High Cervix Menstrual Cups — A Put A Cup In It Guide

If you’re looking for high cervix menstrual cups, you’ve come to the right place. Before choosing a high cervix model it is important to be sure that you actually need it. A cup that is too long will not be a comfortable fit and may actually protrude from the labial lips which. For a comfortable fit, the cup should be worn entirely internally but still be reachable for easy removal. If you are unsure of how to measure your cervix, please reference our video below.




Click the top of each column to sort by brand, length, diameter, firmness, or capacity.


Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity Stem Sizing / Misc Features Firmness
Diva Cup 1 2.25″ 1.69″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round <30 3
Diva Cup 2 2.25″ 1.81″ 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round >30 or After Childbirth 3
EvaCup 2 / Large 2.24″ 1.77″ 30 ml .47″ Solid Round After Childbirth 3
Fun Cup A 2.10″ 1.56″ 20 ml None <30 1
Fun Cup B 2.29″ 1.7″ 30 ml None >30 or After Childbirth 1
LaliCup Medium 2.00″ 1.74″ 36 ml .87″ 3
LaliCup Large 2.13″ 1.83″ 41 ml .75″ 3
Lily Cup A 3.07″ 1.57″ 25 ml Length includes stem <30 2
Lily Cup B 3.07″ 1.70″ 28 ml Length includes stem >30 or After Childbirth 2
Luv Ur Body S 2.85″ 1.65″ 25 ml .71” leaf  <22 N/A
Luv Ur Body M 2.44″ 1.77″ 45 ml .79” leaf  <30 N/A
Luv Ur Body L 2.36″ 1.89 “ 46 ml .79” leaf  >30 N/A
XO Flo One Size 2.16″ 1.77″ 38 ml 1.22″ Ball Taper Internal rim 4
Yuuki 2 2.20″ 1.81″ 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round >28 or After Childbirth 5
Yuuki Soft 2 2.20″ 1.81″ 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round >28 or After Childbirth 4

Unless otherwise noted, all cups are made from medical grade silicone. Rubber cups are quite firm and TPE ((thermoplastic elastomer)) cups are safe for those with silicone allergies. Capacity is to holes when known. Please note that inclusion in this chart does not equal an endorsement.

We suggest taking our Menstrual Cup Quiz before purchasing a cup. Cups can also be compared side-by-side on our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart and Menstrual Cup Firmness Guide.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out for help in our private Facebook Group.

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  • For high cervix menstrual cup, there is Diva model 0, JuJu model 3, lily cup (both sizes), and probably even ultu cup size A or B.
    PACCI, pls do a comparison, thank u very much!

  • Thanks Amanda! The Size Chart really helps me pick the right one. I am trying Lily Cup Size B (high cervix with heavy flow) and hope it fits well. Will share the experience soon. Thanks.

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