Put A Cup In It

5 Techniques Everyone Uses When Removing a Menstrual Cup

Sexy title right? I mean, we thought about calling this post and video “5 Ways to handle yourself while your vagina free bleeds between the time you remove your menstrual cup, wash it, and replace it that won’t result in blood dripping on your panties or bathroom rug” but it didn’t quite fit on a title line so we took liberties and hoped you’d get our drift when the video played.  There may be some fake blood (or is it…) in this video but considering the topic of our website that shouldn’t come as a shocker.  

How DO you handle that 1-3 minute span of cup-free time? It’s a conundrum for some of us, and for anyone with super heavy periods a bloody disaster in the making if not handled just so.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to handle that “in-between” time with a funny video. I’m a “panty shuffler” myself unless my time coincides with a shower, in which case I’m “it’s all the same pipes” atw. For those with heavier periods who can’t stay “unplugged” without dripping blood there are a few techniques in there for you too. Of course, just being able to stay on the toilet and wash your cup is kind of the dream so next time you buy a home or renovate your bathroom keep that in your Pinterest board.

Have a favorite method? Let us know in the comments!

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