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Using Menstrual Cups With Heavy Periods

We are often asked if a menstrual cup can be used with heavy periods. The short answer is yes but it’s more involved than that. Though many who are cup-curious feel that they have a heavy flow most quickly learn that they really don’t bleed as much as their tampons or pads may have implied. In fact, the average menstrual fluid released each cycle is only around 30-60 ml (or 2-4 tablespoons).

To get to the bottom of this we decided to go head-to-head… or vag-to-vag… with our heavy bleeding pal, Jen. We each measured our flow for one cycle. We both came in around 18 ml (a bit more than a tablespoon) while Jen poured out 225 ml (or nearly a cup). That’s 4-8x the normal amount!!!

It’s hard to imagine keeping up with day to day activities with such a heavy period and it was, until Jen finally found her perfect combination to make her periods livable. We’ve also teamed up with the maker of Jen’s favorite cup (spoiler: Super Jennie) and a maker of period underwear, EvaWear to make this video possible (along with some other cool stuff you’ll see down below!)


Jen has finally reached the cherished status of #periodnirvana That’s when you forget you’re on your period thanks to a cup!

We hope you enjoy this video featuring Jen and her heavy, heavy period. It’s full of great information about how she made the switch from her Diva Cup (a 30 ml capacity cup) and back up cloth pads to a high capacity cup (she purchased the Super Jennie L *a 41 ml capacity cup* after taking our quiz) and period panties.

If you’re experiencing heavy periods similar to Jen we would suggest looking at our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to find the cups with the highest capacity. Even though the Super Jennie L is what Jen uses it may not be the right cup for you based on other factors such as the length (noted on the chart) or the fact that it’s a softer cup (meaning it can be more difficult to open and create a seal, especially for newbies to menstrual cups). If you believe you need a firmer cup with the next highest capacity is the Yuuki L at 37 ml.

We understand it can be extremely difficult to manage periods of this magnitude but if anything is capable of aiding it — it’s a menstrual cup! Even average capacity cups (24-30 ml) will hold more than SUPER Tampons (they max out around 18 ml) but moving to a higher capacity cup and coupling that with a good pair of period panties *just in case* is your best and most comfortable, worry free, option.


We’d like to thank Super Jennie and EvaWear Period Panty for helping us make this video possible. When we decided to make a video about heavy periods it only made sense to partner with Super Jennie. We even filmed the video before they signed on to sponsor so all the brand mentions are 100% organic. We didn’t know they have a sister brand that makes affordable period underwear so check those out of you need something for back up or just want to wear them in anticipation of your period!

Heavy Flow with a Menstrual Cup? Tips+Advice from a Heavy Bleeder

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  1. I am a heavy bleeder, too. Most of my bleeding happens during the second and third day. But problem is, large cups are too large for me (I tried two different ones). So I have to deal with small ones. It is not the same every time – sometimes, I have to be in the bathroom every half hour. On average, on heavy days, 2 hours are the most until the cup is full. But I will definitely consider the panties. Before cups, I used a tampon and a pad at the same time at heavy days and still had accidents. So, yes, I would recommend cups for heavy bleeders even if they use small ones.

    1. You can try medium size cups. some brands have medium size cups. or you can measure your bleeding on heavy days, then looking at the Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to find the correct cups.

      1. Personally, I normally use the large LUB cup, and reusable Hesta pads with menstrual underwear on my very heaviest nights. I also take ibuprofen. It’s rare that I even leak at night with the cup. If I begin to, it usually wakes me up in time to avoid disaster. Before a cup, I had regular disasters even with ultra tampons and night time pads. My flow seems to slow down at night, though. I sleep so much better now. I get five-six hours straight before I have to deal with it. In the day time, I sometimes still have to dump it every hour or two. Especially if I forgot the ibuprofen.

        1. Thank you so much for sharing what works for you! The ibuprofen is so interesting. I was talking with my obgyn about cups and mentioned this video/topic and she sent me a really fascinating report about using it for heavy periods. I had no idea!

          1. I am also facing the same problem. My cup gets filled and leaks every 3 hours in heavy days. I am 17 and I use small cup. I feel helpless 😫.

