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How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

If you’ve come this far we’re going to assume you’ve managed to figure out How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup. If not, click that link to check out part one of this video for a basic how-to and a few tips. Once you’ve finished that, it’s time to figure out how to remove a menstrual cup.

The number one thing we want to get across is to relax otherwise your body will hold onto that cup like an ex with your emotions. Let that shit go and and your cup, too, shall be free. Seriously though, the tension of those muscles will work against you, so grab a glass of wine or chamomile tea, watch our video, and prepare for extraction.

Side note: If you find that reaching your cup is more challenging that you are comfortable with, you may need a longer cup. Check our our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to find a cup longer than the one you’re currently using.

Still have questions?

We encourage you to join our Put A Cup In It Facebook Group. It’s a great community full of people all over the cup usage spectrum — from seasoned pro to curious newbie — who are happy to offer their experiences and advice.

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  1. Yes, Relax!!! pull the stem to push your menstrual cup downwards until you can reach the base. and squeeze the base to release the vacuum and and slide the menstrual cup out.

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