruction after my bladder AND colon prolapsed. My colon was falling out so there was a lot of reconstruction. My vaginal walls were rebuilt both anterior and posterior. Nonetheless, I’m now >40, had 3 babies, but back to the size of pre-baby. For the survey, I answered the questions a couple of different ways (i.e. saying I have not had a baby) to see what results might yield. I used menstrual cups for about 7 years before the reconstruction without issue (a Sckoon 2 and Diva 2) but now have extreme pain and issues with a Sckoon 1 (the sckoon was my preferred cup before surgery). I also am unable to urinate about 1/2 the time when the cup is in place. I flipped it inside out after cutting the stem off because it was so uncomfortable. The ridges on the cup itself and stem were painful every time I moved. I’ve ordered a Meluna shorty and Meluna small in hopes the smaller diameter might help – even if I have to change it more often. Anyhow, I thought I would bring up those of us who are in this boat of mystery.

  38. Hi there, what does the N/A refer to for firmness? I use a Juju and wanted to compare its firmness to others. Thanks

  39. I did not like tampons. I always felt them. It seemed to irritate me. I never forgot that it was there and was even sometimes painful.I have an inverted utetus too.
    If this is the case. Will I have trouble with these cups. I have a sensitive bladder too.
    One suggestion wss the luna 2 sensitive. Will it make a big difference to the feeling inside?

  40. Can anyone help me out? I have the Lunette Model 2. I am 23 and have not given birth but as I thought my flow was on the heavier side and i have a high cervix I got it. It is a perfect fit in that I cant feel it… and it slips right up so the stem is comfortably in. 2 minor issues: 1. I got my period last night so I put it in before bed. Emptied it this morning. No leaks. PERFECT. Easy removal and insertion. I put it back in. I worked out/some weights thismorning, BRILLIANT, no leaks. But 5 hours later I noticed small amounts of spotting on the toilet paper. Odd as it didnt leak a bit for the 8 or more hours I had it over night. I went to take it out to see if it was full and this is where issue 2 occured: the cup sits at an angle where it is sort of tipped forward, so the stem sits towards the back and to the right, so i can only easily insert a finger to the front, however when I tried breaking the seal i found myself pushing straight onto my cervix through the cup… which was painful, and this removal took alot more work and effort than earlier thismorning to try and bear it down past my cervix to an angle i could comfortably break the seal, is this normal?. Now the cup kind of slipped out eventually and spilled but Im certain it wasnt full causing a leak… so cleaned up and reinserted. 2 hours later i noticed the same spotting and again removed to investigate (easier than the second time by far) This time it didnt spill, and there was barely a thimble-full of fluid, however i could see where the blood had gone up the side of the cup so i think a tad was able to leak. I have been laying on my stomach a bit today so as the cup appears to tilt forward inside me I believe this is what is causing a slight spill. This time I have tried bearing down and gently pulling the cup down and letting it slip back up to get a better position and seal, thoroughly checked it is properly open and sealed (100%) and am hoping for the best. Does anyone have any insight into why this may be happeninh? I have a lunette model 1 on the way also to try both sizes, my thoughts are that maybe the cup is pressing against the pubic bone and causing a dip while i lay on my stomach causing the leak. My Model 1 is arriving today so I want to see of maybe a smaller size will stop this happening… but my concern then is that the model to is the perfect length, and i am quite *tight* down there in the opening, making a bit of work to get a hold of the grip rings on the cup (stem is useless just a peace of mind thing as it doesnt irritate at all) im worried the smaller cup will be too short! Any advice or pointers welcome!

  41. My result is:
    Your ideal cup is a Fleurcup, Lena Sensitive or Large Si-Bell!
    Based on your answers you should consider using an average cup that is
    fairly average in length and firmness. You could also consider brands
    such as OrganiCup or Ruby.

    It only says Large on the last one, but is this meaning all options I should be getting large? Because I use a size small now and size-wise it seems good, I don’t want to go bigger if I don’t have to.

  42. Thanks so much, I love your site! I was using a Diva cup 1 before I had my baby. I just tried the Diva cup 2 based on the information on your quiz since my Diva 1 was sliding down. Unfortunately it is sliding down too! I have tried trimming the stem and turning it inside out. It is so uncomfortable! I see that the Super Jennie Size 2 is slightly wider, but only by .4. Do you think that will make a difference? Or is there a wider one than the Super Jennie Size 2? (Why the heck am I so wide down there? Poor hubby, must be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!) Just don’t want to spend too much more money!