  2. So I have a verrrrry high cervix and outrageous jenlike periods. I use diva cup 2 and like the firmness but was looking for something like that but holds more?

    1. Look into the Luv Ur Body larger model, it also has a higher capacity. We haven’t personally tried it but I believe it’s firmer than the Super Jennie. We reached out to the company but they haven’t replied yet so they aren’t on our chart. The Yuuki is also firmer but has 37 ml capacity so more than Diva but not as much as the SJ.

      1. have you heard back from Luv your body? i notice they are on the charts, but only partially ( i assume you have the measurements but haven’t tried), they do do “give aways” for reviewers with over a certain amount of followers ( which u guys meet) .. pls fill in their form and get a give away and try Luv your body!?? (all sizes pls)

  3. First off, I am so thankful for you ladies and all the hard work and amazing content you are putting out! Thank you! I have a heavy period like Jen (in between 1 cup and 1 1/2 cups) I have been using the Lunette 2 and love it, but need to empty it at least every 2 hours on my heavy days. I am looking for a higher capacity cup but have an important question I don’t feel I have seen any info on: to hold more it’s not just about the size, it should also be about the firmness, right? I know no cup will actually hold it’s full capacity bc the vaginal muscles are squeezing it and not allowing it to be fully expanded within the body, so should I go for a firmer cup like the Yuuki Classic that will hopefully not be as smushed when inside my body? Does that make sense? I sure hope so, thank you again for all you are doing!

    1. Hello, have you now tried d Luv ur body cup? It hold to d fullest and it’s really firm. I use the large size for my heavy days.

  4. I am so happy I came across this! I have massively heavy periods since having my second baby last year. I have a large Lena now and empty it every hour on days 2-3, sometimes day 4 too. I will be for sure purchasing a Super Jennie to try out! Another 11mLs of capacity sounds awesome!

  5. I too have aheavy cycle. I usually discharge around a cup worth. I have to empty my diva cup 5-6 times a day for 4 days. Then i can go 3-4 times.i think im going to look into the super jennie

  6. This article was very helpful after trying a standard size cup with my first postpartum cycle. I was honestly leaking and having to empty every 30 minutes and was so confused (and pretty sore from all that emptying). I have since ordered the Yuuki. Even so I am still emptying it fairly frequently. I think I have the helpful combo of an extremely high, tilted cervix, with a flow that would shame the Jen in your article – – and birthing 3 giant babies did me no favors. I just stick close to home (which is an option for me) the two heaviest days and always wear a pad as well.

  7. Thank you for this post! I’ve been using the larger Diva cup for years and switched to a similar capacity Sinaya cup when I misplaced my diva. I could never understand how some women could say they wear them for 8-12 hours with no leakage. On my 2nd and 3rd days of bleeding I have to change every 1-2 hours max or else the blood with go through even my cotton pads which i wear with the cup.

    Its the main reason why i switched to cups — i was spending a firtune every month on tampons and pads. So at least with cups and cotton pads i still have to change often but the impact is less on the environment and my wallet. 😉

    Will definitely look into the bigger sized cups mentioned here if they help me manage my freakishly heavy flows better. 💖

  8. This is a great post. My heavy cycle I empty every 2 hours and I have the super jennie. Wished there was one that was firmer.

  9. I’m puzzled… since the cup sits at an angle, it also comes out at an angle. So, when I attempt to change mine, I can’t tell if it was full or not, since it was either leaking (which is why I was changing) or spilling as I remove. Seems it’s in correctly. It’s comfortable. I’m aware it’s there maybe more out of fear of leakage than because I feel it… I don’t think I feel it… How do I know?

  10. Thank you so much for this article and the chart! I honestly thought I was alone with my super heavy flow. I’ve heard so many women say they have heavy periods, but then they are able to use a cup for 8 hours without emptying it. I never understood how that’s possible. I’ve tried two different cups and the biggest cup I have, the Lunette 2, overflows in about 30 minutes to an hour. Also it’s painful to have to change it so often since that cup is pretty firm. So I went back to using super plus tampons with reusable cloth pads. But I will definitely give the cup another try and get one that is slightly less firm and that holds more volume.

