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We Did A Thing! Menstrual Advocacy Gear from Put A Cup In It

WE DID A THING! And it’s finally ready for you to see! We cannot tell you how many times we’ve wanted to spill the details of all we’ve been working on for the past 6+ months, but it’s finally time. As you may have already guessed from the title of this — we have a new shop where you can pick up menstrual (and adjacent) gear… and no, still no cups.

Why Don’t We Sell a Cup?

As you’ll see in the announcement video below, we have never wanted to, nor do we ever plan to, sell our own branded menstrual cup. All of the work we do is to educate about non-toxic menstrual options (and similar topics) and help you find a cup that will work for you. That means that there is no one cup that will work for everyone… so it seems obvious to us that our mission doesn’t jibe with having our own branded cup. While it would likely make us more money (affiliate income doesn’t exactly pay the bills) it just isn’t something that we feel aligns with our work.

But We DO Love Advocacy Gear!

If you haven’t noticed, we love being part of the movement that is making it not taboo to talk about periods. Not gross to tell a friend, “Hey, you should try this cup. It changed my life!” And not nasty to be in tune and in touch with our bodies.

It seems only natural that if we were to sell any product that it would fit into that mission and passion — which brings us to our pins (and more!)

We love Instagram and we love the menstrual community there. We have found inspiring artists which has led us down many a rabbit hole. One such rabbit whole is the community of Instagrammers that love enamel pins… and now we do, too. There are so many fun ones but we wanted something that represented us and our niche passion — and we wanted to make that available to you, as well. They’re a subtle touch to any bag or jacket and great conversation starters. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Okay, we’ll let you get to video to see our official announcement and then head over to the PACII Shop to check our our kick-ass pins and a few other fun surprises!

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