Ziggy Cup by Intimina Review | Reusable Menstrual Disc

The day has finally come! YES! The world now has a truly reusable menstrual disc similar to the cult favorite SoftCup/ Instead Cup called the Ziggy Cup. Once upon a time there was a reusable version but it was discontinued and those who love their reusable discs had to either go back to disposables or make the switch to a traditional silicone menstrual cup. For the sake of clarification we will be referring to the Ziggy Cup as the Ziggy or Ziggy Disc since it is not a menstrual cup.

Intimina tackled making a reusable menstrual disc using the same super soft silicone they use in their other hygiene products. Now, to be upfront, neither of us like disposable menstrual discs. BUT the option for a reusable one was intriguing and we were anxious to see if the silicone and the design of the Ziggy Cup would make the experience of using a menstrual disc better or different than the disposable variety.

The Ziggy is $40 on Amazon which is the very high end of what menstrual cups can cost. It was purchased and Kim tried it out since it would be a cool $80 for us both to review (we have used affiliate links in this post so if you buy from our links we can make that cost back!)

Kim’s Review

The very long video review covers how the test went for an entire cycle including, yes, MESS-FREE PERIOD SEX!

The Good

  1. Completely comfortable while worn correctly and undetectable
  2. Insertion and placement was easier (IMO) than a disposable disc
  3. 100% leak free when it was working (not even a pink tinge for 2 days)
  4. Mess-Free Period Sex!


The Bad

  1. Removal is messy (I’m talking blood dripping down fingers messy)
  2. Removal and cleaning in a public bathroom is traumatic without access to a sink
  3. Hard to correct position if it slips without removing and re-inserting
  4. The capacity is stated to be 76 ml but that is going to be less for most people


For a solid two days the Ziggy was working perfectly but then… it wasn’t. For the first part of my trial I was using the Ziggy while camping but it was barely spotting so I didn’t cover this in my video review. The next two days were my heavy days and it worked flawlessy! As told in the video I was able to have sex with the disc in and when it was removed I was able to see that it was VERY FULL when it came out in the shower so we dodged a bullet there.

For the third day I was in NYC and the disc worked well for the first half of the day until I had to remove it and clean it (in public, which was a disaster) after which I never could get it to work without small leaks or without it slipping out of place.

As with other products, cups included, it can take a few cycles to fully get the hang of the Ziggy. I do plan to give it another run next period because when it was working it worked flawlessy. I think it’s worth more trials but I’m not excited about any potential future removals in public spaces. The Ziggy can’t be easily wiped clean and reinserted like a menstrual cup. I suppose you could forego wiping and simply put it right back in but the way it stays flat at removal has meant so far, for me, the entire front and back get bloody and this doesn’t prevent your fingers from still being covered.

The Intimina website lists the capacity of the Ziggy at 76 ml however I believe this to be misleading for actual use. Yes, if you held the Ziggy underneath a faucet and filled to the brim then dumped that and measured the contents it’s going to hold that much. While being worn it is still “squished” and longways to a degree inside for me, and likely for many other wearers. This reduced the capacity by quite a bit. If you did allow the cup to fill entirely and went to remove it the more full it is the messier removal is since it’s removed at an angle and it’s hard to keep it from spilling out immediately once it’s outside of the vagina. We call the disposable discs “blood drawers” for this reason and the Ziggy is the same way. The messy removals are a big pro to sticking with menstrual cups which are not messy at all (in my experience.)

The Ziggy does seem an ideal option for anyone who LOVES their disposable SoftCups or Flex Discs but have wished for a reusable version for either environmental or longterm cost savings reasons. It can also be an option for those with a fairly low cervix (too low of a cervix and you may have placement issues, however) since the disc doesn’t take up the length of the vaginal canal the way a cup does.

Have you given the Ziggy a go? We’ve love to hear your thoughts in our comments!


  • Thanks so much for this review! Maybe next month could you try measuring the capacity that you’re able to get out of it? Maybe using some conventional cups with measuring lines or with known capacity limits? I am thinking of trying this one for capacity reasons alone.

    • Yes!!! I’m on the same page as the commenter above and would love to know actual capacity if you guys are willing to try and find that out for us! I love my Ruby Cup, but am thinking of getting a cup with a larger capacity for my heavy days, bc they’re REAL heavy (Paragard babes in the house say HEYYYY!)

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