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5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup Is My Bestie

Sometimes you just need to shout your love for the oft-overlooked menstrual cup. Menstrual cups have been a game-changer for many people who menstruate, and I am no exception. Of course, they won’t be the be-all-end-all for everyone, but for those that love them, they offer seriously amazing benefits over traditional products like tampons and pads. Here are five reasons why my menstrual cup is my bestie:

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

1.  Menstrual Cups Keep The Right Things Moist

In this case, dryness is NOT a good thing. You might be thinking that dryness sounds like a positive during your period, but tampons don’t just absorb your menstrual blood; they also absorb your vagina’s natural moisture right along with it (and they can even create itsy-bitsy micro-abrasions.) Between the two, you can be left feeling uncomfortable and dry long after your period has ended. (Plus, pulling a tampon out of a dry vagina is not my idea of fun! #soscratchy)

Menstrual cups, on the other hand, collect the fluid without disturbing your natural moisture levels, making them a more comfortable option both on and off your period. In fact, improved vaginal moisture during sexual activity was one of the first things I noticed after switching to a cup, and more than ten years later, I am still very grateful! #byebyedryness

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

2. Menstrual Cups Also Keep The Right Things Dry

My magical cup can keep the right things moist while leaving other things dry — like my favorite underwear and pair of pajamas that I insist are real pants. THEY’RE COMFY, OK! And yes, my cup even keeps me perfectly protected overnight.

With the right cup for your body and a proper seal, you can trust your cup to prevent leaks and keep your favorite clothing, bedding, and furniture stain-free. It even helps collect excess cervical mucus and discharge!

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

3.  My Cup Is Discreet, Travel-Friendly, & Never Betrays Me (Like My Period)

IDK about you, but my period loves to show up when I’m traveling. Whether it’s a day away from the house (work? school?) or a trip across the globe, menstrual cups are easy to pack and discreet to use. It won’t announce itself in your bag, and you won’t have to worry about the guy rifling through your bag with that ridiculous stick.

Need more prep? You can even keep it in “nature’s pocket” if you choose. You know. Just in case your period decides to make a surprise visit.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

4. It Made Me Touch Myself (Encourages Body Awareness)

This may not sound like a selling point, but hear me out! In the U.S., we are still a bit on the squeamish side (generally speaking) when it comes to anything vulva or vagina related. Hell, we still use applicators for our tampons while the rest of the world is largely comfortable with just plopping in the ones that are the absorbent bit alone.

Not to mention that applicators are incredibly wasteful, single-use items aren’t great, plastic especially damages the environment, and cardboard applicators are dry and uncomfortable. Menstrual cups, however, are a comfortable, eco-friendly option that reduces waste. It’s a win-win!

As for the hands-on approach to cups — I’ll admit, the idea of being all sorts of fingers deep in my vagina while on my period had me questioning my sanity at first, but guess what? I got over it. The comfort and convenience of a cup had me giving exactly zero Fs about all of that in no time.

I learned more about my cervix and menstrual blood (which looks like a badass lava lamp when you dump it in the toilet) after using a cup for a few years than I did from 10+ years of menstruating and giving birth to human beings. Using a menstrual cup can help you become more comfortable with your body, and there’s everything to gain (including a more positive period experience) when we embrace body awareness.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

5.  It Lets Me Forget About It & Doesn’t Get Mad

Those last few days of my period are the best. The flow is light, and I know my cup will let me forget about it for 12 hours without a care. There’s nothing like a great night of sleep, waking up, getting coffee, and then remembering you still have to change your cup, and your biggest concern is that you want to be lazy.

Menstrual cups can be safely worn for up to 12 hours between emptying & cleaning. Whether it needs to change sooner to remain leak-free or not depends on your flow — but it’s safe, and that’s the key here. In contrast, tampons are an absolute max of 8 hours to reduce the risk of TSS (and they hold considerably less!) For most people, this means you can go about your day confidently—no need to constantly worry about leaks or change your cup.

Menstrual cup, you’re a true friend, and I love you. #bestfriendsforever

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Ready To Try A Menstrual Cup?

This site is full of excellent resources, but to get started, I suggest the following:

  • The Cup Quiz — Our quiz features a wide range of brands and will help you choose a menstrual cup based on your period, body, and lifestyle.
  • How to Insert A Menstrual Cup and How to Remove A Menstrual Cup — Pretty self-explanatory, but these two video posts will talk you through the literal ins and outs of menstrual cups.
  • How to Clean A Menstrual Cup — Cleaning is a genuine concern for new users, but it’s actually super simple. I make it part of my handwashing routine, which takes no extra time. Of course, that’s not feasible for every situation, so you’ll find more info on that here and what cleansers to consider.
  • Beginners Guide to Period Cups — All of the things you could possibly need to know in order to get started, along with answers to the questions we hear most often.

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