    1. The average period is 35ml, but anything between 10 and 80 is considered normal. Most women who say they have heavy periods mean they are at the high end of normal, between 40 and 80ml. Above 80ml you officially have a “heavy” period. Those of us with actual heavy periods have a different situation than the women with normal, above average flow.

      I bleed more than 100ml in my first 2 days, but I never realized how abnormal that was until I started using a cup. It definitely helped me to know this because previously I had felt like I was failing at managing menstruation, this super basic thing which all other women had figured out. I’m still not sure if the cup is going to work for me. While I do find it more comfortable than a tampon, if I have to change something so frequently I would rather change a tampon. I might look into medication to reduce my bleeding now that I know this is an option.

      1. Girl amen! I’m out 100ml a day too. Had no idea until I used the cup and actually measured. The largest cup I could find physically hurts to put in but at least I can sleep through the night without jumping awake from leaking through jumbo tampon AND panty liner.
        Remember being younger and convinced only promiscuous girls used jumbo tampons? Ah the taboos of womanhood haha

  11. Linda, I too find it amusing and I writhe with jealousy when I hear ladies talk about a heavy period and they have to empty their cups 5 times a day (I’m sure it seems heavy to them) but when you’re (me) emptying your cup every 30 – 60 mins even through the night for 48 hours or more…. that is what I deem a heavy period. I know everyone’s experience is their own… but ladies who are having to do it half a dozen times a day.. please be grateful.. I’d do anything to be in your position! I’m going to give this softer cup a go as I find the firm cup I use increases my period pain so hopefully a softer cup will make it more comfortable. Good luck to all… and to all my fellow HEAVY bleeders hang in there… it’s only a few days a month I hope.

    1. I feel the same way. After my tuballigation many years ago my period has been terribly heavy, to the point where I prefer not to leave the house..painful too.
      About 2 months ago I tried the soft cup (3month disposable), it worked very well for the first month, the second month, it leaked within 2 hrs..I then purchased the ELLECUP, i dont like it at all, i think its me, it leaks within 2 hrs and I find it so difficult to insert and removing – removing is awful – I must be doing something wrong, its like a “suction” and I feel like I am being attacked by this cup..is also too hard. I am considering going back to super tampons or the soft cup disposable every month..annoyed as I bought 2 of these ELLECUPS.

  12. THANK YOU for this! I found the Super Jennie thanks to your site and it has changed my life! I’ll be forever grateful.

  13. I love your article. Thank you! If we can all try and stay away from the word “normal” when discussing our bodies, and in particular our vaginas ( as there is already soooo much shame) I think we’d be doing ourselves a huge favor. There is just no such thing as a “normal” amount of blood discharged in a period. I have an incredibly heavy period and I went till 29 thinking I was some sort of freak. It took an inclusive and informed gyno (this year) to tell me that my “freak of a period” (21- day cycle, 7 day period, lots of pain and over a cup of blood discharged) is so much more common than I thought.

    1. Your lucky… My Gyno said it is impossible for me to bleed like I say I do and not be anemic. I can have in a Jumbo tampon and a pad and after an hour feel a warm flood of blood suddenly flood everything and my cloths. A 15ml diva cup will be full every hour for the first 2 days. The gyno said it is impossible I am incorrect. It started immediately after my tubal 5 years ago.

    2. Honestly– I think the doctors; at least in America, with their virtually inept education and knowledge of women’s bodies–have been feeding us (as well as believing it themselves) a bunch of pure BS when it comes to periods and everything they entail; especially the “amount” that is considered “textbook normal”.

