Can you use Menstrual Cups with IUDs?

“Can I wear a menstrual cup if I have an IUD?” We hear this a lot and it’s about time we address some of the misconceptions surrounding this somewhat controversial menstrual cup question. While we have privately answered whether you can wear a menstrual cup with an IUD or not, countless times, and guided users […]

What’s the Deal With Valve Menstrual Cups?

Valve Menstrual Cups

A valve menstrual cup is one that has a valve, or otherwise open, straw-like stem, that is meant to make it possible to empty the cup without having to remove it. We often see cup users (and the cup curious) excitedly asking for reviews of valve menstrual cups because it seemingly makes the cup even […]

All About TPE Menstrual Cups

All About TPE Menstrual Cups

What are TPE Menstrual Cups? TPE is short for thermoplastic elastomer. The same way that silicone cups use medical grade silicone, manufacturers who use TPE also use a medical grade TPE. TPE menstrual cups do not contain silicone, rubber, latex, Bisphenols (BPA/BPS), or heavy metals. They are still required to register with the FDA and […]

Menstrual Cup Firmness Explained

menstrual cup firmness featured

The menstrual cup is a pretty amazing feat of engineering and design. If cups and vaginas weren’t so varied we would be out of a job! This article and video aims to explain how menstrual cup firmness works and why it matters when selecting and using your cup. What does cup firmness even mean? When […]

Troubleshooting Menstrual Cup Leaks

Your menstrual cup leaking can be incredibly frustrating and finding yourself with a ruined pair of underwear… or worse, is never a fun surprise. Equally frustrating is not knowing why the cup is leaking and how to fix it. We receive a staggering number of messages asking for help troubleshooting leaks. The thing about leaking […]

Will Menstrual Cups Work If Tampons Don’t? | Yes!

We get asked often “If I can’t use a tampon can I still use a menstrual cup?” Almost always the answer is yes! The reason you can’t use a tampon usually varies but the most common complaint is simply that they “hurt.” Not everyone can pinpoint just what is causing that pain but within our […]

Choosing a Menstrual Cup Size | How To Pick The Right Size

With so many choices out there and the conflicting sizing guidelines from each brand it’s confusing to pick a menstrual cup size. But what are the sizes and which size menstrual cup will fit you best?   Menstrual Cup Sizes Most often menstrual cups come in two sizes but some brands offer three. A small […]

Using a Menstrual Cup in Dorm Bathrooms & Communal Spaces

What if you live in a dorm room or another shared living space that doesn’t have a single private sink or a place to sanitize your menstrual cup? This certainly makes the idea of using a menstrual cup in a dorm less appealing — and it may require more planning. Most of us can simply […]

Do Menstrual Cups Cause TSS?


A new string of articles by sensationalist publications stating that menstrual cups are more likely to cause TSS have been making the rounds and giving menstrual cup users quite a scare. We wanted to ease the minds of cup users who have read the articles or simply saw the headline that “menstrual cups cause TSS” by […]

How to Clean a Menstrual Cup (Surprisingly Easy!)

Menstrual cups are made from non-porous materials such as medical grade silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and are ideal for internal period care. Knowing how to clean your menstrual cup is important — thankfully cleaning your period cup is simple. They wash easily and will last for years with proper care! A menstrual cup can […]