NIXIT Menstrual Cup | First Look + Unboxing Video

The reusable menstrual world is meeting nixit, a disc (despite the verbiage on the box) for the first time this week. We were lucky enough to get our hands on this exciting new disc and Kim is here with a first look and some first impressions about the nixit.

nixit unboxing and first impressions video

First things first the nixit menstrual cup is actually a reusable menstrual disc. There are reasons the brand has decided to call it a cup and that’s fine, but here at PACII we will refer to it as a disc because cups and discs function entirely differently than cups and we want to “nix” any confusion on those two distinct products.

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The difference between cups and discs?

While both products catch menstrual blood (and most people will find them more comfortable than tampons), there are some differences in how they are inserted, worn, and removed.

Menstrual Cups are folded and inserted upright into the vagina, and then they unfold to sit sealed in the vaginal canal, below the cervix.

Menstrual Discs are squeezed longways, inserted into the vagina to sit tucked behind the cervix and against the pubic bone, the rim creating a seal against the vaginal walls. Removal of discs is typically be messier than with cups (and we may fight you if you say otherwise!) but many people love them and a the nixit, in particular, is the softest we’ve seen – which may also make removal less uncomfortable than other discs we have tried.

OK. nixit. First impressions.

They NAILED their amazing branding and product packaging. It’s stunning, modern, bold, and eye-catching.

Their instructions are simply done and their website does have further information if needed.

The cotton pouch is adorable and we love it.

The disc itself is clever in that it is perfectly round and reddish, making it the shape and color of a period (which matches the box design)

The rim has a “double” rim design similar to the Ziggy Disc but is less firm than Ziggy.

The size of the nixit is identical in diameter to the FLEX disc.

The inside portion is thin silicone, thin enough you can see light through it.

The nixit is a bit spendy at $49.99.

nixit compared to other discs

The nixit is the same diameter as the FLEX disposable disc and is softer than the Ziggy reusable disc. It’s perfectly round like the FLEX (FLEX does hold a shape more and appears oblong here) while the Ziggy is always that “ergonomic” oblong shape by design.

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How well does the nixit work?

We will have to keep you in suspense on how and if the nixit works for us. We have tried and reviewed the Ziggy Disc and the FLEX disposable discs — while discs aren’t our favorite internal protection we definitely see a place for them and love that more reusable options are becoming available to suit users’ needs.

*nixit provided samples of their disc without expectation of promise of a post or review. PACII has used affiliate links in this post and any purchases made using our links will support our work, thank you.
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  • Is it better at not slipping below the pelvic bone? I’ve tried the ziggy and it just wouldn’t stay put, and ended up being a bloody mess

  • Hello
    I wanted to try the nixit and love that you have a coupon. I was wondering if you had another as when I try NIXLEAKS10-C0B2QS its says invalid.


  • I came here through a Google search looking for Ziggy and Nixit comparisons. Personally I’m liking the Ziggy LESS than the Flex disc. I find that the softness of the Ziggy rim is what makes it less reliable than Flex in 2 ways: 1) it is SO soft that the application is difficult as the silicone material wants to stick to the vaginal walls and bunch up right from the get-go. 2) it seems to have a hard time resuming its shape once it’s in place which produces ample leakage, whereas the rim of the Flex disc needs only minimal guidance to get where it needs to go and resume its shape.

    If only Flex were reusable honestly it would be perfect – I’m just trying to create less plastic waste so I’m in the market again for something reusable. I absolutely hate cups, the disc concept is fantastic…silicone has the zero waste thing but the functionality is meh…so far anyway.

  • I love Flex so I tried the Nixit. I was dissapointed. Because it’s so much softer, it doesn’t stay tucked behind my pubic bone. Bummer.

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