Using A Menstrual Cup Without Access to Running Water

People who menstruate know they can’t always count on their cycle to be predictable, especially in an atypical setting. Certain circumstances call for unique preparedness, and having a plan will help you have a positive period experience wherever you are. Where might you find yourself menstruating with variable access to sinks or toilets? The great […]

Menstrual Disc FAQ

Our menstrual disc FAQ is designed to help answer some of the most common… and obscure (but important and valid!) questions that we hear. Learning to use a menstrual disc can be exciting but also overwhelming; we hope that you find this resource helpful in your journey. Jump to “Buying a Menstrual Disc” Section Jump […]

Menstrual Cup Visual Comparison Tool

Originally part of our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart, our updated visual comparison tool is designed to help you compare cups side-by side without having to have both in hand. This tool is now its own resource to help the chart load faster, as this is incredibly image heavy, and to help highlight that this tool […]

Menstrual Cup Cleaners

Image of two menstrual cup cleaning cups (yellow and pink) and two menstrual cups (orange an purple) on a pink background with text that reads Menstrual Cup Cleaners

How to clean your cup is a common first question. Can you use what you have on hand or should you use menstrual cup cleaners? Below we will go over all of the options to help you make a choice that works best for you! What Can I Use to Clean My Menstrual Cup  Soap […]

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart Looking for our metric version? Click here. Click the top of each column to sort by brand, length, diameter, firmness, or capacity. For more information about on our firmness score, please visit the Menstrual Cup Firmness Guide. Brand↕ Image Size Length↕ Diameter↕ Capacity (To Holes)↕ Capacity (Listed)↕ Stem Total Length↕ Firmness↕ […]

Ruler for Measuring Your Cervix [Free Printable]

Before you decided to try a menstrual cup chances are you never gave your cervix, and measuring how high it was, a single thought. Suddenly as a future or current cup user, your cervix location is top of mind. Measuring your cervix is an empowering and important activity because it means that you know more […]

Troubleshooting Menstrual Cup Leaks

Your menstrual cup leaking can be incredibly frustrating and finding yourself with a ruined pair of underwear… or worse, is never a fun surprise. Equally frustrating is not knowing why the cup is leaking and how to fix it. We receive a staggering number of messages asking for help troubleshooting leaks. The thing about leaking […]

The Best Menstrual Cup | How to Choose the Right Cup For You

Best Menstrual Cups | How to Choose the Right Cup For You

The menstrual cup has been generating a lot of buzz the past few years, largely thanks to a loyal fanbase that is ready and willing to sing its praises to anyone who will listen. But if you’ve heard about a cup, you may be wondering what the best menstrual cup is or how to choose […]

Menstrual Cups Alternatives (Safer Tampons & Pads)

Being the menstrual cup advocates we are, we never imagined the day would come where we’d write a whole post about alternatives to menstrual cups. It’s also rather funny since most people consider a cup to be an alternative to traditional products… but here we are. Just as most of us found a level of […]

Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Discs | The Differences

“I tried menstrual cups. They didn’t work for me?” We’ve heard that so many times that it’s almost a reflex to ask, “What brand did you try?” and we can almost guarantee that the answer will be “Softcup” or “Diva Cup” — both of which are available on store shelves. We can direct people to […]