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Venus Cup Review | A New High Capacity Cup

The Venus Cup boasts capacities higher than most cups. It features two sizes, a rounder base, medical grade silicone, and a very attractive price point (around $15-$20 per cup or $30 for a two-pack).

The menstrual cup market is exploding, and many brands have brought their A-Game when it comes to the packaging and branding of their cups. Venus is not one of those brands. In fact, we have had multiple community members assume Venus is another “re-brand” generic cup. While the packaging isn’t winning us over, their cup design itself does offer something new with its higher capacity offering.

You can compare Venus to other brands of cups using our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart or our Shop and Compare tool to see how it measures up to other options!

We’ve taken it for a two-cycle run and have tried both their small and large sizes. The video embedded below will give you the long-form Venus Cup review, but for those who hate videos keep reading.

Venus Cup Details

The brand has listed two different measurements for the Venus Cup‘s capacity, one number measured “to the suction holes” and the other to the rim. Because the suction holes are fairly small, it’s possible that most people will get the full listed capacity to the rim, but please keep both listings in mind when you’re deciding what cup to buy. Other higher capacity cups with the amounts measured to the holes are listed on our chart as well.



  • Higher Capacity than average
  • Budget-Friendly Price
  • Available in a Two-Pack
  • Sturdily attached stem
  • Good beginner firmness level “3”
  • Good lengths for most users


  • Only available on Amazon
  • Comes with an unnecessary plastic bag (Venus Cup has discontinued the use of packaging in the plastic bag!)
  • Grips at the base aren’t actually grippy
  • Price differs between Small and Large

Venus Cup Experience

On paper, the cup looks pretty darn great. Unfortunately, neither cup was one that I would continue to use. The Small would always suction to my cervix during wear- this causes immediate discomfort bordering on pain. It’s not a fun sensation and both times I tried the Small it occurred, despite attempts to reposition. The Large was comfortable, I wasn’t able to feel the cup despite it being larger than most of the cups I like in the body. I did have trouble with small leaks on both cycles and wasn’t able to really stop them on heavier days. I wasn’t even close to overfilling, and despite all of my attempts at troubleshooting nothing seemed to work. This is a frustrating issue for me but it’s not the only cup I’ve experienced this with and won’t be the last.

Even though the cup wasn’t a good match for me, it has received tons of great feedback from others who have already tried it. I always say that every cup is going to work for someone, you just have to find the right vagina+cup pairing.

For those who do have heavier periods and want a higher capacity cup, the Venus is a very viable option in both sizes, and their price is hard to beat.

Where to Buy — Amazon

8 Responses

  1. I love the Venus Large! It is my Goldilocks cup!
    I have a high cervix and a heavy flow and the quiz here suggested I try the Lily cup. I ordered it and though I love how soft and long it is, I couldn’t get the Lily cup open to save my soul. It leaked all the time.
    So I then bought the Venus starter kit (comes with both sizes) and the large works like a dream, no leaks, opens reliably, is comfortable for me and I get about 4-5 hours before I need to empty it.
    I love this cup!

  2. I have been using the Venus large for a year now. I was very excited to try it for the huge capacity & budget friendly price. I need a high capacity cup, my heaviest days I will overflow most average large sized cups in 4-5 hours. I have tried a few higher capacity cups before the Venus – the MeLuna XL & Yuuki Soft large. Before trying the Venus, the Yuuki Soft was my go-to for my heavy days. Even with the higher capacity, I would only get about 8 hours of wear. With the huge capacity of the Venus, I now can go at least 10 hours, sometimes the full 12 hours! Which is amazing that I don’t have to worry about emptying or overflow for the whole workday, or to get a full nights sleep. The firmness is very similar to the Yuuki Soft, and I like a cup on the firmer side. The Venus large looks huge, but it’s comfortable & I have never been able to feel it. If you are looking for a high capacity cup, I would absolutely recommend the Venus.

  3. As a high flow user of cups, the Venus is my new favorite. It feels far higher in quality than the Luv Ur Body large, which was my previous go-to cup, in spite of the nastiest customer service I ever experienced in a company in my life. Even with a high capacity cup, I have to wear a backup pad and sometimes menstrual underwear as well as take 400 mg ibuprofen every four hours for several days, but the Venus is the best option for me so far. It’s a very comfortable cup to me, and I get more time between emptying than most other cups I’ve tried. (Those include the LUB L, Merula xl, Super Jennie L&S, Ziggy, and the Lumma Unique L). I appreciate the holes, because my flow is so heavy that a small leak serves as an alert before a dam break. The Merula xl, although a high capacity and comfortable cup, has no holes, and so when it’s full, it just lets go. The Venus also doesn’t seem to discolor as quickly as some of the others. I’m very happy with mine, and I no longer feel compelled to keep buying new ones to try. I track my flow, and it helps me recognize patterns, so I can empty it before it’s too full. Using a cup has changed my life.

    1. Thank you for your review. I was debating between a Venus and Merula XL. I have a very heavy flow due to perimenopause hormone issues and fibroids. Flow averages between 250 to 350 ML a cycle, so Day 2 & 3 is a matter of emptying my regular (25 ml) cup every hour, period underwear and a heavy pad (at night for sure, and on days I can’t get to the bathroom each hour). And ibuprofen! Any extra time between emptying a cup would be a blessing when I have to travel for work, etc. Your review helped put this one in the Amazon cart.

      I’m looking forward to trying this cup with Slow Flow supplement and see if it provides another hour or two of time – I need it for travel in April, unless menopause finally decides to show up. I love menstrual cups, but extra capacity is desperately needed.

      1. I have tried both the Venus and Merula XL. I loved EVERYTHING about the Merula XL except the firmness (It gave me horrific cramps). The Venus cup is a happy medium between the too soft Super Jenny and the too firm Merula XL for me. I just wish the stem were longer and easier to grip.

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