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A Very PACII DivaCup Review

WHAT YEAR IS THIS? We know, we know, we are about a decade late on publishing our own review of The DivaCup. If you’ve heard of a menstrual cup chances are you are already familiar with the brand. Saying “DivaCup” is similar to saying “Kleenex” or “Band-Aid” since, due to popularity and easy access, the brand itself has come to encompass the product name for most Canadians and Americans (in the UK you’d probably be met with the brand “Moon Cup” instead.)

Our video stands on its own as our review but we will summarize just briefly in case you’re not into ten minute long videos that prominently features one of my cats.

Pros of The DivaCup:

Rigid Base – this allows new users to still adjust the cup once it has been inserted, even if it opens too early. Pushing gently on the base from inside using one finger or a finger and thumb can get the cup higher without the need to remove and re-insert.

Firmness – The DivaCup’s firmness is perfection. It’s right in the middle, not too firm or too soft, making it the perfect cup for newbies in this regard.

Accessibility – Need a cup ASAP? You can find The DivaCup in many pharmacies, natural food stores, natural boutiques, etc etc. Rigorous standards also mean it’s virtually the ONLY cup available to our Canadian friends.

Diameter – The diameter of The DivaCup is really on target with what we think works best for most users.

Pros/Cons of The DivaCup:

Length – Compared to many other brands The DivaCup is on the long side in both size 1 and size 2. If you have a higher cervix this is great news, if you have a lower cervix it can mean the cup won’t work. Lengths being too long is (in our opinion) the #1 reason cups won’t work for most users. Use our menstrual cup comparison chart and you can compare brands by length.

Color – You won’t find The DivaCup in any tints or colors which means it’s very good for those who many have sensitivies or allergies. It also means it will show stains sooner and more obviously than cups with color to them.

Cons of The DivaCup:

Size 1 – There is very little difference in the lengths of the Size 1 DivaCup and Size 2 DivaCup. We prefer that brands offer their smallest size in a shorter length AND smaller diameter though this isn’t always necessary. Shorter cups are less intimidating to new users and more forgiving if you do have a lower cervix. You can always compare brands to each other, including the DivaCup, using the visual comparison chart at the bottom of the menstrual cup comparison chart.

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 at 2.01.38 PM

Both of us believe The DivaCup is a great beginner’s cup with the exception of the length, which is so often too long. It would be a near perfect cup if it was just the tiniest bit shorter and, in our opinion, would work for MORE people who try it without any modifications or need to try a second brand. When it comes to every other aspect (firmness, capacity, shape, rim, etc) it’s a wonderful cup and extrememly comfortable.



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