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LaliCup Menstrual Cup Review

The test vaginas are at it again, this time reviewing LaliCup. LaliCup manufactures their menstrual cups in Slovenia (a small country in the EU) and the thing we love most is that they offer a range of THREE sizes! SO many times we love a cup but think “we really wish there was an option between the Size 1 and Size 2, then it would be perfect!” and in this case there is!

GTPU LaliCup
lalicup large black
lalicup m blue

Model S

Capacity: 27.4 ml

Diameter: 40.3 mm

Length: 46 mm

Stem: 25.5 mm

Model M

Capacity: 36.5 ml

Diameter: 44.2 mm

Length: 51 mm

Stem: 22 mm

Model L

Capacity: 41.3 ml

Diameter: 46,6 mm

Length: 54 mm

Stem: 19 mm


The LaliCup scores a “3” on the PACII Firmness Chart making it right in the middle for an average firmness. The Super Jennie, another high capacity cup, scores a “1” making it a soft cup. For heavy bleeders who don’t want to use a soft cup, which can be harder to get open, the LaliCup is a great choice! 

Lali uses a high quality medical grade silicone that is “tacky” in texture versus “silkier/powdery” texture cups like Diva or Intimina. They do offer a clear version if you prefer to avoid colorants in your menstrual cup.

In our video review embedded into the post above we discuss LaliCup and how it performed for us, as well as compare it to a Size 1 Lunette and a Size 2 Super Jennie. We hope you get a good sense of this brand and their sizing in case this is a cup you are considering purchasing. You can compare this brand against other brands using our new Shop and Compare tool or look it up on our sortable menstrual cup comparison chart. LaliCup is available directly on their website (they ship worldwide).

Disclosure – LaliCup provided PACII with menstrual cups to add to our comparison chart and one for each of us to review. 

6 Responses

  1. I bought my Lalicup soon after your review was posted — so it lasted for nearly four years! And it could have easily managed many more, if only I hadn’t lost it … Fortunately, I have already ordered two more!

    I have not tried any other brands yet — although I intend to — but I think I can safely say that this one is my Goldilocks. It may not be super firm, but the grooves seem to help it open more easily. The capacity is great, more than enough for me. And I have never had any issues with leaking, feeling the cup, or anything of the like. All around a great product!

    By the way, while ordering my cups, I noticed they now provide sizes from S to XL. Hopefully, the other three sizes are still the same, with XL being a new addition. So if anyone is looking for a really high capacity cup, if L wasn’t huge enough already, this would do it.

  2. How does the Lalicup firmness compare to the Diva cup? I’m wondering which is softer and how much softer. I can’t seem to find any “squish test” comparisons for the two. Can anyone compare them?

      1. I know they are similar since they are both rated as a 3 in your comparison chart. I was just wondering how the two compare to each other. Is one a bit softer than the other?

    1. Hello! I have been using LaliCup for 1 year now and as someone with heavy flow, I absolutely love it! 🤩

      I do have to tell you that you have some old pictures/data here – they have since resigned their boxes (such a cute lavender colour, my favourite) and added a model XL. I think Lalicup XL has the biggest capacity on the planet now, which is exactly what I need for my extremely heavy flow. 😁

  3. Hi ladies! I really appreciate everything on your site! Could you do a review of the Hello Cup? I haven’t seen any videos for it, and am really curious about. Thanks!

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