      They have grossly underestimated those volumes of blood loss. Ive bled more than that in each damn day my entire freaky, possessed by the devil period my entire life and their numbers are bogus. Now; perhaps there is no normal, and we are all sooooo vastly different that we shouldn’t be concerned by all of these things but let me also say…

      None of this shit is normal. Having heavy periods by any definition, cramping to the point of excruciating, cysts, fibroid, endometriosis, PCOS, skipping periods, infertility, having two periods a month, then hot flashes and perimenopause symptoms and alllll of the “NORMAL” that American women in particular are well versed on and conditioned to accept–isnt normal at all. I now know this after spending the past 3 yrs working at a company that is 99% staffed with people from other countries; or first/second generation Americans. Imagine my shock when talking to several of the women here about “girl stuff” and me mentioning my lifetime battle with endometriosis and female organs that wreak havoc on my life all month long, all the time–and they looked at me like I had three heads. These are well educated , well traveled women. None of them are familiar with any of the afflictions I mentioned above.

      Its all the shit in our environment. The processed foods, the chemicals in everything–literally. The preservatives, the pesticides they spray on crops of produce, the hormones in chickens and cows and pigs to make them bigger to feed more ppl thus generating a bigger profit, the big pharma not wanting anyone to find or release information so that they can profit off of treating vs curing or prevention..and this ignorant and disgusting idea that women’s bodies nor our quality of life isn’t any real concern so long as our fertility isn’t threatened.

      Research isn’t funded for figuring out why these problems exist(other than environmental variables) and what we can do about it , so drs aren’t educated and numbers and information is falsified to undermine what women go through. And now, let’s deal with it and not even concern ourselves with our very abnormal symptoms because we should just believe that there is no normal and everything is normal. And its all perpetuated by generations of men who love to encourage the false narrative that “women are just being dramatic so it gives them license to act extra bitchy and make excuses; its just a few drops of blood every month”..

      I totally support your comment btw; because I do get where you’re coming from with the removing normal. Just piggy backing off of it–im far too freaked out by menstrual cups to try one and instead of this forum helping me come around to the idea–and its been very enlightening–but all this new info has got me even more freaked out. Hell; as it stands, putting in and taking out a damn nuvaring had me all kinds of struggling lol…a silicone shot glass …even the smallest ones, seem like a big hell no for me. And my flow is like a scene from the Shining. For days. Although I do like the rip chord feature; something the nuvaring really needed. So thats a plus.

  14. OH, how I can relate! I first tried a cup three cycles ago (Lena, size Large). There was a lot of trial and error in that cycle, and I ended up pretty darn sore before my cycle was over. I bleed about a cup and a half of blood during my cycle (measured the past three months using the cups), so I was dumping the cup every hour , sometimes less on my two heaviest days. Then i found this website and decided to try the Super Jennie. I used it all of my last cycle and I think Ive found my forever cup. It holds a bit more than my Lena (not by a lot mind you), but the thing i love the most is how soft it is. It doesnt cause me the pain and soreness that the Lena cup did. Its a little trickier to open sometimes, because of the softness, but Id rather take a few seconds more to pop it open than deal with being sore, for sure! I am due to start my period again today. Ive had the Super Jennie in since last night, and I can’t even tell its there. I feel literally NOTHING.

  15. I am going to try the super Jennie. I have had the issue of having it go too high up at night and leaking on even low flow days. I have to wear a pad at all times and wondering what I am doing wrong. I’ve been using the diva cup 2 but I find it more uncomfortable than the 1. I also have day 2 to 4 as unmanageable heavy flows. I hate going to work or anywhere else on those days. I can fill the regular cup in less than an hour on my heavy days and that’s distressing when I’m at work or out somewhere so I have to wear a heavy flow pad. I had hoped the cup would be the answer for me and I could swim, sleep and work out with it. I have 8 to 10 day periods 2x a month. I’ve had to get accustomed to it. I bled longer than average after having both children and never stopped a period while breastfeeding.

  16. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your website. Very refreshing and informative. I have to ask I have very heavy flow for 2 days during my long period and am unable to just run off to the restroom regularly. For that reason I got the Large Tulip cup with the valve stem. It’s been great because I can empty it on the fly while still holding a lot. Is there a reason this cup or others like it have not been reviewed? Thank you again!

