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Menstrual Products You’ve Never Heard Of!

Reusable Menstrual Products you've never heard of- but you MIGHT need them! The crocheted tampons are over the top but the rest are intriguing!We all know about tampons and pads and if you’re here, you’re probably aware of menstrual cups.  Did you know there are quite a few other “alternative” menstrual products in various materials and forms?  Some are worth a good laugh (the crocheted tampon comes to mind) while others could be something worth a shot for your next cycle.

Interlabial Pads

interlabialpadsAs the highly descriptive title suggests- interlabial pads are worn lengthwise between the labia.  They come in various shapes and absorbencies like regular cloth pads but the way they’re made can make cleaning and drying easier or harder.  Some advantages to interlabial pads above traditional liners or wrap around pads that go in underwear include comfort, discretion, and a different way of catching flow before it leaks for those who tend to “gush” as one maker puts it.

Interlabial pads can also be worn for light incontinence for anyone who tends to pee a little when laughing, coughing, farting, sneezing, or jumping (often this happens after childbirth due to weaker pelvic muscles and the general “fucked-up-ness” of that area after birth.)

Brands to Check Out:

A Hippie Adventure on Etsy

Dapper Bums on Etsy

kristan trunzo

Sea Sponges

Natural Sea Sponges are a more eco-friendly alternative to tampons.  They’re worn internally and can be used for about 3-4 months.  Sponges will absorb the menstrual flow and will just need a thorough cleaning until the next use.  Often they’re sold in two-packs so that you can remove one, replace with a clean one, and then wash the sponge you just removed.  Sponges can be worn up to 6 hours at a time for most.

Fans of sea sponges like to note that they are more comfortable than tampons and can be worn during intercourse.  Detractors worry about the cleanliness and find removal can sometimes be messy.  As with other alternative menstrual products, there is a learning curve.

Brands to Check Out:

Holy Sponge on Etsy

Sea Pearls

reusable tampons from easy

Reusable Tampons

Yes, Reusable Tampons are a thing and yes, people use them!  I will say in advance that this isn’t a product I’ve tried but every person should choose what’s best for them.  The most pratical style of reusable tampon looks like a rectangle of fabric that is rolled up then inserted vaginally like any other tampon.  It’s best for cleanliness that the tampon not have all the layers stitched together.

Other reusable tampons that have made the rounds of social media have been crocheted.  Any reusable tampon will be without an applicator.

Brands to Check Out:

Llama Beans on Etsy

The Modest Maven on Etsy

Period Panties by Thinx- menstrual alternative

Period Panties

Lovingly referred to as “blood diapers” by yours truly, period panties (most notably the new Thinx panties taking the world by storm) are designed to catch flow and be waterproof.  The Thinx brand claim they hold 2 tampons worth of liquid but also state they can be worn alone or as back-up to your other menstrual solutions.

Period panties can be great for anyone with a super heavy flow, those who need extra protection overnight, or anyone with a light flow tired of wasting liners.

Brands to Check Out:

Thinx Nevermind that, read this and this

Luna Panties

 Other Reusables:

sckoon-dish-sm copy

Menstrual cups (those are kind of our “thing”), Disposable cups, and reusable menstrual cloth are all pretty established but we couldn’t go without mentioning them! If you’re not sure what cup you might like, you can check out our in-depth menstrual cup comparison chart.

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  1. Why does nobody ever mention cloth pads? That is my go to say of dealing with my period. Many women don’t even know they exist! Please don’t forget about them!

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