A Great Big PACII & Saalt Announcement

We’ve been sitting on a pretty big secret here at Put A Cup In It, and we’re finally ready to share our big Saalt announcement with all of you! But, before we spill it, we would like to share a little of the backstory.

How This Came to Be

As you know, our menstrual cup quiz is one of our favorite resources. We’ve but a lot of time and care into crafting it based on user feedback and our own experiences. While we don’t track personal, individual responses we are able to see basic stats like quiz takes and overall trends — like the percent of people who get each result. With nearly 1.5 million quiz takes, and a phenomenal community that constantly shares their feedback with us, we feel like we have a pretty good handle on what people want and what they need from a menstrual cup.

If you’ve taken our quiz, there is a pretty decent chance that you’ve received what we call our “Soft Average” outcome, which basically means that you need a cup that’s pretty average in terms of length, diameter, and firmness —  but that something just a touch softer would really hit the spot. Unfortunately, some of the best cups that fit this space are hard to get in the US. This is where we come in! Sort of.

Since cup making isn’t our bag, we reached out to Saalt, who we thought would make a good fit and, thankfully, they were immediately on board. It’s been nearly a year since we first reached out to Saalt to begin working on this collaboration and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing it with you now!

Introducing The Saalt Soft!

The Saalt Soft has the same great shape as the original Saalt Cup, but in a new, slightly softer firmness. Saalt Soft is what we consider the perfect “soft average”. It should be soft enough not to aggravate those with sensitivities (like those prone to cramping or bladder sensitivities), but also firm enough to still open easier than truly soft cups.

Our hope has always been to help everyone find a cup that will work for them and we think that the Saalt Soft is going to do that for so many more people. Of course, it’s not one-cup-fits-all, and that’s okay. Our quiz and community are here to help you find the one that is. Even we can’t design a cup that works for every user —because that’s just not how vaginas work.

On Bias & Working With Brands

As humans, we all have a bit of bias, but we work very hard to be as unbiased as possible in this space. Part of what makes PACII so special to us is that we are exposed the experiences of so many others on a daily basis that it’s a bit easier to keep our eyes on the bigger picture, rather than just our own personal experiences with different cups.

We’ve worked with brands in a lot of ways, but creating a cup is definitely a new one for us. We wanted to make this cup a reality, but not at the expense of what we’ve always stood for. We will always promote the use of any and all cups for whoever needs them. We’ve said it a million times, but it bears repeating: There is no one perfect cup for everybody — and Saalt knows that, too. The goal here help more people get a cup that meets their needs, and we are so thankful to be able to help make that happen.

Get The Saalt Soft

We happen to have an exclusive discount code for Saalt that works on Amazon or on their website. If you order from Amazon, we will make a small percentage, which we would certainly appreciate!

Click the coupon below to copy the code and open the product page!

Have other questions? Leave them in the comments below or ask in our Facebook community.

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  • I am 53 years old, and after years of heavy, miserable periods and countless tampons and pads, I decided to take your quiz and bought a Saalt cup.

    SERIOUSLY LIFE CHANGING. I have been GIDDY, GIDDY! these last few days having my period. No more packing around (literally) 15 tampons for one day. No more mad dashes to the office restroom, grabbing a stack of wet paper towels for mopping up the inevitable crime scene. No more soreness from the constant (and I mean constant) changing of the super-plus guards. No more suiting up at night with double pads running up my ass and trying to sleep in a nest of towels. No more pink wrappers and plastic sheets and tabs all over my bathroom that I have to shamefully pick up (when it finally slows down enough that I can function again). No more panic as I feel a gush and know there’s been a serious breach and I need to get to bathroom fast.

    All I can say is, I am seriously SAD that I didn’t discover menstrual cups back when my periods starting getting heavy. This is like…. freedom. But if I go into menopause any time soon, I’m so happy I got to go out like this.

    Now I’m going to be the crazy lady asking every woman I know if she’s tried one. TMI, but I don’t care! Thank you for the suggestion of the Saalt cup – its my first one (and yes, I did get that satisfying pop! the first time I put it in ) and I LOVE it!!

  • Hi i want to sell your copies in my country iran. Represent your sales cops. Please help me and guide me. I look forward to your message.

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