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Hi, I’m Amanda Hearn, owner and founder of Put A Cup In It. I’m a self-taught graphic designer, content creator, and editor here at Put A Cup In It.

Growing up, periods were barely spoken about and as a result I found everything about them to be embarrassing. I wanted nothing to do with any of it and never imagined I’d be publicly talking about all aspects of menstruation. The short story is that I tried a menstrual cup and got pretty angry at the gaping holes in period education. I wanted better for younger me and knew that I could help change that for others moving forward. I began creating tools and resources to help provide access to information in an approachable way so that others can make informed decisions and have a safe space to talk about these things. I’ve been a menstrual health advocate for nearly 15 years — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can email here and find me on Instagram @PutACupInIt or on my personal, and sparsely updated Instagram, @amandahearnaf

Put A Cup In It, LLC PO Box 40, Kings Mills, OH 45040

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Amanda Hearn is the founder of Put A Cup In It, a revolutionary platform breaking taboos surrounding periods and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their menstrual health. Driven by a desire to make period information approachable and accessible, Amanda has been a vocal advocate for menstrual health for more than a decade. With a focus on sustainability, Put A Cup In It is the leading resource for comprehensive and inclusive menstrual education and advocacy.



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