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Merula Cup Review- Big Capacity, Short Cup

We’re back on the blog with a Merula Cup review- you’ve been asking our thoughts on this cup from Germany so we obliged!

Short and Stout

There is HUGE potential for this cup but also real potential problems, which is usually the case for a cup that addresses a specific need with its design. When you cater to one type of problem (heavy flow and low cervix) you end up far on one end which leaves out many on the other side. Does that make sense? I sure hope so.

Merula Cup Review

The Merula Cup is up on our menstrual cup comparison chart. So be sure to check it out there!

Merula Cup with Lunette Cup and Meluna Shorty
Merula Cup, Lunette Cup, and Meluna Shorty L

Tell us YOUR thoughts

Did this cup work for you? Was it your Golidlocks? Anyone else find it makes them have to pee? Please let us know your experience and advice in the comments.

20 Responses

  1. I loved your review and especially how you emphasized different anatomy. I have a short cervix that’s tilted so any of bullet shaped cups literally stick out of my body. Having bulbous cups like this or the femmycycle are the only thing that work for me. Since my cervix is tilted, they end up pushing backwards and I can’t feel them at all, but the bullet ones are crazy uncomfortable (and too small a capacity if I get the short ones). They basically end up sideways in my body. I’m so thankful for different shapes and sizes of cups!!!

  2. I’d like to know if anyone has had issues with the suctioning of the merula cup being too intense, as it’s been reported with the femmycycle. I’d like to invest in this cup, but am worried about that aspect. So far I’ve narrowed it down to either being from no airholes, or possibly just a problem from the femmycycle with their no spill design. If it’s from the no spill design, then the merula won’t have that problem. I also felt pain from the Lily cup, which also has no suction holes, but that could have been from the fact that it was just too long for me.

    1. tj,

      If you break the suction prior to removal, that’s not an issue with the Femmycycle. However, I cannot speak on Merula.

    2. I’ve been using the femmycycle almost exclusively for a couple of years now. Only in the last few months have I had any issues..and only on lighter days. The part that flips in/out will basically pull the cervix down with it, which is not my cup of tea. It’s kind of scary, actually. Not sure why it’s started happening now, but otherwise, I have never had an issue with suction.

  3. I’m in the low cervix/heavy flow camp, and this is my perfect Goldilocks cup. Seriously, you can pry it from my cold dead hands. I’ve tried over half a dozen cups over the last 15 years, and this is by far my favorite.

    I had a little bit of the urethra pressure the first time I tried it, and for me that was resolved by inserting it with the fold facing my back. But I didn’t have the extent of the problem that you did, so it might just be that your anatomy is different or your urethra is closer to the wall of your vagina than mine is, and that may not work for you.

    But, for me, using the punch-down fold and inserting it with the fold facing my back makes it entirely comfortable, and I can actually get through a work day without needing to deal with my period. I have never been able to do that in the nearly 20 years I’ve been menstruating, so for me this is a godsend.

    But, as you say, it’s also a cup that is obviously aiming towards a niche. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for very young or brand new users, unless they already know they have a low cervix with a heavy flow, and in that case I’d say expect this cup to take a few tries to get right.

  4. Brand new user here. Had the cup for a month or so. I bought this one because I needed the large capacity. I suffer from menorrhagia and while the gynaecologist is trying various thing to fix me, I still bleed every day – sometimes light, sometimes heavy.

    I have a tilted uterus and to be honest I don’t know if I have a low cervix but it does seem that way as this cup feels the right height. I have cut the loops down to just one which is perfect.

    There are times I feel pressure on my bladder, but not all the time. I had a day where no matter how much I adjusted it, there was still leaks as the cup obviously wasn’t sealing. This may be due to my inexperience using cups though.

    Today was a heavy flow day. I was at work and my cup lasted 5 hours before needing changed. Comparing this to tampons, I would have been at the bathroom every hour. The cup has been amazing for me in that respect.

    I have considered trying the other cups, but I don’t want to waste money on one which doesn’t suit my body type. I think I will stick with the Merula and hopefully any issues I do have will settle down as I become a more experienced cup user.

    Side note: The C-Fold never works for me with this cup. The punch-down works most of the time. I will try putting the fold towards the back (as suggested by others) and that may solve the seal problem I had before.

  5. I recently purchased the Merula cup and used it for the first time this week. Prior to this, I was using the diva cup exclusively for three years and loved it. It worked perfect for me. However, this year I got an IUD and that really messed up my relationship with my beloved diva cup. The IUD stings were interfering and causing leaks (as diva cup is a longer cup). I did research and picked Merula because of the short height (trying to keep away from IUD strings) and high capacity. Anyway, after some practice with Merula I really started to love it. At first I couldn’t get it to open up once inside but after I tried punch down fold facing down/back this really helped. I had no leaks all week! The suction was pretty strong if the cup wasn’t fully opened. But like I said, with practice you can figure out what works best to get it to open up. Sometimes I had to just take it out and start over if it wouldn’t open. I always clean and insert my cup in the shower and use a compatible lubricant.

    Hope this helps-

  6. I just wanted to add that after watching your heavy period video and reviews, taking the quiz and comparing cups until I couldn’t anymore, I finally decided to try the Merula XL 50mL capacity (you should have a heavy flow review of that one!) AND IT’S SO AMAZING! I finally can leave my house in that and a pair of period underwear and last for even 4 hours. It’s so wonderful. Worth every penny.

    1. Me too! I found out about the Merula on this site. I just got the Merula XL and it’s wonderful. I love my diva cup, it was the first I tried, but it would overflow after 3-4 hours on my heavy days, which could be terrible on long work days when it is not convenient to empty the cup. But with the Merula XL I have had so much peace of mind and I have been able to wear it for 12 hours even on my heaviest day.

