Private Label Menstrual Cups

Private Label Menstrual Cups

You may notice a new section at the very bottom of our menstrual cup comparison chart that now lists cup dupes. These are primarily cups that are from the same manufacturer but sold to and distributed by different companies. There are more instances of this than we know (most not FDA or other entity cleared, but not all), so this list may change and grow, but essentially these brands are all safe, quality, reliable cups but under another name. So if you come to our chart looking for them — most especially on the visual tool — you’ll want to check for some of the other names it goes by for comparison. We will do our best to list as many of them as we can on the other resources.

Manufacturer: Cotton High Tech S.L.

In addition to private labeling, Cotton High Tech has three of their own labels that they manufacture this cup for. Until researching I had not heard of them.

Manufacturer: Casco Bay Molding

Casco Bay Molding manufactures cups for several brands. We believe these all to be private labeled versions.

Manufacturer: STERNE

STERNE is longest known for manufacturing Si-Bell.

While not manufactured by STERNE, the following cups are manufactured by Claripharm and have a strikingly similar design.

Manufacturer: MeLuna

While likely not the manufacturer of Silja, MeLuna licenses their design to them for production in a silicone line of cups in MeLuna’s standard sizes (no shorty/low cervix models). For reference, MeLuna is a manufactured using only TPE, not silicone.

  • Silja (silicone, not TPE)

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  • Hi, I like the softer firmness and am currently using the Lena sensitive. New converter and still felt a little achy from it. I found this brand Talisi on amazon stating softer firmness from the reviews but did not see it anywhere on your list. Can you give any more info on this brand Talisi?

  • Hi,

    I am using a Canack brand cup .It was not hard to adapt but after my 3rd time it started to leak; maybe i got too confident.

    Love the site, thank you!

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