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The Menstrual Cup Quiz v2.0 – Improvements & A New Outcome!

By far Put A Cup In It’s most popular resource is our Menstrual Cup Quiz. The original quiz was developed by our team based on our experiences with numerous cups and feedback from cup users we have talked with over the years. The purpose of our quiz is to simplify the process of choosing a menstrual cup for a beginner — it also happens to be fun for beginners and experienced users.

First debuted in February 2016, our quiz has now been taken more than 170,000 times and has been translated into Korean and Spanish (so far). While nothing is perfect, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the quiz and its results. That said, we have always been open to feedback and due to that, alongside new cups being brought to the market, we decided that it was time to take a fresh look at the quiz results and questions for improvements.

Before taking on this task (which is no small feat!) we polled menstrual cup users and experts about their experiences taking the quiz to see how their results lined up with the cups they have tried. While these numbers are encouraging, we expect that the tweaks we have made will only work to improve them further!

Pie Chart PACII


We have recalibrated the quiz to better reflect the needs of the quiz takers – most notably with regards to cervical height, bladder pressure, cramping, and vaginal swelling based on the helpful feedback we received.

Our most common result has been divided and further refined into two answers! One lists average length & firmness cups that lean toward being a bit firmer, while the other lists average length & firmness cups that lean toward being a bit softer. The differences are subtle but there are some cups we generally consider “average” because they aren’t truly firm or soft enough to be consider “very soft” or “very firm.”

It may be a little confusing but we’ve got this. This small distinction will be very helpful to anyone who falls into the “average” category. While we have made some other tweaks, most of our other quiz results are already finely tailored enough for anyone who needs their specific attributes. Lastly, we have also finetuned the weight of all of our questions to make sure their answers lead them to the cup that best reflects their results.

Additional Quiz Feedback

Some of the feedback we received suggested we ask more questions that would change the intent and simplicity of the quiz. The fact is that very experienced cup users may have fun taking this quiz, but they will also likely know their body better than our quiz will ever ask. It can still be useful, but our quiz, at its core, is meant to help new cup users find a cup that will work for them so that they have confidence in making that first purchase (which can be a huge hurdle!)

It’s also true that many cup users will find their perfect cup on the second time around. Those who only try 1 cup often find one that works well enough but will realize later on that their body would respond better to one that is either firmer or softer, longer or shorter, with a rim or without, less tapered or more so, etc etc. Our quiz is a great starting point that guides users to a cup that is very likely going to work well (even if it isn’t their “Goldilocks”) and get them started on this amazing, lifechanging journey.

Take The Updated Quiz!

If you get a new result, don’t fret! As we mentioned, most received a result that will work for them. This update should just help fine tune that even further.

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  1. Hi, I have just tried the quiz a couple of times but after submitting the last answer I don’t see my result at all :/

    1. If you went into labor at all I would still say yes to that question, as your body does prepare for delivery which can change things a little, even for a smaller baby or a delivery resulting in a c-section.

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