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Tales of Menstrual Cup Disasters

Using a menstrual cup is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, your health, and your overall period comfort. Plus it creates no waste, lasts up to 10 years, and saves you money. ALL good things. But… there is a but… sometimes things can go horribly wrong. We are sharing some of the most nightmare inducing things to happen as shared to us in our Put A Cup In It community (anonymously here of course) because we can all use a little laugh, a cry, a cautionary tale, or perhaps good nightmare fuel before Halloween.

The one about the shower disaster and a splash of blood…

“The very first time I used it I couldn’t get it out, I had no idea my cervix was so high and couldn’t figure out how to push it down, I ended up having to ask my partner for help. Picture me [standing], naked, in the shower, him on his hands and knees, I’m crying, he’s saying he can’t reach it either, I’m in a complete panic. It finally comes out and he has a handful of my blood, clots and all, and it has splashed on my legs and his arms. I’m amazed it wasn’t all over his face.”

The one about the warning that wasn’t heeded…

“I was newish to a cup and I ignored the “full” signs because I wanted to catch a train on time. It spilled on the way to the station and I am a heavy bleeder. I was drenched to my ankles – luckily I was all in black. I missed the train and had nearly 2 hours to wait. I cleaned myself up in the station toilets as best I could (and called my husband and cried at him down the phone!) I couldn’t sit down until I got home for fear of leaving a bloody patch on the seat. 2 trains and a bus with a wait between each. I gave up on cups for a year or two after that but have recently discovered the Merula xl and am a convert again. I will never ignore another bubble.”

The one about a Fresh Prince Lyric…

“While testing a new cup I noticed a lot of leaking, more than I had ever had before. Dismayed and annoyed I went to my bathroom and set about removing the cup to see what I had done wrong. Panic set in when I reached for the base of the cup but came up empty. Cups don’t sit super high in me so I’ve never come up empty when looking for the base before. My knees wobbled already and I had to remind myself that cups cannot get lost inside anyone, me included. After more digging than I’d like to admit I discovered the cup but it wasn’t the base. I wasn’t finding the cup base because I was INSIDE the cup. Somehow it had flipped completely upside down while inside of my vagina which I had believed impossible until it happened to me. Removing the upside cup was both very messy and very uncomfortable. The cup was very round and the base had been removed so I know why it happened but I was very frightened at not finding my cup for a full minute. So that’s my story about how my cup flipped, turned upside down…”

The one that still gives me nightmares when I think of it…

“Okay so I change my cup in the shower, and usually leave it out while I do to give the coochie a break. While taking hair out of the drain from my grandma I found a finger nail and left it on the edge to throw away after. Little did I know when I took my cup out I placed it upside down on top of the nail. The fingernail somehow stayed on the cup during insertion and I didn’t notice anything. After I took it out, and dumped it the nail fell out. I wanted to real, the idea of my grandmother’s nail living inside me.”

Grandmother. nail. inside. me. Those words have haunted me for months after reading the story that was shared to our group. 

The one about the Icy Hot hands…

“A friendly PSA:

You should probably avoid emptying/reinserting your cup using the same hand you just used to rub Icy Hot on your husband’s sore neck 😑

Just in case you ever wondered…”

First it ices the vagina then it burns it to the ground… that’s how the commericial goes right?

The one about the auto flushing toilet…

“I did it, something I’d hope I’d never do. I was emptying my cup at work and it slipped out of my hands into the toilet. Which is an automatic flush, so when I tried to grab it it flushed!! I’m glad the bathroom was empty, because all I could do was yell “fuck” a whole bunch. It was my brand new Lena small, only my second day using it, and now it’s gone.”

Another tale that’s been repeated in various forms. Autoflushing toilets are not a cup user’s friend. Use extreme caution in public.

Another one about the toilet but this time with poop…

“My diva cup(size 2) came out whilst pooping. I tried fishing it out of the poopy water. 😲 That was a no go. Now its lost 4ever.”

