12 Gifs that Perfectly Sum Up Using Period Products

…with disposables

1. When that pad gets stuck to your inner thigh and you’re trying to be discreet.


2. When it’s time to change your tampon and that shit is dry AF


3. When you get pee on the tampon string, again


4. When AF starts and your friend can only find crumpled ass, ancient, tampons from the bottom of her purse


5. When you’re at a friend’s house and need to throw away a used pad


6. When opening your pad in public sounds more like you’re having a bag of SunChips


…with reusables

7. When you accidentally drop your menstrual cup in the toilet


8. When you didn’t put the cup in right and you have to make it to the bathroom before it crowns


9. When you feeling free as fuck with your menstrual cup #gotthis


10. When you switch to cloth pads and feel like your crotch is riding a cloud


11. When you’re fascinated every time you empty your cup in the toilet


12. When you count all the money you’ve saved since switching to reusables


Put A Cup In It has recently started a Giphy channel so look for more (custom) period gifs in the future.  We love making gifs when we have the time!


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