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You may find yourself in the aisle of a store, staring down shelves of menstrual products, with a pretty pink and white box staring back at you that says “menstrual cup”. Maybe the idea is new to you or maybe you ran out to buy one because you’ve heard about it and the time to give one a try has come. Either way, we’ve teamed up with Intimina to help you make the right choice, for you, from the their line of cups available in several stores, including CVSTarget in the US & London Drugs in Canada.

Usually we recommend that people head to our resources (like our quiz or chart) to research cups, but this page is for those who would like compare the Intimina line to make a decision now and head home with a cup — and those who just know they’d love one of these silky cups and need some help narrowing the options.

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Lily Cup Compact

The Lily Cup Compact began as an extremely successful Kickstarter and innovated the cup game with its collapsible design — a first to the market. A collapsible cup is handy as a backup for cup users who would like to have one in their small purses or wallets at all times, but many users love the compact as their full time cup as well! The Lily Cup Compact is a softer cup in firmness, if you’ve experience discomfort from other cups applying pressure the Compact could be a good option for you. If you’re new to cups softer cups can take some practice to get open. The Compact Size A is 42 mm long and Size B is 45 mm long, making it best for those with an average height cervix or higher unless you’d like to try and get creative and use with it compacted a level (some have done this with success!).

Lily Cup

The Lily Cup is the most beautiful menstrual cup on the market with a sculpturesque design and silky smooth silicone. The Size A and Size B are each 66 mm long which makes them the perfect cup for someone with a high cervix. If you’ve ever felt that your cup is “lost” or unreachable, the Lily Cup is always our first suggestion. The unique design has a smooth rim also making it a comfortable option if you have ever experienced bladder pressure or discomfort from other menstrual cups. If you’re new to cups and are wondering if the classic Lily Cup might work for you we would suggest determining your cervix height before purchasing — even with the stem trimmed this cup can be too long for some users. If the length works for your body this is one of the MOST comfortable cups available. It is a softer cup with added rigidity in the spine and rim, but it may still take a little practice to get open quickly. Lily Cup A holds 25 ml and Lily Cup B holds 28 ml.

Lily Cup ONE

The Lily Cup ONE is the cup we would recommend for beginners and for anyone unsure of their cervix height. The ONE is 47 mm long without the stem, making is the shortest cup in the Intimina line of products which means it will work for all users except those with quite a low cervix. What we love about the Lily Cup ONE is the length, but also the softness of the silicone to the touch. This cup is on the narrower side and is not be ideal for those of you with a cervix that really likes to dip. The stem is a flatish-round loop that is comfortable enough to leave on without adding a lot of length. The ONE holds 20 ml, which is on the low end for cups, but this is in part due to their compact design. The ONE comes with a small plastic case with vent holes. On our firmness scale the Lily Cup ONE is a “1” which is our softest rating, making this cup very comfortable, however it may take a bit more practice to get the cup to open.


The Ziggy disc is a fresh addition to the menstrual disc market. For those unfamiliar, a menstrual disc is worn entirely differently than a menstrual cup, and it sits diagonally and below the cervix, taking up little space in the vaginal canal. Some people like discs because they allow for penetrative intercourse while on their period. Others prefer a disc because they find them more comfortable than a cup. It’s hard to say if you’ve never tried either cup or disc if you’ll prefer one over the other. The removal of discs can be messier than the removal of cups which might be a deciding factor, but the discs in this case hold more fluid than a cup and can be worn if you have a lower cervix. Unlike other discs on the market, Ziggy is reusable, made from the same silky soft materials we’ve come to love from Intimina. While other discs are circular, Ziggy features an ergonomic shape to better fit your anatomy. Need more details? Check out our review below!

Choosing a Size & Comparisons

If you’d like a side-by-side comparison, we’ve got you covered! We’ve added comparisons from our shop & compare page to help you narrow down your choices from the Intimina line. (Please note, that we do now have a code for them on our coupons page!)

Size A (smaller) & One-Size Comparison (click to see the full sized result)

Size B (larger) & One-Size Comparison (click to see the full sized result)

Honorable Mentions

While not a cup, you may also see other products from the Intimina line.

Laselle Exerciser™ Designed to work like weights at the gym, the Laselle has mini weights meant to strengthen your pelvic floor.

KegelSmart™ Routine is key! The idea here is that the KegelSmart™ helps create an easy and safe way to create a Kegel routine that works for your individual needs.

Intimate Accessory Cleaner Safe cleaners for intimate accessories is a must. Intimate Accessory Cleaner is an alcohol-free spray for intimate products, like the Laselle and KegelSmart.  Simply spray, leave for 5 seconds, rinse well, and dry. IT’s that easy.

Moisturizer  Intimina’s Moisturizer is a water-based solution (our preference, especially for cup users!). Free of parabens, glycerin and specifically formulated to work with your natural pH.

Need more?

Our favorite thing about the entire Intimina line is their silky smooth silicone, ergonomic design, and distinctive pink hues. In the future, we would love to see their line expand to include shorter cups to round out their existing models for a product line that meets the needs of all menstruators. If you have more questions about the Intimina line, or cups in general, our private group  is a fantastic place to ask!

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