  43. I have a cup, no name brand but it’s a large bell shape, soft silicone. Sometimes it works great and when it is in, its comfortable but… I almost always have a hard time getting it to open. The C fold never opens, I have found the punch fold the easiest but it’s still a task. I always make sure it is suctioned but blood almost always runs down the left side, most of it is in the cup but it’s enough to leak pretty good sometimes, especially at night (note: the cup is not full) but it’s a mess and frustrating. I have done all the research which points to cervix location, which my cervix is right in the center at normal height. I have tried pointing it to left and to the right, doesn’t seem to make difference. I think its possible it’s coming unsuctioned while I’m wearing it, is that a possibility? Should I try a straighter, longer cup? Do firmer cups open up and stay open easier? Also, the little air holes get clogged, could that be the problem?? I dont have the budget to try a bunch of different cups, if the cup is the problem, I am willing to purchase one other and if it doesn’t work out, I’m turning back so I want to do the best I can to find my goldilocks. Do you think it’s the cup? Am I doing something wrong? I really want to make this work. Also, this is my third cycle with this cup, same problem each time. Thanks for any feedback 🙂

  44. hi, i’ve done the quiz but the cups are too expensive… it will be good in another version of the quizz to ask how much money we can get in (sorry for my English, I’m french)

    1. try a super cheap one on ebay or what ever,… just to see how you can handle cups generally, then (once you love them, 😉 ) you wont mind the expense… and you will know what works for you, so you wont make a mistake 🙂 (i think cervix hight and how heavy your flow is are the most important things) … check the PACII long comparison list too

      1. failing that…. there is swap groups where you can buy ans sell cups that didnt work for you!!! PACII has one on FB, but its mostly USA ppl selling mostly to USA only… some ppl whip world wide tho…

  45. Where’s the quiz? I don’t see it anywhere on this page (either a quiz or a link to one). I’ve tried two different browsers…

    1. Whew! Okay, I was able to see and complete the quiz on Safari. You might want to try a different format or warning? I have a lot of script, adware, cookie, and privacy protections on my Firefox, on Brave the adblock is built in so I’m uncertain the trigger for browsers hiding the quiz. I never use Safari except in cases like this where full permissions are needed for some reason or other, but it’s generally for tracking purposes. Boo. (I come across this a lot with sites I have to use for schoolwork).

      Anyway – I purchased a Diva Cup 2 many years ago based on recommendations because I was over 30 yet not given birth. What terrible advice. Needless to say, my experience was messy and short. I am so happy to see that there’s a plethora of choices now, and your website and other women for resources to help find the right one without having to purchase them all. And the trial and error! Oof. I mean, I wanna leave the house!

      Everyone, thank you so much!

  46. Took the quiz and got Fleur cup large and Lena cup sensitive large. I do own Lena cup sensitive large after few tries of different cups – i wish i knew about your quiz lot sooner, like an year and half sooner!!!! But sadly enough it leaks when I lay down or doing cruches! I need my cup to be “water tight” so I can be a fit mama for my babies in order to teach them how to be fit and healthy no matter what. Any suggestions? I will watch yoUr youtube videos so I can get more out of my Lena.

  47. I’ve tried multiple times to take this quiz and every time I get stuck on one of the questions. It appears as though it has accepted my answer but then the space where the quiz is turns white and says Result: (insert title of question just answered) with links to share on facebook, twitter etc. but won’t go to the next question.

    I’ve tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer all with the same result. I’m wondering if it’s my settings on my computer maybe? I also tried it on my phone (samsung galaxy) and was unable to load it at all. I was so excited to try this quiz too! I’m so bummed.

  48. I have not been able to wear tampons for years, they cause abdominal pain and sometimes headaches. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this, if they were able to use a cup or if they had the same issue.

  49. I had a Dilation and Evacuation abortion 7 years ago. I want to purchase a menstrual cup but would like to know if this factor would change the size of cup I would use?

