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The Lumma Disc Sizes & How to Choose

Discs are a hot topic these days, with more people looking for reusables options and wanting to see what’s available to them. Discs have been available in disposable versions for some time, but only in recent years have they made their way into the reusable category. While most discs come in a one-size fits most option, the Lumma disc is alluring with its three sizes and standing BOGO offer (which takes the worry of choosing the wrong size to almost nothing!) Kelli is here to let you know all about her experience with the Lumma disc and some tips on how to choose the best size for you. For more read on below the video!

The Lumma Disc Details

The Lumma disc is made from medical grade silicone and comes in three sizes (this is unique to the Lumma brand). If you’re familiar with cups but new to Lumma, you may notice that the silicone feels a bit less soft to the touch than most cups and discs. The silicone firmness and feel were chosen by Lumma specifically to help the disc hold in place better, with less chance of slipping. It’s one of the reasons so many people find success with this disc.

Lumma Disc Sizes & How to Choose

Generally speaking, the correct size should be chosen based on the height of your cervix, but there are other factors to consider.

Special considerations should be made for the below

  • If you have a cervix that tunnels low, or feels long an has depth around/past the cervix, you may want to consider the medium size instead of the small.
  • If you have a tilted or tipped uterus/cervix you may find that the disc needs some help getting past the cervix. If you feel it would fit, I would suggest trying the medium or large size Lumma disc. The small may have less space to accommodate the unique positioning of your cervix.

How to Tell If Your Menstrual Disc is Too Big or Too Small

If your disc is too big you may experience:

  • The disc slipping from behind the pubic bone with normal wear. The disc should fit snug enough to be able to tuck behind the pubic bone but should not be so large that it can pop from the position on its own.
  • Unplanned auto-dumping (sudden gush type leaks where the cup has become untucked or unintentionally folded to the point that the sides bow causing a noticeable leak)
  • Difficult time inserting the disc due to lack of room

If your disc is too small you may experience:

  • General leaks (this may be more consistent and a lesser among – different from a sudden leak of an auto-dump)
  • The disc traveling too high and/or generally just not staying where you put it. The disc should fit snug enough to be able to tuck behind the pubic bone.


If you are unsure of sizing, it’s best two choose two different sizes with their buy one get one free offer, or take The Disc Quiz to help make a best guess if you would like to purchase two of the same size to have one for backup.

Where to Buy

You can pick up Lumma disc on Amazon.

At this time, the Lumma disc is not available in Canada. You may have luck finding one in our swap group.

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