  17. I want to know if anyone else has experienced what I have as a heavy bleeder with a menstrual cup. I’ve tried cups 2 different times, one was the diva cup and then another a few years earlier but I can’t remember the brand. First off I did have a hard time getting it to seal, I always thought that I had but it tended to leak about the same as a tampon eventually would. But reading other’s responses, maybe that’s what happens when the cup fills up? Then, I guess I REALLY got it to seal, because it would fill up so quickly that it would create an incredible amount of painful pressure inside my vagina. I really want to like cups, but I’m not really willing to go through that a bunch of times to see if I can get them to work for me. Has anyone else experienced this?

  18. Can someone tell me what size cup would be sufficient for me? I have very heavy periods (changing ultra tampon every 45 minutes and use pad as backup) due to uterine fibroid. A lot of blood clots which just soak the tampon in a short amount of time.
    Sometimes I wear two Ultras so I don’t have an accident at work and can extend the time between changes. Has anyone else experienced this and what size cup do you use?

    1. I have the exact same issue. I have PCOS and issues with lots of clots due to fibroids. I would have to change an ultra tampon every half hour for days. I finally found that cups were a thing and thought they would help. I have tried five different ones so far. The Saalt regular works very well for me. I only have to change it every 2-4 hours and since clots are heavy, they sink to the bottom of the cup so you’re only leaking blood should you overflow (I think we both know that cold dread when you know a clot is leaking past a tampon). I just recently got the Venus in large and we’ll see how that does, too. I would advise against the Lily or Merula cups. I tried both and since they don’t have airholes, I feel that they don’t seal well and leaks are disastrous due to the clots just slipping on by.

  19. Try Merula XL! I love it so much. I feel invincible with that and a pair of period undies. I was soaking an ultra tampon in 45 mins- 2 hrs throughout minecascwell before and I dont have to empty for hourssssss!

    1. I also have a very heavy period and purchased the Merula XL after overflowing my Moon Cup multiple times. Liked the idea of Merula XL as it has a huge capacity and no air holes which for me get clogged and mess up suction even when the cup isn’t full. I’m just now using it for the first time and honestly I’m really bummed bc I think its too big and is giving me insane cramps as a result, even though I’m not currently losing much blood at. Anyone know of any large cup alternatives that don’t have air holes? I took the quiz, stared at the chart for hours, ended up ordering this and am now at a loss.

  20. I’ve had heavy periods for a few years. 244 ml on one day alone. 430 ml over a whole period. I own Super Jennie L&S, a Luv Ur Body L, and a Merula L. I use all of them based on how heavily I’m bleeding, and where I’m at in my cycle. I love the comfort of the Merula, and its ladder stem, but I got it for its massive (on paper) capacity, and unfortunately on heavy days it’s not my best option. I actually think the lack of airholes contributes to the major failures I experience using it. I think if it had airholes, I’d have a small leak alerting me to the need to change it. But instead, when it gets full (and it gets very full), it just gushes. Also, I hate the lack of measurement lines on it.

    The Super Jennies are comfortable. The small works great on low flow days. The large is comfortable. The LUB is the most effective one for me on heavy days. The grips on the outside really help hold it in place when it’s a high flow day, and the Jennie can be pretty slippery. However, their company (LUB) is miserable to communicate with. The rudest customer experience I ever in my life experienced.

    So, the reason I bothered to write is this: I’ve been eyeing the capacity of the Ziggy disk. Because of its unusual shape, and how it sits inside, I’ve been contemplating trying one with the Merula. Like: first insert the Ziggy cup, and then the Merula underneath it. I really want to try this due to my overwhelming situation. I can’t think of any safety reason not to try it — as long as I’m cleaning them often enough. Just another $40… and I don’t know if it’s a tenable idea.

    1. Did you try this? I have not tried Ziggy, but have considered discs for their supposed capacity. Nixit seems to get better reviews overall, FWIW. I tried a box of disposable Flex discs and they were pretty useless for catching blood, sadly, but I think it depends on individual anatomy cuz others rave about discs. It would not stay in place long for me.

      The only issue I can foresee is the Merula suctioning to the Ziggy and not being able to capture anything that gets outside the disc, but that’s purely a guess. I have the Merula XL and it’s a real vacuum. Thanks for all the details in your comment and good luck!