  50. I’m a teen looking into choosing a first menstrual cup. I’m a swimmer, but ever since I got my period and had to use tampons I kinda stopped. Tampons are uncomfortable for me and give me terrible cramps and headaches, and also puts pressure on my urethra which makes it hard to pee (but I was able to get a regular tampon in first/second try). I’m pretty sensitive, but want to use the cup for swimming and possibly make a complete switch. I believe I have a fairly average height cervix. With the quiz here and other resources, I have narrowed it down to these three possibilities: Lena Sensitive Small, Lena Small, or the small Diva cup. My main concern is what firmness will work for me, as my activities point to firmer, but my sensitivity points to softer.

  51. I was excited to see revamped quiz- I’m
    Not seeing any differences,… disappointed Luv your body is *still* not included for heavy flows (it’s the biggest). Why??? It’s also reasonably priced!

    Also disappointing that ppl with a long or “dangley” cervix are still not included.
    (My cervix fills most cups, and I have a heavy flow… all cups work, I just have to change them, a lot)
    Maybe we will be included in mark 3

  52. I took your quiz as I recently bought and am currently using an organicup but am having issues with it and my bladder as is not just making me feel the urge to pee it’s actually stimulating my bladder. I can’t lower or heighten it as it won’t move lol. Your video suggests buyer one without a rim and softer but your quiz suggested the same type and even make as the one I currently have thathe is causing me problems. I’ve been woken dozens of times over night because I need to pee every 20 mins. I really want this to work out. Do you have any suggestions

  53. Hello, I tried a small MeLuna cup and it leaks even after it’s fully open. I’m 19 years old, I’ve never given birth, and my flow goes from heavy to regular. I’m not sure where my cervix is, but I think it’s high. Does anyone have any suggestions? I prefer the cup to tampons, but I need to be leak-proof.

  54. I’ve been trying to use my diva cup two for the last several cycles but no matter what I do it always slides down and starts to protrude. I flipped the cup inside out so the stem wasn’t irritating my opening but it still slides down. I have tried folding in different ways, twisting it while it’s inside of me and inserting it laying down. No matter how I do it it always slides down and sticks out. I’m not sure what else to try. Do you have any tips for me?

  55. This produces a brighter picture that allows for easy viewing in a very well lit room.
    More complex projectors possess a lower leakage and so the contrast ratio
    is higher. Firstly, you have to connect the pc with the Home Theater LCD
    HDMI Projector by the USB cable.

  56. I took the quiz out of curiosity to see what other options might suit me. It suggested the Lily cup but isn’t that one quite soft? I have quite a strong pelvic floor, hence why I’ve had great success with my Mooncup, which is quite firm. I answered that I was very active on that particular question.

  57. I ordered the Blossom cup and when I tried to put it in, I experienced a lot of pain. I found out that I have a very low cervix that I don’t even think hits my first knuckle. Will I even be able to wear a menstrual cup with this low of a cervix?

  58. I have a very low cervix that I don’t think even hits my first knuckle. Is it possible to even wear a menstrual cup with this low of a cervix? I tried the Blossom cup and I found it extremely painful to insert.

  59. in the quiz i got Lunette, Juju, or Lena Cup, i was wondering if i was able to use a saalt cup based on these results. i ask due to me being able to get a saalt cup easier.

  60. I have used the FemmyCycle low cervix cup for years and overall like it, except that it presses on my bladder making it difficult to pee. I generally remove it but this is not always convenient. I recently bought the SuperJennie (I mean…it’s named after me) because it appeared to be slimmer thus seems less likely to press on my bladder. Even trimming the stem, it pokes out and is probably not going to work. In your chart, the FemmyCycle Low Cervix is listed as having 1.69″ length and 1.42″ diameter and the SuperJennie Small is listed as having a 1.87″ length and 1.69″ diameter, but holding the two up to one another, the SuperJennie is slimmer than the FemmyCycle Low Cervix, if measuring beyond the opening. I’d love to know which cup to try next but can’t tell if there is a slimmer cup than the FemmyCycle that is also about the same length. I am 42 and have a relatively heavy period.

