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Fabulous Flo from Bummis Now Available to US!

Good news for everyone who has asked about the pads seen at my reusable menstrual products workshops or in various videos- the Fabulous Flo liners and pads from Bummis are now available to the US!

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Bummis, a Canadian cloth diaper/breastpad/menstrual pad manufacturer has been making Fabulous Flo products for years but as some of you may know, selling reusable menstrual products in the US can take time due to FDA.

Fabulous Flo pads are all backed with a waterproof material, even their liners and lighter pads. They’re incredibly thin with confident protection. Waterproof materials like PUL and TPU are not as breathable as fleece backed pads but they offer a little more wetness protection. ALl reusable pads are more breathable than their disposable counterparts however.  The unique dimpled cotton helps to distribute liquids for better absorption and is very trim.

Since this is brand new I haven’t found a list of US retailers but for those itching to get them in the US look for updates on the Bummis Facebook page.

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