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Peeing With A Menstrual Cup

Even though we chuckle at the comments left on our YouTube videos that ask “how can I pee with a menstrual cup in?” there IS something about urination that should be discussed more often when discussing cups.

First Things First: We have 3 holes.

Yes, you heard it here. We have three output holes: the urethra, the vagina, and the anus.  Your menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina, so theoretically there is no interference with urination; they’re two separate holes and a cup will neither catch nor block your urine.

However, it is possible for menstrual cups to apply pressure to the bladder or urethra.  This is an experience that most individuals have to varying degrees. If it causes discomfort it can be frustration to know how to articulate, to get help, or solve the issue.

We have taken the liberty of making a video that should explain these annoyances. We hope you will watch and learn! Or laugh.




This graphic above should help make it a bit clearer where the cup sits in relation to the bladder/urethra and why it may cause pressure. You’ll know this is a problem if peeing with a menstrual cup takes longer than usual and/or your urine stream is slower.  You may also feel the urge to pee more frequently while you’re wearing your cup.

Can it be fixed?

Before you jump into a new cup, consider trying a different placement with your current cup (higher or lower in the vagincal canal) or flipping it inside out. A different shape or position may be enough to help if the pressure is a minor annoyance.

PACII-Bladder-PressureBladder Pressure
PACII-Urethral-PressureUrethral Pressure

If you find that you simply cannot resolve the issue with your current cup you can most likely address the issue with another menstrual cup. Consider a cup that sits lower inside the vaginal canal, has a less pronounced rim (like Lily Cup) or is made from a softer type of silicone or TPE (like Super Jennie, Sckoon, or Lena Sensitive). You may also want to check out the new Tampax Cup which has been designed to address the problem of bladder pressure.

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You don’t have to stop using the cup you currently have if you aren’t bothered by slower urination or bladder pressure. (It’s inconvenient if you need to pee in a hurry but personally I’ve never been bothered enough to use a softer cup since firmer is easier for me).

Can Menstrual Cups Cause UTI’s?

UTI’s (urinary tract infections) are an annoying and occur when bacteria gets into your urine and travels up to your bladder. Usually the cause is related to hygiene when wiping or not urinating after sexual intercourse. As it relates to menstrual cups if your cup is restricting urine and not allowing you to fully empty your bladder this may contribute to a UTI in some instances, though rare. If you are a cup user who has experienced slower urinination or bladder pressure while wearing your cup and you and contract a UTI it’s best to switch to a softer cup.

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Need help finding another cup to try?  

Consult our menstrual cup comparison chart, try our menstrual cup quiz, or for help or ask a question on our Q+A forum if you need more menstrual cup guidance.

Peeing with a menstrual cup: There are things to know!

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  1. This was amazing! This helped me know that my slow peeing with my cup is a normal issue that I can fix. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you SO much for this article! It had been driving me nuts that I couldn’t find any info on this! Not only can I not pee with the cup in AT ALL, but it moves horizontally and causes a leak despite the “air tight” sound when I remove it. I didn’t know turning it inside out was an option either!

  3. Hello there! I have a bladder problem, particularly incontinence. I took the quiz (and said that I have heavy incontinence) but it gave me Lunette 2 or Lena Large, the two cups you said are firm. Are they okay?

    1. I have a large Lena. I have stress incontinence after babies. I also always had bladder discomfort with pregnancy. I am looking for a softer cup because I cannot empty my bladder as well as I would like without pushing the cup out. In fact, I usually have to remove it. It does not make my incontinence worse.

    1. They have a bunch of other articles on this website, and you can just search in the search bar at the top right!

  4. I have major bladder sensitivity I’ve been dealing with chronic UTIs for the past year as well as kidney issues I’ve had three children over the age of 30 and it says that I should have a very firm cup but with my bladder Sensitivity I can’t what are my options

    1. Wish someone would answer this question, because I have the same problem. I tried a soft cup and my bladder hurt do bad and can’t pee well with it in. I need to get all pee out every time or I’ll get a bladder infection.

      1. The Soft Cup brand? That’s a menstrual disc and does function differently inside than a menstrual cup. It has a very firm rim. Not experienced with a disc enough to offer advice but maybe someone else can help

      2. I have used the disposable soft cup. I can’t really remeber how sensitive I was. If you read my comment above, I remove my cup in the first couple days of my period to pee. It gets better after that. I would talk to my doc or midwife before trying anything. I would be wary of using any kind of device that put pressure on the urethra with a history of chronic UTIs, including tampons. The superjennie is supposed to have one designed for sensitive bladders. Maybe read about it? You can also look at various sizes to compare diameter and volume. Use the soft cup to get an idea of your flow.