  61. This quiz was absolutely the best and easiest way I have found to determine what menstrual cup to use! I had been a Diva Cup user for 8years (I loved it!). I have a very active lifestyle, with swimming and hiking and biking being at the center for the enjoyment of my leisure time. (All are difficult to enjoy while menstruating!) Once I was introduced to the Diva cup by a friend, my life changed!
    Then, two children later, I tried the Diva Cup 2…but, I was having issues finding it comfortable like I had pre- baby. It would slip down, and I noticed it almost all the time when I wore it. I put up with it because of the freedom it offered my life. After my second baby, it caused bladder issues (feeling like I had to go all the time), and also added uncomfortable pressure and aggravated my cramps. I feared my cup days were over. I did a simple google search and found your site! I took the quiz and now use the Lena Sensitive- and IT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! It took a couple of tries the first day to figure out how to insert it most comfortably ( simply by following the suggestions in the Lena’s Instructions) and now I use a different insertion method than I did with the Diva Cup- but I couldn’t be more pleased with this new cup. I am forever grateful to have my free and comfortable periods back! I am so thrilled I can be comfortable wearing a cup again!
    Trying to parse through all the different sites and figure out all the benefits to each cup was exhausting…and I never felt confident in being able to pick one…
    I share this site with every woman I know who is interested in trying, or finding their new perfect fit.
    An added benefit of using a menstrual cup, is no vulva irritation from blood exposure. It isn’t often talked about, but blood on the skin can be irritating, and it is also why I often use my cup at night during my heavy flow days instead of my She Thinx period pantys (or a pad).
    Thank you so much for doing the leg work and stream-linning this process!

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  64. Took your quiz a while back and suggested the Lynnette.
    I just feel a lot of pressure and even pain on my cervix.
    Is it too long?
    Do I need the Merula or something like that instead?
    Diva cup is certainly not for me it also made me feel like I was in labor.

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  67. Hi, I’m pretty new in this and it’s good that I found your site. I’m curious to know whether it’s okay to use the smaller cup even though I gave birth vaginally, because with bigger cup sometimes I feel it somewhat pokes my bladder.
    And just last night my cup leaked. What could be the cause of it? This is my second time of using the cup. The last time it was no leak. Was it because I cut half of the stem?
    Thank you for your answer.

  68. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this superb blog!

    I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking
    and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward
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  69. I love this quiz. Thanks for doing such an amazing work. I had a small complain about it though. It seems if I put in the quiz that I have a heavy flow with tampons/pads and dont use cups the quiz recommends the bigger size saalt/lunette/lena etc. But if i say i have heavy flow with the cup and say pads/tampons dont apply to me it tells me to use a small lunette/salt/lena etc. I am not sure if this is on purpose. But I feel that it should at least recommend similar sizes if not the same brands in both cases since while I know flow is not always the main concern and fit matters more. If anything it should recommend bigger cups for experienced users since they are more likely to able to make it work. The reason I mention this is because while I myself got recommended the right thing when I put in the quiz I didnt think it would have if I had know my flow in terms of cups and was concerned about it getting full too soon.

  70. Has anyone tried and/or heard of the Athena cup? Can anyone tell me something about it or compare it to other cups listed here?

  71. Hi, I’m looking for some advise. I’ve never used a cup before. I’ve taken the quiz but my question is,
    on the quiz it asks about your flow. Well on day 1and2 my flow is very light but on day 3 am very heavy, i have to use a ultra tampon and change it about every 2 -3 hrs. Then the next few days i’m back to a medium to light flow again. I also have average cervix. The quiz recommends SAALT SOFT, SUSTAIN CUP, LENA SENSITIVE, ORGANICUP, and RUBY. Has anyone tried or use any of those cups?

  72. I know you already did improvements to the quiz and it is very helpful but I was wondering if you could make it a little more specific on the question that asks if you used a cup before and you werent happy with it, to have an option to say which cup so that it doesnt appear as one of the recommendations?

  73. Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your web site
    by chance, and I am stunned why this accident did not came about in advance!

    I bookmarked it.

  74. Hi,
    I’m having difficulties accessing the quiz and it’s not due to cookies.
    Please can someone help? I’ve tried on mobiles, tablets, pcs, but still no joy.
    Am I missing something?

  75. Help!! So, I’m a first time user and have taken this quiz about 30 times. lol I bought a LUNA Large because on day 2 and 3, I bleed crazy heavy. Yesterday, I was changing it every 45 minutes-2 hours. Half the time, I’m alternately catching blood and/or leaking. Half the time it falls down. Even the times when I can’t feel it, I still leak and when I check, the cup is filled halfway. Is it user error that will get better as I get more skilled at insertion or should I try a different cup? I do have mild incontinence, if that helps and a mid-high cervix. I’m 42 and have had kids. Any help would be appreciated. I’m going on a cruise next month and of course, will be on my period during! I’d like to get something that works before I’m out of the country.

