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Nixit Menstrual Cup Review | a new reusable disc

The new Nixit Menstrual Cup is one we’ve been asked to review since it launched a few months ago. While the brand calls itself a “menstrual cup” we do feel that we need to intervene and inform readers that the product itself resembles, functions, and is inserted like, a menstrual disc — for this reason we will refer to it as a disc create a clear distinction and prevent confusion. If you’d like to read a more longwinded version of why, you can find that on our Menstrual Cups vs Menstrual Discs article.

While we know you wanted this review right out of the gate, we really like to give a new product a very thorough testing — especially when the design is so different from others on the market. Here at PACII, both of our team members have now given the Nixit an appropriate testing, on multiple occasions, and we can give you the full review. Our video covers those experiences and also includes one very embarrassing, almost edited out, experience that Kim had while using the Nixit.

What is the Nixit?

Simply, the Nixit is a menstrual disc, which collects menstrual flow and can be washed and reused. It can be worn safely for up to 12 hours and is made from 100% medical grade silicone. The Nixit comes in one size and is listed to have a 70 ml capacity.

Because of anatomy and squishing, we feel more comfortable saying it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50 ml (with similarly sized products listing their capacity at 30ml & 76ml). As you can see, capacity is a bit all over the place on discs, even with similar sizing. You can check this out more in-depth on our Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart.

How do you insert and remove the Nixit?


You fold the Nixit disc longways (like a hot dog) and insert until the back end is below and tucked behind the cervix. Then, using a finger, push the outer ring upwards until it’s secured against the public bone. A visual is truly the very best way to see what we mean.

To remove the Nixit, use a finger to find the rim, then “hook” and pull down and horizontally (sort of like pulling out a drawer). Some people find bearing down the cup (like having a bowel movement) can help dislodge and push it lower before slowly pulling the disc out. Depending on how full the disc is, it may spill some during this process so make sure you’re hovering or sitting over the toilet, or in the shower. If you can’t hook the disc you may have to use a thumb and forefinger to grasp the disc to pull it out.

nixit folds wide


One tip I found is using both hands to insert the Nixit, since it is soft and tends to unfold at the top.

The Nixit Review

You can see our full, rambling thoughts on using the Nixit in our video. If you hate videos, we have summed it up below.

Amanda: “I couldn’t get the Nixit to insert because it was not firm enough, and it essentially had to be “crammed” in and smushed up. It wouldn’t stay tucked against the public bone when I did get it inserted, and so for those reasons it just wouldn’t work for me.”

Kim: “The Nixit went in with no trouble and easily tucked behind my public bone and stayed in place the full 10-12 hours each day. I used my entire cycle with no leaks, discomfort, pressure, or slippage. It was a great cycle and one of the best trials of any cup or disc I’ve had yet! Removal could be messy, like all discs, but when removing at home that bothers me less than having to do in public with a disc.”

Who should try a Nixit?

It’s really hard to know who should use a disc over a cup, or who is an ideal disc candidate without any prior reusable experience. Amanda was very excited to try the Nixit, but it wouldn’t insert easily or stay in place. On the flip-side, Kim had an easy go of things all around and loved the Nixit. Usually, we both line up about the same on where we stand when it comes to cups we like, so having such different experiences is hard to explain. If you have a very low cervix you may want to avoid trying the Nixit, simply because it would be hard to keep it in place against the pubic bone.

Nixit Cup review

The Nixit is $50 which is quite a bit more than most reusable menstrual products. Speaking for myself, if I knew the disc would work as well as it did I would definitely spend that for the product. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to know it will work for you until you try it. At the time of this publishing the company offers a 3 cycle guarantee, which does give the consumer peace of mind. If they can’t help you get your Nixit to work they will offer a refund.

I am shocked at how much I loved using the Nixit disc, and mess aside, will definitely put it into my rotation if I’m not in the process of reviewing new cups.. which might be never… a test vagina’s work is never done.

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20 Responses

  1. I am one of the bodies that can’t use Nixit. I wish I had read this before I spent 50€.
    The theory seemed good.
    Mine “emptied”. It seemingly, but precariously, was in position. However a cough or sneeze could cause it to empty. Imagine that after 2-3 hours of collecy. I had problems the first cycle and asked for help on my second cycle. By the time my third came around, with their advice I still couldn’t trust the product to stay in place. I asked for a refund and they politely said no.

  2. I’m shocked this product worked for anyone! I agree 100% with Amanda. Hated it and it’s worth noting, the company doesn’t stand behind the product at all. The cup never collected a drop of blood for me and popped out constantly. Back to disposable for me

  3. If you have a tilted uterus: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    if you have a fallen floor: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    If you have a small vagina: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    if you are used to good customer service: DO NOT BUY THIS CUP
    No where on the box did it give dimensions. I love the philosophy of its style but it’s diameter is WAY to large for me, I NEVER would have bought it if I knew how large it was and how poorly they would support with repeated emails that just kept saying “we can offer you guidance and support” How about my money back Nixit?

  4. Absolutely love the product. Tried it today for first time and insertion was super easy. And emptying it without even trying was east too. Relax your muscles give a little push while sitting on the toilet and voila it’s empty. I never felt anything all day and it held up to 8hrs. Wish I had tried it sooner.

  5. I just wanted to comment to maybe update this article? I just purchased the nixit because I saw you mentioned they had a 3 cycle guarantee and if it’s not the right fit, you can get a refund. But their website says that won’t issue a refund. A little disappointed because the only reason I decided to risk the expense and try it out was because of the guarantee you mentioned. So wanted to suggest maybe editing that out in case anyone else decides to go for it based on that.

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