Our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart – Now With Sorting!

In a stroke of genius our team has made a small, but significant, change to our popular Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart. The chart, that has always been a favorite amongst cup users for comparing the length, capacity, and diameter, will now allow you to sort by those measurements! You can also sort by alphabetical order in ascending or descending order.


It’s such a simple addition we can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner! 

We are always advocating that people use our chart to find the cup that works best for them and this is going to greatly aid that process! The truth is that many cup users find their favorite and most comfortable menstrual cup on their second purchase. This is because it’s much easier to decide what you like and don’t like about a cup once you’ve tried one. Without trying a cup some of the features, such as the length and diameter, capacity (we don’t always understand how heavy or light our flows are until making the switch), and firmness can be impossible to understand in relation to what your vagina is going to need. Once we try a cup it’s much easier to then compare what we are using currently to what is available in the market! Example would be a cup user who decides they need a softer, shorter cup with the same or similar diameter as the cup they use currently.


Using our comparison chart, now sortable, it’s easy to sort for cups by length and find all cups shorter than the user’s current brand. Ta-Da!!!! Charts are magic.

We also added misc. notes regarding characteristics of cups. In some cases we note if this is a soft or firm cup, any without notes on firmness would be considered in the range or an average firmness. We only note the firmness in extreme cases where it’s obvious that the cup is soft or firm. There is no way to rate a cup by firmness on a scale without a way to concretely measure firmness. We truly wish there was a way, there just isn’t.

Take a moment to explore our chart, you may be surprised by what this new addition allows you to discover! For instance, you can now easily tell that the Lily Cup is the longest cup on the market and that the Super Jennie is the largest capacity cup! And don’t forget the visual comparison tool at the bottom of the chart, this allows you to compare the cups side by side for visual size and shape reference. Just hover your mouse over the left or right side and scroll to change cups. The cups appear in alphabetical order so keep scrolling until you find the cup you want to see.


Such a small change makes a huge difference for your user experience; we really hope you will continue to use Put A Cup In It as your favorite menstrual cup resource. You can tell your friends, too! 


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  • Which cup is most similar to the diva 1 inside out? I’ve had my diva cup forever but it’s only comfortable inside out. I’d love to replace it with something that was designed to be the inside out size. Thanks

  • 1st time user, 49 yr 2 vag deliveries, have always had predictable 3-day cycles until last 6 months have had much heavier flow and increase total number of days. Heavy flow usually lasts a day to day and a half. Called to discuss with GYN nurse & was reminded I have fibroids discovered 4 years ago and that it is likely time to scan again. They may be getting larger and thus the heavier flow. Uggh I’m thinking they are going to want to discuss hysterectomy again. 4yrs ago I got 2nd opinion instead of surgery and the doctor said we would watch since I wasn’t having any problems at the time. Anyway, while talking to the nurse I realized the only way to manage the heavier flow is with a different method of menstration protection and started researching the cup. With my heavy days behind me I still was able to get the Lena Sensative Large to use for the last few days of this cycle…which seemed to continue a few more than in the past. Could this be my new normal? Uggh. Anyway, I had fairly good success inserting the cup, learning by digital examination it was not fully around my cervix, I twisted it like a lightbulb to insure my cervix was inside and felt the cup was sealed. No leaks, success! My concerns are that I felt pressure that was not comfortable. I did get more use to it after a few hours, but did still feel it was dropping down like birthing a baby, I tried kiegals to try to reposition, still subtle pressure. I tried to squat to relax and push/twist to place it back, but it would drop again. The tip about inverting the cup was genious and helped, but still feel it was moving down. Do I have the wrong size? I took so many quizes and sometimes feel the result may be bias upon the site of the quiz. I am a thrifty person and can’t imagine spending more money on another failed fit. Am I stuck with a wrong size, or can they be returned? I feel uncomfortable spending more money to try and fail. Although it is awkward to return a personal hygiene item. Advice please.

  • I’ve only used the diva cup but every period I’m finding my vaginal opening on the bottom is very sore and the pain lasts a few days. And during the last 3 days of my period I can feel my cup. I’m wondering if its perhaps too long? And maybe too wide for my vaginal opening ? Advice on a different cup?

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