The Menstrual Cup Quiz v2.0 – Improvements & A New Outcome!

By far Put A Cup In It’s most popular resource is our Menstrual Cup Quiz. The original quiz was developed by our team based on our experiences with numerous cups and feedback from cup users we have talked with over the years. The purpose of our quiz is to simplify the process of choosing a menstrual cup for a beginner — it also happens to be fun for beginners and experienced users.

First debuted in February 2016, our quiz has now been taken more than 170,000 times and has been translated into Korean and Spanish (so far). While nothing is perfect, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the quiz and its results. That said, we have always been open to feedback and due to that, alongside new cups being brought to the market, we decided that it was time to take a fresh look at the quiz results and questions for improvements.

Before taking on this task (which is no small feat!) we polled menstrual cup users and experts about their experiences taking the quiz to see how their results lined up with the cups they have tried. While these numbers are encouraging, we expect that the tweaks we have made will only work to improve them further!


We have recalibrated the quiz to better reflect the needs of the quiz takers – most notably with regards to cervical height, bladder pressure, cramping, and vaginal swelling based on the helpful feedback we received.

Our most common result has been divided and further refined into two answers! One lists average length & firmness cups that lean toward being a bit firmer, while the other lists average length & firmness cups that lean toward being a bit softer. The differences are subtle but there are some cups we generally consider “average” because they aren’t truly firm or soft enough to be consider “very soft” or “very firm.”

It may be a little confusing but we’ve got this. This small distinction will be very helpful to anyone who falls into the “average” category. While we have made some other tweaks, most of our other quiz results are already finely tailored enough for anyone who needs their specific attributes. Lastly, we have also finetuned the weight of all of our questions to make sure their answers lead them to the cup that best reflects their results.

Additional Quiz Feedback

Some of the feedback we received suggested we ask more questions that would change the intent and simplicity of the quiz. The fact is that very experienced cup users may have fun taking this quiz, but they will also likely know their body better than our quiz will ever ask. It can still be useful, but our quiz, at its core, is meant to help new cup users find a cup that will work for them so that they have confidence in making that first purchase (which can be a huge hurdle!)

It’s also true that many cup users will find their perfect cup on the second time around. Those who only try 1 cup often find one that works well enough but will realize later on that their body would respond better to one that is either firmer or softer, longer or shorter, with a rim or without, less tapered or more so, etc etc. Our quiz is a great starting point that guides users to a cup that is very likely going to work well (even if it isn’t their “Goldilocks”) and get them started on this amazing, lifechanging journey.

Take The Updated Quiz!

If you get a new result, don’t fret! As we mentioned, most received a result that will work for them. This update should just help fine tune that even further.

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  • Hi!

    I really like your quiz, and that you improved it. It was really helpful.

    I only see one tiny mistake, and that is the age question. If i’m 25, what option should I chooce 18-25 or 25-33. Maybe change the second one to 26-33.

    Keep up the good work!

      • Please help! Your quiz is not popping up! I have tried Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Other commenters have posted about this as far back as August 2017. I do not know if you got it fixed and it has stopped working again, or if you knew about this issue at all.

  • Your quiz no longer appears on modern browsers. I’m guessing it was one of the older styles and has been deprecated… anyway, I tried it in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and none of them loaded it. 🙁

  • I got suggested MeLuna Shorty, which is great, but it comes in different sizes within the shorty (S,M,L, XL). I’m not sure which one to get 🙁

    • I know my comment is probably too late for you but if you pull up your comparison chart at the end of your quiz it will show what size they think you need.

  • I am new to cups. I started with the Lena Size 1 last month and it slipped out every time I had a bowel movement. It was also hard to reach when I was just peeing and needed to empty it. I called the company and they sent me a complimentary Size 2. I just tried the bigger size today and it’s still slipping out during a bowel movement. Is this normal? Is it in right? Do I need a different brand? HELP!!!
    FYI- your quiz says I need the Diva, Lunette, Lena, or Super Jennie all Size 2.

  • Hi I am very new to cup and feel of trying it out. I had saw most of your videos and posts. And even the quiz and it says Lena or Lunette (both in large size as I had twice vaginal birth). Then I come across Lena sensitive as it will be softer and decide to buy it on Amazon but it is not available in large size.

    I want to get some advice from you before buying and will not fit. Is Lena sensitive small suits me? Or I gonna try the Lena original I’m size large?

    Appreciate if you could help me. Thank you.

  • Hi there! I’m just confused as to which knuckle you mean with regards to cervix height? Is the big knuckle the 2nd or 3rd knuckle on the index finger? Thanks!

  • Hi, I was suggested the Fleur cup (size large) but it’s not on Amazon in my country (Canada) anymore. I’m trying out the Blossom cup and Vida cup but they weren’t listed as results on your quiz. Has anyone tried these brands? How do they compare? Thanks ^.^

  • Hey:)
    So I don’t do FB so I guess I’ll just ask my question here.
    Ok so I’m 17 and very active so pads and tampons never worked out to well so last fall I found yall and took the test and ended up with a Lena cup. After I got it in (2 months later ) it took me 34 hours of almost Constant trying to get it out😳 I figured out it was a horrible shap for my body . A friend than advised me to try a diva cup, I have just finished my first only cup piroud but my problem is that I have leaks and presher on my bladder and if it gets in wrong, back pain . And so it’s like I need a stiffer cup and a gentler one? Do you have any suggestions?

  • I bought my first cup based on my test results and a little more research. I was pleased with the Amazon reviews of the cup recommended for me and decided to purchase. I love it! It suits me perfectly. It’s saved me so much money and it’s so much nicer than yucky old pads and tampons that just weren’t doing the trick.

  • I had been fighting with the original cup I bought for almost 9 months. Then I took your quiz, ordered the suggested cup and I feel like my whole life has been transformed. It took two tries to get it right, but then it was totally right and I wore it for 12 hours and it was easy to take out (a combination of things I’d never had with my old cup). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • My browers won’t let me open the quiz I’ve gone into my settings to unblock everything an it still won’t work.

  • Hi, I wonder if there is anything wrong with the quiz cause I don’t see it and can’t do it. I saw the quiz at the first times and just tried it, it still worked at that time. However, I couldn’t do it now.

  • I hoped your new quiz would have an option for pre-teens who haven’t had their period yet – I am wondering what cup to get my daughter as a starter cup, along with pads – to see what she likes. Since I can’t answer the flow question I am not sure how to do the quiz. Would be great if there was an answer for the flow question that states, “I don’t know yet, I haven’t started having periods but want to try a cup when I start.” So what is the easiest, best cup for young girls just starting out?

  • Right here is the perfect webpage for everyone who wants to understand this topic.
    You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not
    that I personally would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a
    subject that’s been written about for decades.

    Great stuff, just wonderful!

  • So I took the quiz before, being very interested in becoming a cup user. I was recommended the saalt soft. For the most part I like it but the tip is too short and I’m having a very hard time getting it out. I just went through a trauma moment where it wouldn’t come out for a day. I got it out thought I need to get a different size and since I’m more educated on the topic I thought I got this. The test gave me the same results so now I’m confused.

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