  76. I’ve had 2 vaginal births and am 31 yo so naturally I purchased the lunette size 2 but it is too long even when I already cut part of the stem, I sometimes (only sometimes) have trouble getting it to unfold and each period I have trouble the first and second time I put it in, I push it in but it kinda feels like it’s instantly rejected and wants to come out, after taking this quiz it suggests lunette size 2 so I have to assume this test is pure crap.
    Anybody been through this?, I love my lunette but have trouble with the aforementioned details… should I purchase lunette size 1?

    Also even during the heaviest days of my period I don’t even fill it halfway in 12-14 hours

  77. I wish the quiz asked questions about prolapse…I can barely get a tampon in as I’m working through some prolapse issues. I have not purchased a cup because I assume I will not be able to get it positioned correctly. When I use a tampon now it leaks so I know it’s not properly placed. Please add more information for people with prolapse…it’s very common.

  78. Hello. Im a first time cup user in her late 30s with no children. I have been attempting to use the Flex cup in large for 4 months now. I purchased it bc I liked the idea of the suction breaking when the tab is pulled. However, the suction is so unreal that the whole cup folds in on its self (the stopper on pull rings pulls all the way through the base) making super hard and horribly uncomfortable to get out the rest of the way!!! I’ve tried reaching the bottom of the cup so I don’t have to use the pull stem for the whole extraction, but I can’t reach it or it’s too slippery. Should I try a softer or shorter cup?? Help, it’s so scary and uncomfortable when my cup collapses in!

  79. Hi! So I have the Diva Cup model 2 and I don’t know if anyone else has this issue or if it is just me… I can fill the cup withing 8 hours, literally fill it to the point where I start leaking…. Should I contact my OBGYN do you think or yeah idk.

  80. I am an aerialist in search of the perfect cup for a very active person. I’ve never used a cup before and am feeling very overwhelmed by the options. (im in my mid 30s)

  81. I’m new to the world of menstrual cups, I’ve solved the quiz, but still I’m not sure which cup to get. I’ve tried Lily Cup One, and it’s too soft for me, I have difficulty opening it and making the seal. I’m 36 years old, never give birth, my cervix is about 45mm, I have regular bleeding, and I’m rather active person – I workout 4-5 times a week, mostly cardio and strentgh combination type of workouts. My quiz result is Meluna Sport, but after cheking some of reviews, I think it would be too firm for me as a newbie. Please suggest me cup that is firm enough for easy opening and sports activities but also easy to handle for a begginer. Thank you.

  82. Hi, thank you for doing this!
    I can’t reach my cervix with my pointer finger and I took your quiz three times as I used three different cups so far (Moon Cup, 15 years ago, leaked, pressure on uretra, stem to be cut completely; Lily Cup, stem to be cut completely, more confy, leaked and didn’t open easily, eventually I lost it; Lily Cup Compact, pretty confy but too tiny, leaks and it’s almost full in less than two hours).

    Now, I guess I am an ergonomical, no rim, no stem type, but your quiz keeps on suggesting the shapes I don’t feel good for me.

    Between the options, your quiz should maybe mention something like ” the stem pinches me everywhere” and “the pressure on the uretra” statement should have more weight, as it makes the cup veeery unconfortable to the point that you stop using it. I may be wrong, but I felt that was due to the rim, as with the Lily cup that was ok, and the Lily Compact it’s so tiny to be confy despite its stem and rim (yet leaks and has not enough capacity).
    I just bought the Fun Cup, I’ll get them next week and I hope it will be the one for me… I’m quite close to pre-menopause, at this pace I’ll no longer need it before I found the perfect one for me!

  83. So I have only had one cycle where I have used a cup. I took the test and one of my options is the saalt soft regular. I tried it first day and inserting was fine getting it open took a little bit but got it. While standing I don’t feel it at all but when I sit I get painful cramps. I did notice my cervix is between low and average. Another issue I have is my perineum is verrrry sensitive since I had an episiotomy with my first and had 2nd degree tear with my second. Should I get a shorter cup with the same brand or should I go with a different brand that also has soft cups?

