About Kim and Amanda

In 2015 Put A Cup In It (PACII) was conceived; it was the organic combination of resources about reusable menstrual products created by Kim and Amanda.  Each had their own websites focused on green living and had extensively covered menstrual cups and cloth in the past.  For Put A Cup In It the new goal was to team up and create kick-ass content with humor and helpful information.  With over 14+ years combined experience with reusables and their passion for the products it’s been a slow progression towards making menstruation the main topic of interest and Put A Cup In It their favorite website to work on. If you need to reach Kim or Amanda you can email admin@putacupinit.com.


The Kim and Amanda Lovestory

Kim and Amanda were introduced by mutual blogger friends in 2012 at a conference in NYC.  Running in the same “green” circle they knew of each other but had yet to meet.  The first meeting went well when both realized they cursed as much as the other.  Through the years they’ve worked together on joint events with their websites including a Vagangelist event that cemented their status as period buddies.

2012, NYC, fast friends


In 2018 the Put A Cup In It quiz hit over 500k takes and the PACII Facebook group reached 9,000 members.

Talking about periods, vaginas, and everything surrounding those topics wasn’t a career plan for either. Somehow, it just sort of happened and now they couldn’t imagine life without daily vagina talk.

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