  5. I can barely pee at all 🙁 thank Your the tips I’m gonna try because not being able urinate is rather uncomfortable

  6. I’ve tried the Lily cup compact and it allowed me to pee perfectly in the morning, however, I had some period leak while I was peeing, is this a normal occurrence? After I washed myself and took the cup off, there was a tight seal and everything, so it was safely positioned, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or it’s just the way it is…
    Maybe it had to do with laying down? Hum…

  7. Hi i tried softer cup that leaks or is pushed out while hard cup fits in well. Only for one cycle i hv used nd its very comfortable. However last year i had sling procedure for urinary incontinence i had. It was successful vth 0 incontinence. Will the cup push my sling or cause any damage??

  8. Glad to read this being addressed politely. I read some nasty comments to a girl who’d asked if you could pee/poo while wearing a cup. She then had to reply saying she was not dumb, she just knew that those functions can make a tampon feel out of place and wondered if cups were the same. So many rude people out there.

  9. I’ve been using a cup for about a year and a half now and find I can pee more quickly and more ‘thoroughly’ when I take the cup out first. And that changes during my period because my cervix changes position throughout my period. I also find closer to the end of my period wearing my cup makes me need to pee more frequently which is fine when I’m at home or close to a bathroom, but when travelling or when I’m out and can’t trust easy access to a bathroom it can be very inconvenient and frustrating. Other than that though, I LOVE using a cup. Infinitely better than relying on pads and feels much healthier than using tampons. And I’m 40 and have had 4 kids, the cup is a far better product than anything else I’ve used. Brand I’m using is DivaCup size 2.

  10. Thanks so much! I’ve just been pushing my pee out for the past couple years and I think that aggravated my varicose vein 🙁 So I’m going to try the cup your quiz suggested. I’m so glad I found this site! I had no idea there were so many cop options besides Diva.

  11. ugh as I’m writing this I’m sitting on the toilet wishing i could just finish peeing…ahhh there it goes.. lol!
    anyway, the only cup I’ve ever tried is the diva cup…2nd size since I’m 35 and have a 4 yr old. ive never quite gotten the hang of the cup as far as turning it after putting it in or getting it suctioned.
    to me it makes me feel like I’ve got to pee all the time AND makes it hard 2 start peeing. im guessing after watching some videos on this site that I’m not getting it in right bc it seems to always want to push out.. like I’ve got air stuck behind it. i finally worked up the nerve to cut the tip off a few mts ago which helped the comfort factor somewhat but I’m either not getting it in correctly or need another shape bc it literally is always like trying to poke out and i even “birthed” it into the toilet once last month while pooping. thank goodness i had disposable gloves under the sink but still i don’t want to risk losing it into shit water again so I’ve taken it out since.

    it’s cool of you girls to create this site and btw both of you are so pretty!! it takes some serious beauty to pull off a haircut like one of you guys had in that pooping with a cup in video.

  12. Thanks for this very informational video, I’m suddenly enlightened by my slow urination while my cup is in, hehe, guess my cup is messing with my bladder too.

  13. I have a question. This is my first time using a cup and I thought that while using it I would not see a spot of blood after peeing, but I was proofed wrong. Now This may be cuz I put it in a couple hours after taking a shower, but I am not sure. Any comments?

  14. This is my second cycle using a cup and so far I like it a lot! I don’t have any period leaking issues but I have noticed that I have been having urinary incontinence while using the cup. I do not have incontinence when I’m not using the cup. I don’t feel it when it’s inserted and I’m using a “soft” cup (Saalt Soft). Any suggestions?

  15. Thank you so much! This made me feel a little less scared that I might have something seriously wrong me with me. 🙁 I use the diva cup every time, but seems to be worse during some periods than others.

  16. Hi,

    I am using Merula XL due to my extreme heavy flow. This is my 3rd cup. This cup is much bigger and firmer than others and does cause pressure on my bladder and slower my urine. However, it does not bother me.

    I am just checking that the pressure to Urethra and Bladder is absolutely ok and the Cup won’t cause any damages (e.g making Urethra scratching and sticking together etc).

    Maybe I am over worrying but i just want to double check for peace of mind because I do want to keep using the Mecula XL cup. But still a bit worried about the pressure issues.

  17. While peeing, I notice that it has blood on it even though a cup has been inserted. Is it normal or I might have incorrectly inserted my cup?

  18. While peeing, I notice that it has blood on my urine even though a cup has been inserted. Is it normal or I might have incorrectly inserted my cup?

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