Tales of Menstrual Cup Disasters

Using a menstrual cup is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, your health, and your overall period comfort. Plus it creates no waste, lasts up to 10 years, and saves you money. ALL good things. But… there is a but… sometimes things can go horribly wrong. We are sharing some of the […]

7 Alternatives to the $369 THINX Period Sex Blanket

You may have seen the newest *innovation* to ever *come* to the menstrual market: the THINX Period Sex Blanket. This groundbreaking innovation features “4-layer tech to absorb fluids while you play” … “plush satin (perf for cuddling)” and “a v-inspired pattern in red stitching for low-key #periodpride.” The THINX Period Sex Blanket also features an oyster […]

Annoying Things About Menstrual Cups We Can All Relate To

Annoying Things About Menstrual Cups We Can All Relate To

The other day we shared a quick thought on our Facebook page that turned into a fairly major discussion on the annoying little things that all menstrual cup users experience. Based on our own experiences and the experiences of our Facebook commenters we came up with a list. Enjoy! The Strand This was the annoyance […]

Pick a Disney Character & We’ll Tell You Your Perfect Period Product

Ever wondered what menstrual management system is right for you, based on your favorite Disney character? Well, wonder no more! We have the answers. While this quiz is a bit of fun jab at other popular “princess quizzes”, we really do take a lot of what we do here quite seriously – even when it […]

12 Gifs that Perfectly Sum Up Using Period Products

…with disposables 1. When that pad gets stuck to your inner thigh and you’re trying to be discreet. 2. When it’s time to change your tampon and that shit is dry AF 3. When you get pee on the tampon string, again 4. When AF starts and your friend can only find crumpled ass, ancient, tampons […]

Cloth Pads for the Bleeder with a Sense of Humor


Upon entering the world of cloth pads, rather reluctantly at first I should add, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an amazing and hilarious little community. For those who sew their own cloth pads (henceforth known as “Snatch Napkins” after I wanted a better name for them) it can be a delightful creative outlet. […]

5 Techniques Everyone Uses When Removing a Menstrual Cup

Panty Shuffle

Sexy title right? I mean, we thought about calling this post and video “5 Ways to handle yourself while your vagina free bleeds between the time you remove your menstrual cup, wash it, and replace it that won’t result in blood dripping on your panties or bathroom rug” but it didn’t quite fit on a […]

Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Sometimes you just need to exclaim your love for the oft overlooked menstrual cup. We take it for granted but that’s when it’s being the best friend of all. Here are 5 reasons why… 1.  It keeps things moist.   Dryness is NOT a good thing.. though you might think so when it comes to […]