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Menstrual Cup Reviews

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We show you how to choose the best menstrual cup for you with our popular Menstrual Cup Quiz but reviews are just as important in choosing a cup! Here are some reviews from top menstrual cup brands, plus check out our video menstrual cup reviews to see what we really think about each period cup. 

Fun and fair reviews of the top menstrual cups on the market! Learn what to look for when finding the best menstrual cup and how one cup compares to another. 

Diva Cup Review

The Diva Cup is one of the most well known cups on the market. Perhaps one of the best things about the Diva Cup is that it can be found at almost any chain store or pharmacy, making it incredibly easy to access.

What We Love:

  • It features a nice rigid base that is ideal for helping new users adjust the cup once it has been inserted — even if it opens too early!
  • It has a fairly middle of the road firmness (we rate it a 3 on our firmness guide) which means it pops open easily but isn’t too firm for most people.
  • The Diva Cup is available in 3 sizes (0, 1, 2) and can be compared on our menstrual cup comparison chart.

What We Don’t:

  • The biggest fault we find with the Diva Cup is that it is a bit too long for the average user and all three sizes are the same length, leaving only the diameter to account for fit difference
  • Not a big deal but the Diva Cup is available only in clear, which is not preferred by some users and is worth noting

Saalt Menstrual Cup Review

The Saalt Cup is a good general starter cup for the average user. It does not have a long length that the average user might find uncomfortable and the sizing options offer a nice difference both in diameter and length. Overall it’s “not an extreme” cup, making it a safe choice if you aren’t sure what cup to choose when you make the leap.

What We Love:

  • The Sizing — good capacity for a large (they call it “regular”) & petite length and diameter for a small
  • Bouncy firmness — opens easily
  • Comfortable cup shape for most users

What We Don’t:

  • The suction holes are pretty small (which can take a little more effort to clean, but it’s not a dealbreaker)
  • It can be a bit too firm for users with bladder sensitivity

Saalt Menstrual Cup Review

Similar to the above, the Saalt Soft has all of the same features as the original Saalt Cup with one key difference! We worked with Saalt to collaborate on the perfect firmness to make an ideal cup for the average user who may also have a bit of sensitivity (bladder or cramps!). The rest of the pros and cons above apply to the Saalt Soft.

Cora Cup

The Cora Cup is available nationwide at most Target stores, making it another easy to access brand with a nice sizing difference (like the Saalt) but with a narrower base and a unique shape!

What We Love:

  • Narrow base (less chance of bladder pressure and irritation lower in the vaginal canal)
  • Firmer rim for easy opening and soft body for a comfortable fit
  • Good shape for most people
  • Firm base shape for nudging the cup up

What We Don’t:

  • Lower capacity than the average cup (the size 1 holds 17 ml, while the size 2 holds 22ml)
  • No measurements or listed capacity (on their website, listings, or box)
  • Again, not a deal breaker but this brand is only available in clear

Hello Cup

The Hello Cup is made from medical grade TPE (as opposed to silicon) and features a wonderfully unique shape and gently rounded toggle (as opposed to a stem) and come from New Zealand!

What We Love:

  • The toggle is more comfortable than most stems
  • Great range of sizes & color options
  • Firmer when inserted, making it open easily
  • TPE warms and shapes to the body for a semi-custom fit

What We Don’t:

  • Lower capacity than average cups, which may be an issue for some users
  • Toggle is not as simply to remove as it may be for more traditionally shaped cups (doable, but not quite the same)

Finding More Menstrual Cup Reviews

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