How To Find Your Perfect (Goldilocks) Menstrual Cup

With very few exceptions we can confidently say that there IS a menstrual cup that will work for everyone. That perfect fitting, perfect feeling, perfect sealing cup is referred to as “Goldilocks.” Not too firm, not too soft, not too long, not too short — this cup is practically tailor made for your vagina and fits just right.

Finding that perfect cup is not always easy. Sure, some people get lucky with their first cup but for the vast majority of us we need to buy a second one. The second time is the charm because this time you KNOW what you want and what the next cup should be. You consider what you like and what you don’t like about you cup “my next cup needs to be a tad shorter for my low cervix days, maybe a bit softer because I have a little pressure when I urinate, and maybe this time I look for one with a bullet shape to keep it from shifting sideways too much during wear.”

In your mind you have designed your Goldilocks but how do you find it in the vast sea of options? Googling isn’t going to get your results for you, that’s where the PACII resources come in extra handy!

If there was a better option we would point you there but we know that our menstrual cup quiz and menstrual cup comparison chart are the best tools you have to find your goldilocks! In the video we explain why but the short answer is that our quiz can name the perfect cup for you and our chart can help you pinpoint it on your own. We would say that very experienced users will have better luck with the comparison chart but if you’re still pretty green the quiz might be the easier route.

We also have one more tool for you!

The menstrual cup community at large! The Put A Cup In It group on Facebook is a fast-growing community of new and experienced menstrual cup users. It’s a great place to crowdsource.


Put A Cup In It

Menstrual education with a twist by Kim Rosas & Amanda Hearn. Thanks for being here!

- Kimanda

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  • Hey ladies! I have a low cervix in the first few days of my period then its back up I have the luna shorty in a large because I had a baby. But here’s my issue it wont always open and it *always* leaks. I had the diva cup before and it felt to hard and to long I couldn’t even sit without a pinching feeling. What do you guys suggest I try Ive been intersted in the Femmycycle and the Sckoon cup.

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