Put A Cup In It

You’re going to be singing this song about menstrual cups all day | ‘Keep Cup’ by Slush

We’ve taken popular songs and replaced their lyrics with menstrual cup references, and jokingly thought of recording one of them, but we could never have done as good of a job as the band Slush who wrote and recorded this original song about the cup. Probably because we aren’t trained musicians… and have no musical talent. This is the menstrual cup rock anthem we have always wanted!

‘Keep Cup’ is the second single from Melbourne based band Slush. It’s taken from their upcoming self-titled EP, out May 10 on Hysterical Records.

This song is an ear worm for sure and one we will probably have in our heads for weeks to come with lyrics like “When you’re inside of me, everything feels just right… you fit so perfectly, I need you day and night” and “I love you, my menstrual cup. Yeah, I need you, my menstrual cup.” punctuated with a lot of “ooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooooo’s” good luck getting rid of this one in your head. I can imagine singing it every time I put my cup in from now until eternity.

If you’re a cup fan, a feminist indie rock lover, and LOVE this song you can pre-order their upcoming EP along as a download -or- grab this retro fabulous cassette tape. Saying a cassette tape is retro hurts my heart just a smidge, seeing as how all of my first music purchases were on tape, but that’s where we are now. I’m a vinyl girl myself but I pre-ordered the cassette for that amazing cup art. Maybe we can get them to let us use a soundclip in one of our upcoming YouTube videos, that would be pretty rad!


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