PACII Roadshow OH/IN/KY Recap

On Sunday after 2 days of non-stop crazy Amanda and I looked at each other in the car and said “We did it!” A crazy idea to bring our particular brand of education on the road not only made it through the planning stages, but it happened!  The PACII Roadshow happened, we did it, and it was AWESOME!  Exhausting, but so worth every minute of it.


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We couldn’t have done it without our title sponsors Lunette Cup and who were as crazy as we were to say yes.  Our first 3 location hosts Samozrejme in Troy OH, The Green Nursery in Bloomington IN, and The Diaper Fairy Cottage in Louisville KY were incredibly welcoming and saw to it that the attendees were given snacks, drinks, and even a little booze for the MNO edition.

The people we met at each event were as amazing as you would expect.  Amanda and I both shared conversations with so many and not just about menstruation or reusables.  One thing we really noticed at each event was the community that our hosts had built in their towns.  It was truly special to feel that energy and be in the company of such amazing people.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this a reality including the attendees who spent their time with us. We are hoping to plan another tour soon so maybe we will see you in your town!

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