The Disc Quiz { Find your perfect fit! }

Combining our extensive menstrual product knowledge and our Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart we have created a quick menstrual disc quiz that will point you to the right disc for your body, age, history, activity level, and more! We invite you to take this quiz, even if you’re already a disc user but especially if you […]

Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc Review

The Lumma Unique is a line of reusable menstrual discs with a rapidly growing cult following. With three sizes (most brands are one size fits all), unique pull string, and rainbow color options, it’s easy to see why! Lumma Unique is Brazil based and actually started out making breastfeeding accessories before they branched out into […]

Nixit Menstrual Cup Review | a new reusable disc

The new Nixit Menstrual Cup is one we’ve been asked to review since it launched a few months ago. While the brand calls itself a “menstrual cup” we do feel that we need to intervene and inform readers that the product itself resembles, functions, and is inserted like, a menstrual disc — for this reason […]

Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Discs | The Differences

“I tried menstrual cups. They didn’t work for me?” We’ve heard that so many times that it’s almost a reflex to ask, “What brand did you try?” and we can almost guarantee that the answer will be “Softcup” or “Diva Cup” — both of which are available on store shelves. We can direct people to […]

NIXIT Menstrual Cup | First Look + Unboxing Video

The reusable menstrual world is meeting nixit, a disc (despite the verbiage on the box) for the first time this week. We were lucky enough to get our hands on this exciting new disc and Kim is here with a first look and some first impressions about the nixit. nixit unboxing and first impressions video […]

Does It Work? A Look At The FLEX Menstrual Disc

Menstrual discs are something we’ve been asked about more times than we can count, and usually it comes in the form of a confusing question about menstrual cups … and then we realize they’re talking about an Instead Softcup or a FLEX. Menstrual discs are NOT the same as menstrual cups! Menstrual disc and menstrual […]