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High Capacity Menstrual Cups — A Put A Cup In It Guide

High Capacity Menstrual Cups Put A Cup In It

If you’re looking for high capacity menstrual cups, you’ve come to the right place. Please keep in mind that if you have not used a menstrual cup before, you may have a lighter flow than you think. Tampons and pads give the appearance of more blood lost due to the way absorbent materials soak up fluids. That said, if you know you have a heavy flow and need a high capacity cup, these should help! We do suggest taking our Menstrual Cup Quiz before purchasing a cup.

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Brand Size Length Diameter Capacity (To Holes) Capacity (Listed) Stem Firmness
Formoonsa XL 1.73″ 1.89″ 30 ml 42 ml .39″ Loop Soft 3/Classic 4
LaliCup Medium 2.00″ 1.74″ 30 ml 36 ml .87″ 3
LaliCup Large 2.13″ 1.83″ 35 ml 41 ml .75″ 3
Luv Ur Body M 2.44″ 1.77″ 38 ml 45 ml .79” leaf 4
Luv Ur Body L 2.36″ 1.89 “ 36 ml 46 ml .79” leaf 4
Merula One Size 1.54″ 1.81″ 38 ml 38 ml 2.83″ Ladder (2.4″ or 1.9″ trimmed) 5
Merula XL One Size 1.97″ 1.81″ 50 ml 50 ml 1.02″ Ladder 5
Super Jennie L 2.05″ 1.85″ 34 ml 41 ml .63″ Stem 1
Tieutcup L 2.00″ 1.70″ N/A 42 ml .90″ Flat Solid 4
Venus L 2.20” 1.85” N/A 47 ml 0.59” Solid 3
XO Flo One Size 2.16″ 1.77″ 38 ml 38 ml 1.22″ Ball Taper 4
Yuuki 2 2.20″ 1.81″ 33 ml 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round 5
Yuuki Soft 2 2.20″ 1.81″ 33 ml 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round 4

Unless otherwise noted, all cups are made from medical grade silicone. Rubber cups are quite firm and TPE ((thermoplastic elastomer)) cups are safe for those with silicone allergies. Capacity is to holes when known. Please note that inclusion in this chart does not equal an endorsement.

Cups can also be compared side-by-side on our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart and Menstrual Cup Firmness Guide.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out for help in our private Facebook Group.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for helping me research the best cup for me. About to make the switch from the Flex disc to a cup for capacity and environmental reasons. Wish me luck!

  2. I see that the listing states that the luv ur body medium actually holds more than the luv ur body large and I want to confirm that to be the case.

  3. Hi!
    I am just about to buy Merula XL, but someone told me that it isn’t good for women who already gave birth. Is is true?
    I have tilted uterus and heavy flow, I was using Fleurcup large and Me Luna Sports but on firsts days of period always got leaking.
    Sorry fpr bad english… and thanls for attention

    1. I have had two large babies. I also have a tilted uterus. And I LOVE my Merula XL. I have a very, very heavy flow and the Merula is so, so great for that. I find it’s as easy to insert as the smaller cups and easy to get out with the ring. I love it and have used nothing else in years.

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