Saalt Menstrual Cup Review | NOT an Extreme Cup (it’s a good thing)

The Saalt Menstrual Cup is fairly new to the scene but one we here at PACII are excited about. Our Saalt Cup review video covers all the things you are dying to know. As with all menstrual cups just because a cup works (or doesn’t) for us doesn’t mean it will work or not for another person. We encourage all of you watching this review to keep in mind your own body and period needs to determine if the Saalt Cup will be a good fit for you. Take our menstrual cup quiz if you haven’t yet (Saalt Cup is a one of the results so if you match with it then you’re good to go!) or utilize our amazing menstrual cup comparison chart and see if the sizing and capacity meetings your needs (the chart works best if you’ve tried another cup before to compare.)

The Saalt Cup

Saalt offers two sizes — a Small and a Regular. Their small size holds 20 ml and their large holds 30 ml. This is according to our own measurements up to the suction holes. What we love about the size offerings is that their small is nice and petite (as a small should be) and their regular (large) has a nice capacity that’s in line with other brands. Really, there isn’t much not to like about Saalt as cup (for us). As we each filmed our reviews it was comical how we kept coming up with the same phrases to describe the Saalt and “not extreme” was oft used enough that we found it necessary to make a commercial for Saalt with that phrase as their tagline.

Saalt Review*this is a totally fake ad and not the real Saalt tagline, their tagline is actually “pass the saalt” which is clever but not funny to us.

Things We Love:

  • The Sizing — good capacity for a large (they call it “regular”) & petite length and diameter for a small.
  • Bouncy firmness — opens easiy
  • Smooth protruding rim and nice, comfortable body shape
  • Well thought out packaging and materials
  • Trusted brand with an already stellar reputation for good customer service
  • Smooth/Silky to the touch silicone (not the smoothest ever but smoother than most)

Things We Don’t Love

  • The nitpickiest thing we can say is that the suction holes are pretty small (which can take a little more effort to clean, but it’s not a dealbreaker)

The area where Saalt most stands out is in their packaging. Saalt offers the ability to purchase a single cup or a double pack with both sizes in a recyclable cardboard cylinder. The packaging includes the obligatory user guides as well as very nice cotton pouches to store your cup between cycles.

Get Your Saalt Cup

If this sounds like the cup for you then you’re in luck! We have an exclusive discount code for Saalt that works on Amazon or their webstore. If you order from Amazon PACII makes a small percentage, which we would certainly appreciate! Free cups to review are cool but last time I tried to pay AT&T with one they called security on me.

Click the coupon below to copy the code and open the product page!

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