Tampons Vs. Menstrual Cups — Little Black Clutch Edition

You’ve got a special night ahead but your period has showed up for the occasion too. The perfect little black dress you picked out for the evening works best with your favorite tiny black clutch… but how can you possibly fit enough tampons inside for the whole evening out when you also have to bring your phone (for selfies, duh), your favorite Dior red lipstick, ID and debit card, and the roll-on of that sexy perfume?  You can’t.  There just isn’t enough space in that clutch to fit it all.  Something has to go or you’ll be stuck with your mom purse.

Tampons Vs. Menstrual Cups- Little Black Clutch Edition

If you use a menstrual cup you won’t have any issues at all! Why? Because your vagina will carry your personal products for you! One menstrual cup will last a full 10-12 hours before needing to be changed, and even if you have to change it, you can slip a cup wipe in that tiny clutch and wipe it clean from the bathroom stall. A woman only needs one cup since the contents can be emptied into the toilet and the cup can be wiped clean with toilet paper or a cup wipe and reinserted.

Just think of that cute little purse as one more reason to switch to a menstrual cup. Going on vacation and expecting your period to start? Now imagine 20+ tampons in your carry-on or one tiny cup. Your real estate is precious, use it wisely.

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  1. Well, my tampon don’t have applicator, so it’s smaller, and I would carry only one or two of them, and if it’s 1-4 day of menstruation and it’s black dress occasion I would definitely have tampon, because menstrual cup, for me is hight possibility to have leakage first few days when flow is heavy.

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