9 Great Menstrual Cup Folds

Choosing a menstrual cup fold can be boiled down to a few basic factors: 1) it’s simply easy/fast for you to fold and go, 2) it helps you get the cup open inside of you easier (especially for softer cups), and/or 3) it makes your cup more comfortable for insertion.

We’ve put together a little video to break down the folds that we think are the most user-friendly… and a couple that aren’t so great but that we decided to demonstrate for you as well (the impracticality is easier to see!)

For future use we’ve also broken the full video down into individual clips for an easy to reference playlist. These videos will walk you through the following folds: Punch Down (push down) Fold, “C” Fold (“U” fold), “7” Fold, Double-7 Fold, Labia Fold, Triangle Fold, Origami Fold, and finally the Diamond and Double Diamond Folds. Enjoy!


If you’re still having trouble getting your menstrual cup to open and trying different fold techniques hasn’t helped we have a few quick tips. First, try changing your position when inserting the cup- we suggest placing one leg up on a toilet, shower bench, or tub or try squatting lower. Second, try twisting the cup after inserting to help it open or press against the bottom of the cup to pop it open. If these don’t work and you’re feeling frustrated there is a small chance the cup isn’t the right size or firmness for you. Check out our menstrual cup quiz if you haven’t already and answer 9 questions that should point you to a great cup for you: Menstrual Cup Quiz. We also recommend our Menstrual Cup Fit Tips video if you need even more help.

Have you found that trying a different fold has made all of the difference for you? Let us know what your favorite is!

9 Great Menstrual Cup Folds

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