    1. Did you end up getting the Saalt Soft Small? Did that work out or did you switch brands and find a better suited cup? I am experiencing the exact same issue. This is my fist cycle using the Saalt Soft Regular and I had no problems inserting it or getting it to pop open. It’s fine while standing, but it is painful when sitting/laying down.

  84. I have taken the quiz over and over, and every time it tells me to get the Saalt regular. But I have that cup–it’s comfortable, but it slips down all the time and leaks at the beginning of my period. Could you make a suggestion that might be a good fit for someone like me?

  85. It is so true that you have to find the cup right for you. Who knew there were so many options? I was asking around and none of my friends were on board or remotely interested in using a cup. Can’t get over the “ick” factor I guess. I decided to purchase one right before the quarantine because I thought what a perfect time to troubleshoot a new product and saves me the worry of having to but feminine products. I originally purchased the Diva Cup Size B, because that was the size suggested for me on the box, but this was not for me. It didn’t leak but it was so difficult to remove! I discovered that I have a high cervix during menstruation and it was too wide. I took your test and found that the Lily Cup A was better. This one took some time, like all of them, to master but I love it! I kind of feel like I don’t have my period at all.

    One a side note, I have an IUD too and had a bit of a “scare” when I checked for my strings and couldn’t locate them after using the Diva cup for a couple of days. I was also having an unusual cycle (bleeding for longer) and decided to go to see my midwife. She said using a cup with an IUD is fine and I was probably thrown off by something. After two months using the Lily, I’m back to normal.

    I’m telling everyone I know about cups and this quiz! Thank you!!

  86. I am 16 and when I went to buy my first cup
    I bought the deva cup size 2. That was a very big mistake. My problem was not that I couldn’t get it in but that it ouch on my vaginal walls and made it feel like cramping pain. Any suggestions for a new cup?

  87. So I got a Diva Cup 2, and I can get it to seal, but it keeps falling down to the point it is sticking out of me. I push it back up but as soon as I start walking around, it slips back down, but it still has a seal. It get worse with a heavier flow but happens even during the light flow. My cervix is extremely low. I can feel it by my first knuckle, so I don’t know if this has something to do with it. I took the quiz and it said to use a Saalt Soft. I thought about trying a disc instead. Help please! I honestly didn’t want to spend anymore money for something that doesn’t work bc it was $40. :/

  88. Hey..! I am from India. The cups suggested by you isn’t internationally delivered. Please help.

  89. Hi, so this is the suggestion that I was given – “Your ideal cup is the Saalt Cup! Based on your answers you should consider a cup that is average in length, but with a touch more firmness. We suggest the Saalt Cup Size Regular, Lunette Size 2, Lena Large, or Selena Medium”

    How firm is this in relation to the Moon Cup? This is the only one I have tried so far and not many times as I really struggled breaking the seal to remove it and a few people on a Facebook group said that it is firm and probably why I have the difficulty. I don’t want to get one of the above when it mentions trying one which is a bit more firm if are the same firmness as the Moon Cup. Thanks in advance

  90. Hi there

    I was hoping I could get some help – I bought the saalt regular soft cup recently and I don’t know if it’s me or I got the wrong size but I can’t seem to get it in. I know this is quite embarrassing but I don’t exactly know where stuff is up there so maybe I’m using it wrong. I’ve tried a few times but no luck I know it’s supposed to fully go in and you can only see the stem. But when I try you can actually see the cup. I’m not used to putting anything up there as I only ever use pads and never tampons. I got the regular as I have very heavy periods so I thought that be the right one. If anyone could help me that be great.

  91. I bought the Lena cup and I think it’s too big…It doesn’t leak (if I fit it right) but it’s uncomfortable when I stand (I can’t feel it when I sit) and it has folded up on itself before when wearing it. I cut the “string” all the way off but I can still feel the cuplike it’s going to fall out. I’ve had two kids and am almost 35. Should I have gotten a smaller one?

  92. I can’t use menstrual cups. Because I seem to be uber long and super narrow. I tried the longest cup available on the market (I think maybe it was a Luv Ur Body but it was something like 81 mm long) at the time (about 10 years ago) and even that was too short for me. The cup just disappeared and no amount of straining to try and find it worked. And I am also very narrow so I can’t put in more than one finger. So one finger + the cup has disappeared makes it nigh impossible to remove it. I don’t know if I’m just the rarest anomaly in the world because I haven’t heard of anyone being as long as me haha. I saw that they’ve since brought out an even longer cup a Lily Cup but now I’m 53 so I don’t think I will try again. If I were 10 years younger I might go for it though.