      1. I am currently trying the disposable discs with a very heavy flow as well and was thinking I might use the nixit and pair it with a sea sponge tampon. I just spend so much on disposable products. I go through a super plus in an hour and this goes on for several days. I just bought the nixit so we will see. I’m already having to empty the disposable discs I bought every hour. I just wonder if pairing it with a sea sponge will be safe/effective

  21. Hi, I have a very heavy flow, a very low, and drooping cervix, this is a very frustrating mix of things to have when looking for a cup that works for my body. I love my normal sized Merula cup, but it only holds up on my light to medium days. On my heaviest days I am forced to run to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes. Does anyone else have a similar situation or any recommendations? Are there any cups that might work for my predicament? I appreciate any help I can get. 🙂

    1. Nicole, I was having the same issue with running to bathroom so frequently. I ended up foregoing the cup during really heavy days and using two Ultra Tampons plus a pad for backup. That buys me 1.5 hours typically, which I am grateful when at work ☹️.

    2. Yes, I did try doubling up with the Disc and another cup. I tried with a softdisc and a small Super Jennie. Put them in at 11:30 pm. At 6:15 am, there was nothing in the SJ. I stood up to wash that one out, and the disc began to overflow. It was a horror scene. Then I tried a softdisc with the Merula xl. Three hours later, the Merula was a third full, and after removing it, the disc leaked into it. It’s a messy removal. Unfortunately, the Nixit has not worked well for me. I think my cervix comes down too low on my heavy days. Inserting it at those times is not possible. It’s so soft it crumples into a twisted ball. On lighter days, I’m able to insert it, and it’s comfortable, but never feels secure. Often dumps on its own when sitting on the toilet.

  22. I tried the super Jennie xl. It didn’t work. On heavy days I was overflowing in 45 minutes or less and bleeding through a back up pad. It’s so I can’t go to work 2 days a month. Is there anything better?

  23. Merula XL was the way to go for me. On heavy nights it can overflow so I have period underwear for that. During the day on heavy days I just empty it each time I pee or if I think it is filling up. Then on light days I get the full 12 hours of not dealing w my period. Truly a godsend of a cup. I wish it was advertised better and I wish your website had a positive review of it. I also wish that it was more recommended on the quiz. I took the quiz several times and the Merula XL is never given as an option but rather a suggestion after a few other main suggestions. Why is that? Thank you tho for the coupon code!

  24. Is this normal?
    I’ve overflowed A LOT of blood, my cup is 25ml and it’s painful to put in because it’s big but today is day 2, my day is winding down, and have emptied it three times in the last 2.5hrs.
    I’ve showered, mopped the floor, and changed underwear twice each. I’m about an inch away from going to the hospital.

    1. It’s a little late to reply, but I would immediately take a couple ibuprofen, continue taking them every four hours when I’m awake beginning as soon as my period starts, and continuing through at least the second-third day. I’m a very heavy bleeder, and my doctor has had me do this to slow it down. Drink more liquids. Especially salty broths. If you are getting weak, lightheaded, or dizzy, go to the ER. But please call your ob/gyn. Tell them about it. They know your history more precisely, and will know when it’s too much.

      1. Ive never had an obgyn, im new to this 😬 I’m old enough to need one now, thank you for the recommendation! I do a lot of beer and bloody Mary’s during my cycle for the pH of my microflora.

  25. I have very painful and heavy periods. Just thought i’d mention if any other ladies struggle with this to really give herbal teas a go. I’ve found Camomile and Ginger tea beneficial. And am about to try Red Raspberry tea which is said to help reduce heaviness. I’ve also heard Peppermint tea is great. My doctor has prescribed Tranexamic Acid and Mefanamic Acid which has also helped tremendously with the heaviness too. HTH x

    (I love cups but for my heavy days I still haven’t found the right one. Unfortunately it’s not practical at work to keep changing every hour with my heavy flow, so still looking).