    2. I agree! I am a new menstrual cup user. According to the result of the quiz, I decided to buy the Lunette model 1 as first menstrual cup. I did’t have problem with it: comfortable, easy tu put in and remove, right length (no need to trimm the stem since I have a average/high cervix), no leaking…the only “problem”: I realized to have a heavy flow (not extremely heavy) and I needed to empty the cup every 4 h!…For this reason I searched I higher capacity cup and I saw the Merula XL. At the beginning I was scared by the dimensions, but then I found it quite easy to insert, absolutly easy to remove (the ladder is the most brilliant idea!), no leaking, comfortable..but the most important thing is that I can wear it for 10-12h with no worries on my heaviest days!…WHAT A GREAT CUP! (I’m quite sure that the price in Europe is quite lower, about 27 Euro on Amazon.it and Amazon.de)

    1. Nicole, I just bought it from femininewear.co.uk. they have international shipping to the US. I assume it will take awhile to get here, but I’m excited to try it. My checkout was in pounds, so I’m exactly sure how much it will end up. 35.95 pounds shipped should be around Around $45.

    2. I’ve been using this cup for a year now and it has been perfect for me! Def. my goldielocks cup. Love it!

  7. Hey, I am a happy merula user,
    I know of all the issues that it can cause…
    • the Cup doesn’t sit on the right place, I had this the first few days I was using merula, just take it out and put it in again, use some lube to get it in place, if you can rotate the cup it is sitting right.
    • this one is awful! And i experienced it during my first cycle I was using it, again…. use a lot of lube!!! Then it doesn’t suction so hard, plus if there’s a tiny bit of liquid inside the cup suction lowers!
    • that one is annoying, just relax and keep on trying and take your time, punch down fold works best for me

    I love this cup, for me it is the most-easy-to-use cup I tried.

  8. I just recently got this cup and I must say that it can be fairly difficult to get open properly. My old best friend was a MeLuna shorty and I would probably recommend that one before the Merula to someone with a low cervix. I’m by no means a new cup user and I feel like this one has a steeper learning curve than any other cup I’ve used, this is my third day using it and I still don’t feel confident enough to go without a backup pad since I’ve had a few spectacular leaks when I failed to get it just right. Hopefully by the end of this cycle I get the hang of it and fall in love but right now I regret not purchasing another MeLuna instead.

    1. I’m on my first cycle with the Merula cup and it’s been… not fun. I decided to start practicing when I started spotting three days ago, and it worked fine, but now that my cervix has dropped I can’t get it to work. I decided to follow the instructions in the pamphlet and take a break, and switched back to my MeLuna shorty small, which has to be emptied every two hours (which is exactly why I bought the Merula) but I just couldn’t take it. It kept leaking, I couldn’t get it to open right, then somehow it twisted so the ladder (cut it down to just one step) was against my vaginal wall and I literally had to dig to get a grip. And it really hurts to take out, cause I can’t get the suction to cease in order to fold it a bit before taking it out, so I just have to pull, and the top really hurts coming out. I decided to give it a rest when I felt how sore I was.

      But from the other comments I realize there’s a learning curve. I’m not giving up yet, but… idk it might be I went too far in the other direction, from way too small to way too big.

  9. I’m late to the Merula party but I LOVE it! I’ve tried the Diva Cup when I first learned about cups and it was much too long and uncomfortable for me so I kind of have up on cups for a while. Then I used discs for a bit but didn’t love that they were disposable. Next I ventured out to the Femmycycle which I like but it was sometimes hard to get right and I didn’t love the suction. I got pregnant and then had an IUD for several years so I didn’t menstruate for almost 4 years when we decided to go for a second kid, which means having a period again. I ordered a Meluna Shorty and really liked it, except for the limited capacity. I work 12 hour shifts in healthcare and needing to empty it ever 2 or 3 hours doesn’t work for me, so after some consideration I ordered the Merula. It’s perfect for my low cervix, has a large enough capacity to get me through the night with one change, is comfortable, and for me, very easy to use. From the first time I have been able to pop it right in with no trouble. Like I said, I love it.

  10. Thank you for this nice review. I landed on this page because I have recently bought my first ever cup and I seem to have issues with it. I actually live in Germany and didn’t do much research before buying it so I just bought the Merula cup because this was the one I could find in the store.
    My first experience with it has been not so nice, to say the least. I find it to be too firm and the biggest problem is that, no matter how I fold it before or how much I’m trying to relax, it seems to be very difficult to open it once it is in. I managed to wear it for one day but I had the same issues with urinating which you are mentioning in the video and I could feel it there all the time. Very uncomfortable. I’m almost scared to look into buying a different one. But I learned my lesson, at least now I know I have a low cervix and that I have to look for a softer one. This Merula is definitely not built for my body, I will never use it again.

  11. I bought the Merula Cup as my first cup ever and still use it. I had some spotting-issues in the beginning, but after 3 cycles or so I got the twist.
    The best folding technique for me personally is the punch down, but facing it towards my back, as others already suggested.
    I don’t feel any pressure or the urge to urinate while wearing it, i actually cannot even feel it. But in the first 2,3 cycles I felt some inconvenience, so as with the spotting issue, I just had to figure out how to wear it “the right way”. (I do not want to suggest however, that it will work for everyone, if they just try hard enough, of course everyone is different.)
    Unlike many other users of this cup a have a slightly high cervix (more than 6cm).
    I opted for this cup in particular because I wanted a cup without wholes in it. I never had any probles with a too high pressure while removing it, because I always make sure to “let some air in” before I pull on it.

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