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A fairly new brand in the menstrual cup world, the Hello Cup has made a huge visual impression across the community. The brand is based in New Zealand and makes their cups with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer.) As soon as it launched we knew we had to see it in person and of course we wanted to see how well it actually worked! Most recently the brand has introduced their newest size, a teen menstrual cup. Their cup design has a large “knobby” stem (it kind of reminds you of the Sorry! game pieces- they call it a “toggle”) which can not be trimmed off like the thin stems on most menstrual cups. Both Amanda and I are “stem cutters” and have yet to find a brand we can wear for an entire cycle before chopping it off. I know part of my issue is mental (I know it’s there and wait to feel it, if that makes sense) but even that is enough to warrant a full chop. How would I fare when chopping the stem is not an option? ***Update- Hello Cup says you can trim the stem midway up. I wouldn’t personally do this because you would then need to really smooth it out due to thickness but if you must chop for length it they say you can***

Hello Cup Review

You can watch my full review above but if you are not into videos here is the short review.

  1. YES! I was able to wear the Hello Cup for several cycles without any discomfort caused by the stem.
  2. I was able to get the cup working leak free and it stayed in place well. I tested the S/M size for length reasons.
  3. Initial leaks were present often but it stemmed from the cup holding the shape of an oval after the initial wear. Fixed by running under water and manipulating before putting back into the vagina.
  4. Lower than average capacity wasn’t an issue for me but might be for others.
  5. The cup is quite firm but thanks to it having no protruding rim this wasn’t a problem for my comfort.

One gripe people may have is that the Hello Cup is hard to find and order in the US/Canada. Hello Cup is based in New Zealand but customers can find it at Feminine-Wear and they ship Worldwide, save 10% with code PUTACUPINIT.


The Hello Cup Teen 

I’d like to specifically address something I really like- the TEEN cup. Their Teen (XS) model is a recent addition to their line up and wasn’t available when the brand first launched. You can view it on our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart to see how it lines up to other “mini” cups available but it’s notably very similar in size (length and diameter) to the Monthly Cup Mini. They differ greatly in firmness with Hello Cup Teen being much firmer.

What I love about the Teen Cup from Hello is that it’s a nice size (visually) that would be more appealing to a younger menstrual cup user. Most Size 1/Small cups are still cups that should work for a young adult however they appear so large it’s intimidating enough to scare people away. Unless the teen has a very heavy flow this petite cup in both size and capacity (17 ml) should be a great place to begin. With the toggle stem it’s still short enough to be worn by most and having a stem is a nice security blanket for a new user who may want to keep it permanently on. Experienced users tend to remove their stems completely within a few months unless they have a very high cervix and need the stem to locate their cup for removal.

Fun Features of the Hello Cup



Even if the Hello Cup isn’t my Goldilocks I can still obsess over it because the brand has done things RIGHT! The packaging is gorgeous as is their branding. The cups come in a few colors (Large come in Light and Dark Pink, S/M come in Light Blue or Orange, Teen size comes in Lilac) and they’re all BOLD and FUN colors that look great on camera. Everything about their look comes off as playful and modern. Amongst a huge market (seriously, have you SEEN how many brands are on our Shop and Compare page?) Hello Cup can stand out in their unique Sorry! play piece design and their branding. While most users won’t care about this it’s geeking us out how much we love their website and sense of humor. Go to TheHelloCup.com and see for yourself.

If you’re ready to purchase you can find it here: Feminine-Wear (save 10% with code PUTACUPINIT) and any purchases made with our link will give us a small percentage so thank you!

Disclosure: The PACII team was sent all sizes of Hello Cup to be photographed for inclusion in our comparison chart. We do not review all cups that are sent for our chart but decided to review this one. No compensation was provided to facilitate the review.

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