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Lunette Cup Review

8 years ago when I embarked on my menstrual cup journey I started with a Diva Cup (me, and everyone else up until the last 5 years or so!) and I fell in love with the entire concept of cups. The Diva worked well for me but I could tell it was a little too long (also the story for so many cup users who begin with the Diva Cup) so I looked at another brand — Lunette. There was no such thing as our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart but I was trying it based on other people online saying they loved the Lunette. I was stabbing blindly in the dark, just trying another cup without exactly knowing why. Luck was on my side because the Lunette was shorter with the stem trimmed than my Diva and I experienced true period nirvana for the first time shortly after. No leaks, no slippage, and no discomfort.

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The Lunette Cup works 98% of the time, and when it isn’t working I can figure out why and switch to a cup that will work (I also use a softer cup in certain scenarios) so for this reason I would call Lunette one of my Goldilocks cups… it is just right for me. Having said that, my endorsement isn’t meant to say that the Lunette will be your Goldilocks. Our biggest belief at PACII HQ is that there is no one cup that works for every person. That is because, like snowflakes, vaginas are all unique. What works for me, or for Amanda, isn’t guaranteed to work for others. I will say that Lunette is one of the cups that is likely to work for many users simply because it’s an average length and in the average firmness range.

Lunette Measurements:

(see full chart here)Lunette Cup Review

Lunette Cup Pros:

  • Tested as Safest Menstrual Cup (clear) in one study
  • Available Worldwide and often found in stores
  • Available in clear and several fun colors
  • Average length with a generous stem
  • Average capacity
  • Stem is flat and solid
  • Slightly firmer than average and opens easily for newbies
  • Good size differences between size 1 and size 2
  • Coupon code available from PACII saves 15% OFF on Amazon with code: LUNE4YOU (also on Lunette.com)

Lunette Cup Cons:

  • Firmness could cause pressure for some
  • On the higher price range of cups

One thing we especially love about Lunette is their commitment to social issues and their inclusivity. You can purchase your own Lunette on Amazon or from their store, don’t forget to use our exclusive coupon LUNE4YOU and save 15%. Our coupon only works for products sold directly by Lunette (no 3rd party sellers) and on single cups (no double packs).

3 Responses

  1. I have been using Lunette size 2 for about 10 years and loved it, but I struggle with it after the delivery of my first child. My menstruation resumed when he was 10 months old, now he is almost 18 and I still cannot get it to work for me, it constantly overflows/leaks so I’m in the market for a new one. I’m not sure what the main problem is, but I’m thinking a combination of the two:
    – General after-baby vaginal loosness (it’s a lot better than it was but still…);
    – My flow is a lot heavier for the first few days than it was before giving birth.
    That probaby means I need to find a cup that’s bigger in diameter and capacity. I’m not sure if firmness is important in this case? Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I had that same problem, neither the Hellocup or diva worked well for me as a newbie. The small (1) lunette works well for me sometimes. On my 8th cycle using cups and I often find my lunette small (1) is completely full after less than 4 hours. I would love to not have to deal with emptying my cup at work… or in public restrooms. But with every cup other than lunette I had trouble getting the cups to open. Lunette seems to open easier and is average firmness so it doesn’t seem to add pressure that you notice (ie urge to pee). Hoping the lunette large (2) will open, seal, and not leak on my heavy days.

  3. I had the lunette small which constantly leaked, although I loved how the cup felt. I’m thinking about trying the Lunette large (quiz recommendation). How does the firmness compare, is it a lot firmer? I think the lunette small didn’t open up all the way when I wore it.

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