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Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Sometimes you just need to exclaim your love for the oft overlooked menstrual cup. We take it for granted but that’s when it’s being the best friend of all. Here are 5 reasons why…
5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

1.  It keeps things moist.  

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Dryness is NOT a good thing.. though you might think so when it comes to being on your period.  Tampons remove your vagina’s natural moisture along with the menstrual fluid, leaving you dryer than you should be.  Pulling a tampon out of a dry vagina is not my idea of fun. #soscratchy

2. It keeps other things dry.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

My magical cup can keep the right things moist while leaving the other things dry, like my period panties with the holes in the lace and my christmas pajama pants I refuse to stop wearing even though it’s July.  THEY’RE COMFY OK?  Even overnight I wake up to dry, clean (but really, hideously ugly and should be in the trash) undies.

3.  It never betrays me.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Sometimes, on rare occasions, my period joins me while I travel.  My menstrual cup never announces itself in my bag (because it is safely hidden in nature’s purse) to the guy rifling through my bag with a ridiculous stick.  Thanks for being a pal, cuppy.

4. It made me touch myself.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

This might not be a selling point but hear me out.  America- we are still prudes.  They don’t use tampons with applicators in Europe!  We are so scared to touch our own bodies that we need a literal pole between our hands and our vaginas.  I mean… come on!  Applicators are super wasteful and those cardboard applicators are dry and hurt!  I was totally freaked out at first about using a cup and a lot of it dealt with having to put my fingers “in there.”  Guess what?  I got over it.  I reach right in there if I have to to check my seal and push it a little bit higher.  I know more about my cervix position and my menstrual blood (which looks like a badass muder scene lava lamp when you dump your blood in the toilet) after using a cup for 3 years than I knew about it from the 10+ years of menstruating I did before switching over.  Grown ass women should be comfortable touching themselves.  Good looking out, cup.

5.  It lets me forget about it and doesn’t get mad.

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie

Those last few days of my period are basically the best… the flow is light and I know for a fact my cup will let me go 12 hours without a worry.  Life is busy, and on rare occasions I kind of forget I’m wearing a cup.  I’ve gone a smidgen over those 12 hours like if I change in the afternoon, then go to bed and forget to remove, then wake up and make some coffee and check reddit, then shower and remember -oh crap… the cup is still there!!!  I know, I know… that’s not the “suggested wear time” of a cup but I’ve done it a few times and didn’t die and frankly, I’m grateful for the peace of mind.  That should really be the cup’s slogan “forget us and we won’t kill you”*   *probably although we really think you should change every 12 hours ok?  I read a story of a girl who left her cup in for FOURTEEN DAYS and didn’t know it.  I mean… THAT is the biggest endorsement for a cup ever.  It didn’t leak, it didn’t smell, and she didn’t feel it for FOURTEEN DAYS.  Only read the story if you want to die laughing and possibly throw up in your mouth a little.  But yeah, totally read it.

Menstrual cup, you’re the best friend a girl could have!  #bestfriendsforever

5 Reasons Why My Menstrual Cup is My Bestie


*PACII is not a source of medical advice.  Consult your menstrual cup directions and guidelines, just because we F up and leave our cup in too long doesn’t mean you should.  



4 Responses

  1. My cup actually taught me a lot more about my cycle and my body. Since using it, my cycles are actually shorter and less uncomfortable as well!

  2. Indeed so many reasons to love your cup! The health reasons are obvious. Just try it and I promise you won’t go back to tampons. Check out my website for more informations.

  3. Cups are great but my first 2 days are very leaky. I have to clean out the cup every hour and wear a fabric pad constantly for at least three days. I can’t get through the night either without terrible leaking despite the cup. I have noticed that my womb and cervix change position in the first three days and I think that’s why the cup leaks apart from the fact that I’m a really very very heavy bleeder.
    Then once those days are past and the flow lightens I can leave away the pad and the cup seals properly (the womb and cervix I think sit better for a better seal) but I still have to clean it every 4 hours or so.

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