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Tampons vs Menstrual Cups: Little Black Clutch Edition

Deciding between tampons and menstrual cups can feel like choosing between a reliable classic and a modern marvel. But when you’re getting ready for a night out, which menstrual product truly deserves a spot in your clutch alongside your essentials?

Text on the image reads: Little Black Dress Night? On the same day as your period? No need for tampons! Just Put A Cup In It and use that cute clutch! Image is of an open clutch purse showing it filled with tampons and no room for other things on one side and an open clutch with room for other night out essentials on the other.

The Compact Champion: Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are the underdogs of the menstrual product world, but they’re quickly gaining fame for their eco-friendliness and long-wearing comfort. Unlike tampons, a single cup can last you through the night (and then some), offering up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection. Imagine dancing the night away without a single bathroom break to check for leaks!

Why Consider a Cup?

  • Eco-Friendly and Economical: One cup can last for years, and considering the environmental impact, menstrual cups stand out by dramatically reducing waste compared to their disposable counterparts.
  • Long-Lasting Comfort: With the right fit, you’ll barely notice it’s there, even on your busiest nights. Plus a cup will never leave you dry with fibers left behind.
  • Space Saver: Swap out a handful of tampons for one compact cup that fits discreetly in any purse.

Just think of your favorite little bag as one more reason to switch to a menstrual cup. Going on vacation and expecting your period to start? Now imagine 20+ tampons in your carry-on vs one tiny cup. Your real estate is precious, so use it wisely.

The Trusted Classic: Tampons

Tampons have been the go-to for generations, offering convenience and familiarity. They’re small, easily tucked away, and for many, a well-practiced part of their routine. But when it comes to sustainability and long-term comfort, tampons might not always take the lead.

Why Stick With Tampons?

  • Familiarity: For many, tampons are the first menstrual product they ever use, making them a comfortable choice.
  • Disposability: Though there is a clear downside in terms of sustainability and cost, with tampons, there’s no need to rinse and reuse, which can be a plus in public restrooms or when traveling.

For those sticking with tampons, I recommend exploring options made with 100% cotton, which can offer a safer and more sustainable choice. Opt for organic if your budget allows. You may be shocked to learn that most are essentially made from plastic processed to look a lot like cotton.

In addition to being kinder to your body, 100% cotton tampons may not carry the same risk level of TSS as their synthetic counterparts. Insights from experts like Philip M. Tierno shed light on the importance of choosing safer menstrual products. According to an interview with Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at the NYU School of Medicine, all-cotton tampons are the safest option and provide “the least risk as far as Toxic Shock is concerned.”

Making the Switch: Practical Advice

For those making the switch to menstrual cups, understanding the basics is key to a smooth transition. Here are a few tips to make that process a bit easier:

  1. Size and Fit Matter: Ensure you choose a cup size that’s right for your body and flow.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Give yourself a few cycles to get the hang of insertion and removal.
  3. Hygiene is Key: Always follow the cleaning instructions to keep your cup sanitary and ready for use.

Split image of two small, cute purses on contasting backgrounds. One side showing how much space four tampons will take up, the other showing how much space a single menstrual cup will take up

So, Tampons vs Menstrual Cups? Your Night Out, Your Choice!

Ultimately, your decision between tampons and menstrual cups comes down to what aligns with your lifestyle and values — and makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Whether you’re drawn to the sustainability and long-wearing comfort of menstrual cups or the familiarity and disposability of tampons, the right choice is the one that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Not sure which cup to choose?

Take The Cup Quiz to find your perfect match. Our original menstrual cup quiz is an interactive tool designed to help you find the perfect menstrual cup match based on your unique body and lifestyle needs.

New to cups?

Our Beginners Guide to Menstrual Cups offers a comprehensive and easy-to-follow intro to cups, giving you all the essential info and tips you need for a smooth transition.

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  1. Well, my tampon don’t have applicator, so it’s smaller, and I would carry only one or two of them, and if it’s 1-4 day of menstruation and it’s black dress occasion I would definitely have tampon, because menstrual cup, for me is hight possibility to have leakage first few days when flow is heavy.

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