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We have established partnerships with several leading brands & shops for our community. Out of respect for their generosity and our time, please do not share these codes outside of this page. If you’d like to share with friends, please share a link to this page so that they, too, can benefit from our supportive community, resources, and our codes!

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Be sure to take our Menstrual Cup Quiz or Menstrual Disc Quiz if you need help choosing brand.  Our Shop & Compare page is also a great tool to compare up to four products side-by-side.

Need more? Check out our always updated Menstrual Cup Comparison Cart, Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart, or Period Underwear Buying Guide & Comparison Chart

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Exclusive Coupon Codes | Promo Codes

Below are exclusive coupon codes from our brand partners for menstrual cups,  menstrual discs, period underwear, cloth pads — and lots of other period care essentials.

10% Off

Coupon valid at BloodyBuddyCup.com

15% Off

Valid at lunette.com (Free Shipping!) 

& Amazon (limited selection / must be sold by Lunette)

10% Off

Valid at saaltco.com
(Free Shipping!)

& Amazon

15% OFF

Coupon valid at bfreecup.com

15% Off

Coupon valid at Cora.life

15% Off​

Coupon valid at Voxapod.com

10% OFF

Coupon valid at Merula-USA.com

10% Off

Coupon valid at LeiaCup.com

10% Off

Valid on a purchase $35 or more.

10% Off

Coupon valid at meluna-usa.com

20% Off

Coupon valid at flove.no

15% Off

Coupon valid at Intimina.com

10% Off

Plus free shipping! Coupon valid at menstrualcup.com

12% Off

Coupon valid at amazon.com

10% Off

Buy 1 Give 1 Model
When you buy a cup, one is donated to someone in need.

10% Off

Coupon valid at Hellocup.com

Menstrual cup advocacy gear like enamel pins, cards, pouches, & more.


26 Responses

  1. Hi…1st time cup user right here! At first I thought it sounded gross but after doing my research I was curious. I bought my 1st cup & couldn’t wait to use it but of course I had no choice that is until this morning! Yay I’ve never been so happy to get my period. I was afraid if leaks of course because I’ve heard nobody gets it right the first time but ladies Im now on hour 6 & i have thongs on with no liners yes brave I know but I am that confident because of you girls. I watched your videos & nailed it. I just wanted to thank you for all your help & let you know I joined the cup club! Out with the old in with the new…CUPPER4LIFE! Now that im in with the cup crowd what is the right term for us cuppers/cuppies?

    1. code worked for me today. i had never heard of this site before. i havent used a cup since the diva, i was in my 20s, before kids. now im 38 and have had a C and a VBAC. the quiz was helpful. so going to give it a go! thanks

    2. I can only assume this code only works on Amazon.com (USA only) as it is not working on Amazon.co.uk. Annoying, seeing as Saalt have their own code on their website, which again does not really benefit if you take international shipping and customs into account. Disappointing seeing as this is the cup I wanted to try first.

    3. Does not work for me either. Apparently it does not work on Amazon.de. Really annoying as shipping on their site costs 23$.
      For everyone ordering from the US, Saalt has a code you can use on their Website to create your own Duo Pack – SOFTDUO

  2. Hello,

    For the Lena Cupt it says click to copy coupon however it only sends me to Amazon without the discount. How do i use the coupon?

  3. If you type PUTACUPINIT into the promotion code box at thehellocup.com you can get 15% off of the hello cup.

  4. Hi! I took your quiz and tried the Lena. I could not get it to seal at all. I went through quite a few periods back and forth with their customer service, and they sent me a firmer cup. I had the same problem. So then I tried the Saalt cup based on your quiz, and still had the same problem. Despite trying all the folds and different positions to insert the cups over the course of MONTHS, I could not get them to seal. I gave up and went back to tampons. Anyway, I heard about the Nixit and I’m intrigued. I watched your review. It is quite expensive, and having failed 3 cups, I’m not sure I want to risk it. Do you think that trying the disposable Softcup would give me an adequate idea of whether the Nixit would be a good fit? Thanks!

  5. Hello! I want to use the coupon for Lunette and it’s not working for me at amazon USA. I tried the others coupons for others brands and they work so does anyone know why this is happening and what should I do?

    1. I’m curious, too. I just tried to buy a Lunette and couldn’t find any place on Amazon to *put* a code except in check out (the gift card area), and it said that wasn’t valid. Has something changed since this page was posted?

  6. The Saalt code worked on the Saalt website only today so maybe the Amazon codes just don’t work? Just trying to help.

  7. your website idea is great however your discounts are that great. Tried to use the “Intimina” and “Lumma” coupon codes and both of them were invalid. If they are, please update this in the website because its not nice to advertise something that is not true.

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