  26. I am a heavy bleeder as well. My first three days always overflow pads and now the cup all day and night. It’s a mess and annoying. Previously, tampons would simply overflow and come out. Using the cup in a public restroom on my first three days is always equal amounts gross, slightly horrifying, and hilarious. I do love the cup and my last four days are always great and easy with the cup. My first three days I just have to wear a pad with the cup and take extra time in the bathroom.. It took a while to get used to the cup, but then it has taken 20 years to get used to my period!

  27. I have a diva cup. I tried it didn’t really like it that much put it way for a while. I am now 14 months postpartum. After this baby my flows have been even heavier, I didnt know this was possible. I don’t want to leave my house because its gushy and messy. I decided to try the diva again. It instantly gave me cramps. I gave it 2.5 hours, and couldn’t take it and more so I went to take it out and it was completely full and over flowing. I definitely bleed more then a tbsp in the whole 8 days I’m blessed😒

  28. When I read that an average period was 2 -4 tablespoons for a full cycle my jaw hit the floor. The first two days of my period or incredibly chunky and plentiful, I pretty much have to change a heavy flow pad every hour and a half or I bleed right through it. Wow.

  29. I’ve noticed since I started using the diva cup 1 that my periods are getting longer and longer is this normal I went from three four days to now thirteen it can’t be the cup right

  30. I have a super heavy flow just like Jen. On average I leak from 220 ml to 250 ml. My first cup was Yukki L Soft (I bought it 9 months ago), but it doesn’t seem to work for me. It seems I have a dangly cervix (medium-high), so it leaks when it’s half full…and it’s so annoying! Also, I think it might be too soft for my pelvic floor muscles.
    Now I’m considering buying another one, different shape and firmness, possibly larger.
    Merula XL is probably the best choice for me.
    Please, let me know if you have a similar problem and I would be grateful for any advice regarding solving this issue of mine.

  31. Toward the end of perimenopause, I picked up one of the largest cups I could find because I was still having trouble filling them too rapidly, having spillage, ruining upholstery…that issue trebled when I got a pulmonary embolism as a result of being put on a certain type of birth control to help control the menorrhagia…and the drs put me on blood thinners! Super Jennie filled up rapidly, and I was to the point where I was having trouble leaving the house.

    All that said, at some point, the drs acknowledged unusually heavy flow and I got to explore options. Due to fibroids, ablation was out, and the hysterectomy was life-threatening…so I got an IUD. It was meant to be a stopgap, but all of a sudden, things got very manageable.

    That said, Super Jennie helped me in that in between gap–but if you’re filling that up more than once a day, please get checked out!

  32. Oh, heavy flow people, you are my tribe! I’ve tried the Super Jennie (loved it but switched, read on) and Merula XL that is even larger but SO FIRM I can barely stand to take it out. At the moment, I’m enamored with the Pixie cup, which I found on Amazon after my Super Jennie miraculously disappeared. The Pixie is cheap and they donate one to a woman in need with every purchase, but that’s not why I’m singing its praises. It is COMFORTABLE and holds A LOT. I swear it holds more than the Super Jennie, which is weird because its capacity isn’t supposed to be larger. Maybe its the shape and how it works my body. I don’t know, but I seriously love that thing. The comfortable factor is HUGE, as I fill up 20 or more cups per cycle (even on Super Jennie) so the insertion/removal thing can actually get painful 8-10x/day if the cup isn’t comfortable. (I get iron infusions for the anemia.) I’m 48 and menopause can’t come soon enough, as I’m not a candidate for other solutions. Anyway, if you’re unhappy with your current cup I can’t recommend the Pixie cup highly enough!!!

  33. I got the Merula XL which has the highest capacity on the chart and I still overfill it within 4 hours on my heavy day.
    I’ve started using Softcups and autodumping to avoid having to mess with a cup while at work but I have to do that so many times on those days.
    My period is exhausting me.
    I don’t know what else I can do.

  34. Just starting to look into trying menstrual cup. I have been taking tranexamic acid to control my bleeding (after a trip to ER from a depleting flow and discovery of a fibroid contributing), and it does wonders! Thought I would share in case anyone else could benefit from the info. Thanks for all of the tips and considerations shared in this forum.

  35. I’m at work, so I can’t watch videos. Unclear if these are disposable or reusable like the diva.

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