Pooping out the cup is a recurring theme when it comes to “biggest fears” amongst cup users. We know it’s happened, we know it could happen… it’s a matter of “will it happen to me?” and then “and if it does eww I have to go fish it out!”

The one about the white shower curtain…

“Depending on where I am in my cycle, fitting my cup in can be a bit difficult. I had to remove and retry one day, and as I took it out it popped open and sprayed my white shower curtain. It looked like a Halloween movie. Then I had to explain why I was washing the shower curtain on a Tuesday night.”

Or you can play it off as a new Halloween themed shower curtain and leave it! 

The one about a precocious puppy…

I live alone, so it’s rare that I shut the bathroom door. Earlier this week my puppy snatched my cup right out of my hands just as I’d finished emptying it into the toilet. Had to chase her down & wrestle it away from her while excess blood dropped everywhere. 🙃”

This is one to take note of because dogs love cups! Always keep your cup in a place where our furry friends can’t find them, a chewed up cup is no good to anyone.

The one about being high while cupping…

I learned the hard way that you should not wear a cup to a surgery especially if you won’t be able to bend or look down afterwards. I had my wisdom tooth removed last year, I was an experienced cup user and even had my goldilocks, so… The surgery was on my heavy day, I pop my cup in, but I leaked with the cup when I lied down for too long because my muscles crushed it so I put on some period panties just in case. The surgery lasted around 3 hours I think, I was really high on anesthesia, couldn’t talk and barely walk, I was peeing like crazy, so the nurses helped me get to the bathroom, and when I pulled down my pants, my panties were soaked, without thinking I just sat, took my cup out as usual, and tried to reinsert, I almost fell of the toilet, blood was dripping from my mouth, I was dizzy and somehow I inserted it with success, the doctor then told me to not look down or even bend to the front too much, I was like ‘shit, I just did that.’ When I got home, I tried my best to not look down or bend down while I tried to take out my cup, I couldn’t reach it, I have a high cervix. Needless to say, I had to ask my partner to take it out for me and spent the rest of my cycle using cloth pads.”

This one needs to be dramatically re-enacted. Oy! Poor Veronica!

And our best told tale goes to…

The one that reminds you that sizzling your cervix can happen…

“I don’t usually admit to having moments when Natural Selection attacks, or when Darwinism aims for a win with me but no other page can relate.

Chopping peppers- red, green, spicy, sweet, or onions!- and forgetting to wash your hands.

After getting home from work, I immediately began cooking myself dinner. I was inspired. I have all these delicious jalapenos, poblanos, and bell peppers in my fridge! I have Romaine, and spinach, and garlic! I have cream cheese! So I chop the peppers up and cook them. I blend in some cream cheese. I pour it all out onto a leafy bed of greens. I shovel it all into my mouth so fast I become concerned about the blistering heat on my lips.

I can’t tell if my nose is running, or if my upper lip is sweaty. I’ve lost feeling in 80% of my face. And yet, my lips **burn**!

I go into my bathroom and start my shower. I get undressed and step in. I wet my hair, I run my hands all over. And because I am anticipating starting my period this week, I swoop a finger through the ol’ canal to check for spotting. A ring around the cervix and as I’m leaning over to turn off the shower, I feel it.

The tingle of heat that is still burning on my mouth, jumps to my forehead. Tingling forehead? What? And then my stomach. Uhh…ok? And then my hip. A trail of peppery pain and heat that leads right. to. my. mothafudgin. Cervix.

I’m done. I’ve lost today. I can’t even with this. I laugh at everyone else who forgets to wash their hands after chopping peppers, and here I am. Sizzling my cervix.”

This one isn’t cup related per se but we have heard tales of people doing the same thing while inserting or removing a cup so let this be a lesson to everyone- cups and spicy peppers don’t mix! And for the Younger fans out there, neither do hand jobs… #yogurtdick (Any excuse to throw in a Josh gif…)

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