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Troubleshooting Menstrual Cup Leaks [the quiz]

Image of a clear menstrual cup spilling blood red glitter into a puddle.

Troubleshooting a menstrual cup leak and the cause can be frustrating. Our cup troubleshooting quiz is designed to help give you a place to start with tips tailored to the experience that you are having. Before you settle on purchasing a new cup take the quiz and give these tips a try. Sometimes it really can take a small change to make a big difference!

While this quiz should be a good place to start, personal support can do things no quiz can. If you find that you need more help for your menstrual cup leak, or would just like some extra assurance and support, check out our phenomenal private support group on Facebook. It’s an inclusive space where you can ask personal questions in a supportive atmosphere and receive advice from people who have shared experiences.

Considering a new cup? We know that choosing to purchase another cup is not ideal, but if you do decide that you need to purchase a new cup we can help. We have partnered with several brands and shops in order to offer exclusive discounts for up to 20% off. You can check them all out on our coupons page.

Last, but not least, if you haven’t already, take our Menstrual Cup Quiz especially if you plan to purchase a new cup. If the cup you are using does not appear in the results, it’s possible that a cup featured may be just what you need. The quiz asks 9 questions about your lifestyle and body to recommend a cup based on your needs. While it’s not perfect, nearly 90% of people do find that the result is a cup that works for them!

Have you experienced menstrual cup leaks and overcome them? Share your experiences below or with us on social media @putacupinit

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  1. Hello,
    I have been using a menstrual cup for 2 cycles now. The first time, I used OrganiCup and it never leaked. But, I decided to get a new cup (Saalt Soft) for my next cycle since I was experiencing very bad period cramps from OrganiCup. The Saalt Soft cup was very comfortable and I could insert it easily as well. The first day that i used Saalt Soft, I experienced leakage since it did not completely pop open but the next day, I made sure that the cup was fully open yet I experience a very slight leakage and I am still not able to figure out why. I really would like to stick with the Saalt Soft if it does not cause any leakage at all since I did not get any cramps with this cup unlike the OrganiCup.

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