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XO Flo Menstrual Cup Review

The newest menstrual cup to be released, of note, is the XO Flo. This cup was designed by the makers of GladRags after careful design, which is evident in the form, function, and overall design of the XO Flo.

As we discuss in the video, GladRags was once the distributer of the Keeper Cup, a cup that we never held much regard for. It just wasn’t a cup we loved (extremely hard) and the packaging was never kept up-to-date. The XO Flo, on the other hand, feels fresh and modern. Considering we are in the midst of a serious menstrual revolution it’s nice to see that reflected so well by this new brand. It’s also notable that the brand doesn’t appear to place any emphasis on the “she” that we often see from brands in the menstrual market.

We know our video review is quite long —we attribute this mostly to the exhaustion we were both feeling when we filmed — but it is a thorough (though slightly disorganized) review of the new XO Flo. Amanda and I both tested this cup.

What we found most interesting about it is how deceivingly large it appears, partially due to the thickness of the silicone and also due to the very round shape. The cup is no larger in most areas than many size 2/L cups on the market that are considered to be average.

In diameter the XO Flo measures 1.77″. We compared visually to two of our favorite cups, the Lunette and the Lena, and there was hardly a difference. Lena L is also 1.77″ and Lunette 2 is a smidge larger at 1.80.”

The XO Flo offers a very long stem (another way it looks deceptively large) but if you remove the stem, like we do you, will find it right on target for length compared to size 2/L cups. The length of the XO Flo measures 2.165″ without stem and 3.385″ with stem. The Lena L measures 2.00″ without stem and Lunette 2 measures 2.00″ without stem.

The rimless exterior is a nice feature that may help cup users who feel extra discomfort or pressure on their bladders/urethras.

XO Flo Menstrual Cup Review

The rounded bottom is a plus when it comes to the added capacity (38 ml is well above the capacity of most average cups) but I found out that it can also lead to some very interesting results! As discussed in the video, I removed the stem on my cup completely and inserted it in such a way that it eventually flipped completely upside down. I am educated enough to realize HOW this happened, and how I got myself into that mess, but the sleek, smooth, and round shape of this cup makes that outcome more of a possibility than the tapered/bullet shaped cups that dominate the market. It didn’t scar me for life but it did make me more aware of the angle at which I inserted the XO Flo for all future wear.

Even though the cup is attempting to go beyond the polarizing “Size 1 and Size 2” boxes that other brands find themselves in we both agree that, based on the size, this cup is better suited for adults and/or experienced menstrual cup users. It aligns with other “large” models in both length and diameter, though it isn’t the longest cup on the market while still offering a higher capacity.



While we both found the XO Flo to be very comfortable it hasn’t won us over from our favorite cups, just yet. I’m definitely interested in using for future cycles and found it fit most comfortably in the beginning of my cycle. The beauty (and frustration) of menstrual cups is that each brand and size will fit and work differently for each person’s anatomy. So while this may not be our “Goldilocks Cup”, it could be yours. We hope our review has provided you with a helpful look at what the XO Flo has to offer, how it compares to other cups, and who it may work best for.

The XO Flo is now on our sortable and wildly popular and awesome menstrual cup chart. While it appears the XO Flo is on backorder, it will be available through Gladrags.com and may be able to grab one right now on Amazon!

We were each sent an XO Flo to facilitate a review. 

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  1. Many cup descriptions included the shapes of the cup (tulip, bell, cone, etc.) But I can’t find an explanation about benefit each shape has (added capacity, added structure, ??)

    I had only used a diva cup but it was leaking intermittently and wanted to try a firmer cup, the XO was the only cup besides the divacup I could purchase in store (I don’t like ordering online) so I tried the XO cup.

    I’m honestly not a fan because I find it quite clumsy to use. I enjoy the added firmness but the cup is really difficult to control with my hand. It’s nice how smooth the outside of the cup is but that lack of texture means my fingers can’t really grip the cup to spin or squeeze the cup. Often when I’m pulling the XO cup out, I can’t keep the cup “folded” and it will pop fully open at painful times.

    This relates to my initial question regarding shape: I feel like beyond the smooth texture, the severe bell shape makes it hard for my fingers to secure themselves on the side of the cup. It kinda feels like I’m trying to pinch a bowling ball, it’s so firm and arched.
    Would a different shape help in giving my hand “purchase” on the sides of the cup?

    I was excited to try a new cup since I had only used the divacup before but I’m really not a fan of the XO. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about different cups to identify what is my problem with both the divacup and the XO cup

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