Menstrual Disc Reviews

Six menstrual discs displayed with text that reads Menstrual Disc Reviews

Reviews can be a very important step in choosing a menstrual cup or menstrual disc. While the menstrual disc market isn’t nearly as robust (yet!) as cups, there are several brands available now. Here are some reviews of the top menstrual disc brands. Check out our video menstrual disc reviews below to see what we […]

Menstrual Cup Reviews

Four menstrual cups with an artistic background and text that reads 20+ Menstrual Cup Reviews from Real People

We show you how to choose the best menstrual cup for you with our popular Menstrual Cup Quiz but reviews are just as important in choosing a cup! Here are some reviews from top menstrual cup brands, plus check out our video menstrual cup reviews to see what we really think about each period cup.  […]

The Honey Pot Cup Review

The Honey Pot Cup has probably been one of the most requested reviews we’ve had, and we are so excited to be able to oblige! Kelli, from ItsJustKelli is our newest contributor/collaborator and is here to tell you all about her experience with The Honey Pot Cup! The video embedded above will give you the […]

Venus Cup Review | A New High Capacity Cup

A new high capacity menstrual cup has entered the arena- the Venus Cup. Boasting capacities higher than most cups in each size, a rounder base, and a very attractive price point (around $15-$20 per cup or $30 for a two-pack), the Venus has been the most requested review as of late. I’ve taken it for […]

Flex Menstrual Cup Review

Flex Menstrual Cup

When we first announced the new, “innovative” Flex menstrual cup we weren’t shy in sharing our thoughts. If you haven’t already seen our article, FLEX Enters The Menstrual Cup Market With The Purchase Of Keela Cup, I encourage you to give that a read. In short, we have no love for Flex and this only […]

Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc Review

The Lumma Unique is a line of reusable menstrual discs with a rapidly growing cult following. With three sizes (most brands are one size fits all), unique pull string, and rainbow color options, it’s easy to see why! Lumma Unique is Brazil based and actually started out making breastfeeding accessories before they branched out into […]

Cora Cup Review | the new cup on Target shelves


While on a #TargetRun a few months ago, to check out the Saalt Cup on Target shelves, I saw another cup that came as a bit of a surprise — the new Cora Cup. We had a hunch that they, a brand of organic tampons and pads, had been working on a cup since Amanda […]

Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup Review

The Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup is the newest cup to the scene, and we are so excited to be sharing more about this new design that we helped to create. Our Saalt Soft review video covers all the things you want to know about this new collaboration cup, but as with all menstrual cups just because […]

Nixit Menstrual Cup Review | a new reusable disc

The new Nixit Menstrual Cup is one we’ve been asked to review since it launched a few months ago. While the brand calls itself a “menstrual cup” we do feel that we need to intervene and inform readers that the product itself resembles, functions, and is inserted like, a menstrual disc — for this reason […]

Lunette Cup Review

8 years ago when I embarked on my menstrual cup journey I started with a Diva Cup (me, and everyone else up until the last 5 years or so!) and I fell in love with the entire concept of cups. The Diva worked well for me but I could tell it was a little too […]