  93. Any advice for those of us in Australia? International post costs a pretty penny and if we’re talking about being ethical to start with, I really don’t want to be giving money to Amazon.

  94. Hi there!

    I am a first time cup user (actually coming-to first time cup user, still waiting for my first cycle I can use it on), and I would like to thank you very much for all the helpful information you provide on your Youtube Channel and on this website.

    I just have two little questions: I’m living in Europe, and because of that some of the cups recommended for me by the quiz cannot easily be purchased or generally ordered where I live. I know it is possible to look up the availability of a particular cup on this website, but a lot of the links I have tried (especially Amazon-links) seem to not work anymore and some products do not seem to be available on Amazon anymore (I looked this up on the tables shown when you go to the shop-and-compare-site). So, first of all, I was wondering if it would be possible to update the links in these cup descriptions (some cups I tried to look up unsuccessfully on Amazon were Saalt (original and Soft), Loulou and Lena (original and Soft); cups that can definitely be found are f.ex. Lunette). Second of all, I was wondering, just for the sake of convenience, whether it were possible to add a question to the quiz, asking where someone lives. I don’t think it is necessary to point out the exact country, but the continent would do I suppose.

    Thank you so much again for this website (and your Youtube Channel) and all the help you provide with it. It made my be a lot less anxious about trying a cup, I really learned a lot and I’m looking forward to try a cup!

    Best wishes,

  95. Hi Melie. I live in Europe too and it’s often hard to find things here that are available in other countries, I don’t know why, maybe companies just don’t like to sell or distribute in Europe? Or they forget that Europe exists? At any rate maybe you could just look for the cups directly on Amazon, or order directly from their websites. Also at least here in my country now many of these cups can be bought directly even in supermarkets. And those that can’t are often available at health food stores or pharmacies. Maybe you could ask around at these places. The cups I have I always ordered directly from the websites. Hope that helps!

  96. I have used the Diva cup in the past, but it was too long for my body. I then tried the Lena size 1 (too small – leaked) and then the size 2. The size 2 gave me hemorrhoids. (Yes, I’m confident – I’d never had them before, and I haven’t had them since I stopped using it.) I really like using a cup, but I am wary of spending another $50 on a cup that I won’t be able to use. I have taken your quiz, but I was wondering if you could give me some idea of what factor on the Lena (diameter vs firmness or both) might have been responsible for the hemorrhoids so I can avoid that. Many thanks in advance!

  97. I have taken this quiz many different times with different answers and it ALWAYS recommends the Lena cup and the Saalt cup. I tried the Lena size 1 cup and it never fit right. It leaked, half the time it fell down out of me and then other times it would go up so that I couldn’t get it out. It pushed on my bladder so that I couldn’t pee and gave me cramps. Basically, the Lena cup sucked for me. Then I had a baby and ordered the Saalt Soft cup in both sizes. After having in the Saalt cup for 5 minutes I got the most excruciating pain(felt like labor) until I removed it. I put it back in after repositioning, same thing again. I just don’t trust the results of the this quiz anymore. Are you sponsored by Lena and Saalt or something? Both of those cups don’t work for me and its all that is ever recommended by the quiz. Also my cervix changes positions a lot and there is no option for that.

    1. The brands have no sway in the results in this quiz. They are chosen because they work well for most people who get each outcome and each outcome has several options listed. It is not limited to a single cup.

      If your cervix changes position you can either choose a cup that is low enough for your lowest day (and risk it riding high) or choose two cups to meet your needs if the height difference is too great to work with a single cup. Lena has a very pronounced rim, which would not be good if bladder pressure is a concern. On that same note, Saalt (the original) is a similar firmness so, based on that, I would think that you need a softer cup. If you have already tried a softer cup (which ones?) I would recommend trying one that is softer than what you have previously tried or perhaps trying a disc instead.

      1. Im unable to add a comment elsewhere so posting as a reply.

        Curious about IUD / IUS and why this isn’t mentioned in the quiz. If someone has one of these, should they discuss with their doctor first to ensure it doesn’t contribute to displacement of their contraception?

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