4 Tips for Perfecting The Fit of Your Menstrual Cup

Leaking and menstrual cup fit are two of the most common issues that menstrual cup users come to us about. After typing out my #1 and favorite tip that happens to help with both it was decided we would just have to make a video to save our typing fingers.

After you’ve tried various folding techniques give one or all of these 4 fit tips a try

menstrual cup fit

Try adjusting your position while inserting. Place your leg on the toilet seat or shower bench for a better angle to insert your cup. If a leg up isn’t for you, you can also try squatting low to insert your cup. These positions are especially good if the cup feels like it’s too low or wants to slip down.

menstrual cup fit

Use your vaginal muscles to bear down while inserting the cup- when it’s to the height you need release the muscles. This will pull the cup in a bit higher for a more secure fit that can also help the seal and prevent leaks.

4 Tips for Perfecting The Fit of Your Menstrual Cup

Trim your stem. Using scissors or a nail clipper you can remove a small amount of your stem (until comfortable) or remove it entirely! This may seem obvious but some people don’t know they can remove the stem and still wear the cup safely. Stems that are too long simply won’t feel comfortable. When worn, all of the cup (stem included) should fit inside the vaginal canal.

Flip the cup inside out!  Flipping your cup inside out can accomplish a few things: if your cup is too long it can help to shorten the cup a bit more (this is especially the case with The DivaCup brand) and some cups will even change shape enough to fit in a new way that is may give a more secure and comfortable fit.

Did we miss your favorite tip? Let us know!

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  • Hi, I have recently started looking into/trying menstrual alternatives and have gotten myself a diva cup. I am on my second cycle with it and am having trouble. I am able to get the cup in, sometimes, but haven’t figured out how to get that perfect suction or where it should even be sitting. Every time I go to the bathroom there is a lot of leakage and I need to take the cup out and try to reinsert it. I am very petite and believe that my pelvic muscles may be too strong or that my vaginal canal is too tight. I have had penetrative sex, but I still cannot figure out for the life of me how this thing works. I know there are different brands that may be better but I am honestly feeling completely lost and overwhelmed. Any tips/ideas/help would be really appreciated.
    Thanks, Alex

      • What I do is the punch down fold. Then I insert it straight into my vagina not up or down until its fully inside (with me I like when my cup sits at the base of my vagina.) If the cup didnt open I push on my vagina walls to get it to open or I rotate the cup then push on my vagina walls. I do another full rotation when its open just to make sure its suctioned then I do a slight pull at the stem because if its suctioned well it should give resistance. If I get air bubbles or it leaks I rotate and pull a little again or I just reinsert it entirely and repeat the process. If it goes up I just pull it back down and rotate. This is what I do I just learned how to do this myself. Pay attention to how your cup feels maybe when its positioned perfectly for example when I got it right my cup feels slightly tilted upwards at the base of my vagina.

  • Hello! I was wondering if you could help me out – I’ve been using the Diva cup and it hasn’t been working great for me, and I can’t figure out exactly what is going wrong. Inserting it is fine: it opens up and seems perfectly sealed. But after I’ve left it for a while (even just half an hour or so), I always find that it moves up inside my vagina and gets tilted to one side (always the same side). Kegels accelerate this movement, it’s like my muscles squeeze the cup up into a funny position, and then it gets stuck far up and tilted. The main issue is that it leaks a lot when it is like this. When it starts leaking, I take it out and find that it’s only 1/4 or 1/3 full. Do you have any idea what is happening here, and how I can make a menstrual cup work for me?

  • Great information, but I have been trying the Diva cup off and on for a year and still can’t get it right. I have had two kids and got that size but it always slips out, and everytime I go to the bathroom it almost falls out. I can feel the tip rubbing on my vaginal wall which is also annoying. I feel like I can’t leave the house with it in. Is it too big or too small? I have only achieved a good suction a few times, but doesn’t last long. Its very frustrating, especially since I don’t have the budget to keep buying other brands just to try them. Thanks!

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