Cloth Pads for the Bleeder with a Sense of Humor

Upon entering the world of cloth pads, rather reluctantly at first I should add, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an amazing and hilarious little community. For those who sew their own cloth pads (henceforth known as “Snatch Napkins” after I wanted a better name for them) it can be a delightful creative outlet. Not only can one choose ironic fabrics to bleed on but there are also ways to customize the shape for, ahem, full comic effect. I’ve gathered some of my favorite examples of these cloth pads with a sense of humor and I hope you love them as much as I do!

This dad joke in physical form is everything.


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I happen to think that Lucy would be all about this modern reusable movement, don’t you? This brand also makes adorable Lucy cup spots if you don’t use pads.

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If you’d like to have a penis between your legs you can! The pattern is available online for purchase.


A+ for appropriate fabric choice


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You can fly over the crimson wave instead of just riding it with this Harry Potter broomstick pad.

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And these kitty kats for your own kitty kat are probably a bit overmade for a pad but the humor and cuteness aren’t lost on me.

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I thought I saw a pussy cat…. I did.. I…(mumbles because suddenly smothered by a vulva)


It wouldn’t be complete without at least one made from a vampire themed fabric. This one has them drinking blood from mason jars… they’re such vampire hipsters.


Cycling…. get it?

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A Muffin for your Muff.  Muffins don’t have yeast right?  (says the girl who doesn’t cook or bake)

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#SharkWeek should be honored in the sharkiest way…

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I’m definitely not the most gentle creature when I’m bleeding but maybe this zen Manatee shaped pad would help.

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Should I make the “bigger on the inside” joke here? NAH

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And of course our very own pad and THE ORIGINAL, “The Donald,” for when you’re bleeding from “wherever.”

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Most literal pad award goes to…


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