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Black Menstrual Cups

Black menstrual cups (and rainbow) are the topic of most of the “Oooh, what is that cup?!” questions we receive. Just one brand offers a rainbow cup, but black comes in a large variety of brands — which means that you are far more likely to find a black cup in a brand that will work best with your body! (Not that there’s anything wrong with having a novelty cup or two — we won’t judge!) An added benefit of using a black cup is that staining is not an issue but do be extra careful while cleaning since it’s also harder to make sure everything is clean.

Black Menstrual Cups


LaliCup (Black Edition)

This particular cup is a bit transparent, which we love, and available in three sizes! LaliCup can be found at FeminineWear. Click here to buy. Use code: PUTACUPINIT for 10% off

Super Jennie

This is a special edition of the Super Jennie, so you may have trouble finding the black cup, BUT we’d keep an eye out because you never know and this is a great cup. Click here to buy.

Ruby Cup

Limited edition for Halloween, Ruby also offers a great 1 for 1 program which makes this splurge a little more special. Click here to buy. Use code: PutACupInIt at checkout for 15% off!


The original black cup, MeLuna’s black option is available from the UK only (not available from the US distributor) – luckily FeminineWear does carry it, they ship worldwide, aaaand we have a discount code for you! Click here to buy.  Use code: PUTACUPINIT for 10% off

LadyCup (Night)

LadyCup offers one of the largest variety of colors we’ve seen – including Night, their black version. This is another cup that can be found at FeminineWear. Click here to buy.  Be sure to use coupon code PUTACUPINIT for 10% off.


This is another cup that can be found at FeminineWear. Click here to buy. 

Black Menstrual Cups Blossom


A budget-friendly fan favorite, the Blossom cup comes in black, along with a large variety of other colors (though we did find that the ones we ordered weren’t quite as pictured). Click here to buy. 

Black Menstrual Cups Dot


Their cup pouch is to die for! This cup is a one-size only option, so consider that when making your purchase. Click here to buy.  Use code: DOTCUP10 for 10% off

Black Menstrual Cups Merula


Merula has a unique shape that, while not for everyone, is truly adored by those that it works for. If you’ve tried cups before and found that nothing has worked this one is definitely worth a shot! This cup is available in original (ball shaped) and XL (pictured). It can also be found at FeminineWear, click here to buy  and use code: PUTACUPINIT for 10% off.

Black Menstrual Cups MonthlyCup


MonthlyCup is made in Sweden and available in three sizes! Their sleek black cup comes in a limited edition imitation leather pouch. Click here to buy and save 10% + free shipping with code Monthly!

Can’t decide which to get?

Try taking our menstrual cup quiz to see if any of the brands above are featured in your result!

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