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Compare and shop by selecting up to 4 menstrual cups to view side-by-side

Using this tool to compare & shop menstrual cups will help make your decision on which cup to buy even easier. You can also refer to our menstrual cup comparison chart to view and sort by additional details. (Such as length, diameter, and capacity.) For convenience & simplicity cups are listed as Small Ⓢ MediumⓂ  & Large Ⓛ (Official brand sizing is in the comparison details.)

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Compare & Shop Menstrual Cup Details: Satisfaction Guarantee ✅ means that the manufacturer offers one of the following: option to replace the cup with another size or model if it doesn’t work, a full refund, credit in full for the value of the cup to spend on another product they sell, or at least 50% refund or credit of the cup towards another product. See their website or contact brand for full details. Charity Component ✅ means that the brand supports a cause with the purchase of their product(s). See this post for more information. PACII Firmness Score refers to the scale we use to classify cups by firmness. See the firmness scale for reference. All cups are sold through a 3rd party (like Amazon or the Manufacturer) and if you make a purchase we might earn a small percentage.

Put A Cup In It

Menstrual education by menstrual cup experts and advocates Kim Rosas & Amanda Hearn. Thanks for being here!

- Kimanda


  • love this “list” the most… PLEASE include an extra line/info . . . i would really like to know which cups have a measure line… (my preference, as i record how much fluid each month, (90ml/3oz for me 😉 )

  • Thank you so much for all the effort and detail you’ve put into creating the comparison chart – it is AMAZING!!! And has helped me to discover new cups that are a far superior fit, with the added bonus of better capacity. Thank you so, SO much for you open and honest reviews and information – you are all legends! Blessings xx

  • Does anyone know anything about the Cora Cup? I’ve seen it in a few places, but no one has said anything about it, and I can’t find any details about its dimensions and such, so I don’t know if it’s worth trying or not.

  • Could you guys add Keeper Moon Cup firmness? Is there a reason why we that is one of the few cups (not counting discs) that doesn’t have a firmness score?

  • I find it interesting that XO Flo is 4 and EvaCup only a 3 on the firmness scale. I tried XO Flo but it would never open, whereas the large Evacup has been my goto for the last few months and never not opened for me. I feel the number of holes, diameter, and firmness of the rim itself are all very important too.

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