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How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

Making the change from tampons or pads to a menstrual cup can be intimidating… we’ve been there! As with anything new, there is a bit of a learning curve. You want to be sure you’re setting yourself up for success, so before you dive too deep into how to insert a menstrual cup, we suggest you take our Menstrual Cup Quiz to help you choose the perfect cup for you. If you’ve already taken the quiz – perfect! If you haven’t and already have a cup on hand — that’s okay, too. Follow our tips and we’ll help you put a cup in it!

Side note: If you already have a cup and find that it simply won’t work for you, we suggest checking out our video on perfecting your cup’s fit. If all else fails, hit rewind and taking the quiz for a fresh start.

One you’ve got insertion mastered you’re going to want to move on to part two of this video: How to Remove Your Menstrual Cup.

Still have questions?

We encourage you to join our Put A Cup In It Facebook Group. It’s a great community full of people all over the cup usage spectrum — from seasoned pro to curious newbie — who are happy to offer their experiences and advice.

2 Responses

  1. I finally managed to put it in!

    I bought a cup on sale more than a year ago in a beauty shop. It’s a Lamazuna (French brand I believe), small size. I had tried using it back then but I’m a virgin and never used tampons, so I thought those were the reasons I struggled so much. I also can’t fit more than one finger at once in my vagina. But today I had nothing planned and found this website and thought I’d try again.

    I focused on relaxing, using the “punch-down” fold. It was easy to get the ‘tip’ of the cup in since it creates a small ring, but then the largest part kinda hurt. I tried relaxing again, and I then realised it was in. I pushed up again until the stem was in too, and I don’t feel anything inside of me.

    So glad the first step is past me, it was the one that worried me the most. I’ll be spending the next few days at home anyway, so if I have any problems it’s not as big of a deal as if I were at work.
    Thanks for the video and the tips <3

    1. Hi!

      I’m in a similar situation. I have a cup and I’m trying to insert it, but apparently I’m not relaxed enough? Any tips you could give me?


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